2017 Odú for Puerto Rico

img_5639Just a quick note as the babalawos speak at the La Ceramica Community Center in Carolina, P.R.

The odú is Ogbe Ate, first witness is Babá Ejiogbe. Iré Ajé Yale Tesi. Oshun governs with Shangó.

Key to this year is to take care of orí by offering orí a head feeding with two quails. Do lots of headfeeding through the year with red snapper and guabina.

If the orí is not well attended the iré will not materialize.

It is a year where the head should not betray a person’s principles. Do not go against what you know is right. Do not let impulses betray what is correct.

More to come.

Happy New Year brothers and sisters.


Oní Yemayá Achagbá