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In Search for the Spiritual Holy Grail

Welcome to The Mystic Cup! The search for the spirit world is as old as mankind, and so is the individuality of that experience. The Mystic Cup is about the expression and sharing of that individual search. We are all interconnected, whichever spiritual path we select, it is about the discovery and sharing of what is learned along the way.

The Mystic Cup wants to follow your journey of spiritual discovery, to learn and celebrate as a community. While we  recognize that there are many roads leading to spiritual enlightment, The Mystic Cup is particularly interested in tracking the journeys of those who practice shamanistic religions, Native-American and Afro-Caribbean religions and practices (such as Orisha, Ifá, Palo Mayombe, Vodoo, Obea, Umbanda, Candomble, Kimbanda, 21 Divisions, Hoodoo), Ceremonial Magick, Wicca, Chaos Magic, Neo-Pagan religions and Spiritism amongst others.

However, if your journey has taken you through paths that could enrich the experience of those who compare notes on this Blog, feel free to send an special interest article submission for posting.  Afterall, knowledge is shared and we are but pieces of giagantic puzzle filled with beauty and richness.

The core team of The Mystic Cup is composed by Kal (Orisha Priest, Tata Nkisi, Spiritist and Magick practitioner), Omimelli (Orisha Priestess, Yaya Nkisi, Spiritist and student of ATRs at large), Kit (Spiritist in training, keen on Sigil Magic, Hoodooist, and a hell of a good magical cook) and Janus (Spiritist in training, student of ATRs particularly keen on Voodoo, and, Site Administrator).

Special contributors: Dod Grile, Guinea Jacmel and Ogbe Ate

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the site is welcome to send us an email at info@themysticcup.com.

Entire site contents are copyrighted (c) 2010 to date. A few words about copyrighted material on this site. Without the express permission of the administrators from The Mystic Cup, no one can:

1. Copy and paste information together from our Internet published posts to create “your own” document. [You CAN quote or paraphrase limited amounts, if you give credit to the original source and request permission beforehand, you must also cite the location of the source. This same principle applies to print sources, of course.]
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While some organizations are happy to let you use their logos, with permission, it is free advertising, The Mystic Cup requires express prior permission.

Thanks for visiting us and for sharing at The Mystic Cup.

Forum Rules
The forum is a space for interchanging ideas and developing relationships. The moderators encourage the creation of subjects and a respectful interaction between participants and moderators.

We could give you a long list of thing to do or not to do. However, we are all adults and as such we understand that participants will be civil, respectful and polite. The forum is not a market place or a place to solicit godchildren or clients. The forum will not entertain any subjects that go against the basic rules of each of the African Traditional Religions herein manifested.

As users, you have the space to creatively learn and foster camaraderie. As moderators, we reserve the right to remove any subject contrary to an edifying and inspiring conversation.

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