When one door closes?

Spiritism ain’t for everybody. On a more personal note, it definately ain’t for me. Anniversaries make people do the strangest things… Like, looking back and evaluating their progress and achievements. Hmmm… Now let me see… OK, maybe some of us just ‘Look back’ :)

Still! It is the start of another year, and maybe the time to start afresh, and pursue something that I shall be able to write more about in future articles ^^


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Cultivating Schizophrenia

Readers might have noticed that this section of the blog has been quiet for some time now. Simple enough reason for that… Nothing has happened. No burning bushes, no voices from above, not even an apport or two.

This is the frustrating part for those of us that are not gifted with psychic abilities.
The lack (or apparent lack) of any progress. Sometimes the feeling arises to swing a sledgehammer through the boveda :)

Then the questions arise..
Why am I doing this?
Is there really any point?
Do spirits really exist? Or maybe there is yet another unknown phenomena that spirit communication is mistaken for?
Or maybe they are a bunch of lazy good for nothings, lying about smoking and drinking the cigars and rum left for them. Not all humans are diligent and hard working, why should spirits be any different?

Speaking of lazy assed humans, I must admit to being one too.
On reflection, I don’t sit down and talk to my boveda often enough.
So, a belated New Year’s resolution.
10 minutes each day I will draw up a chair in front of my boveda, and talk to myself my spirits.
They say it’s a thin line between madman and genius, maybe its a thinner line between madman and psychic!!


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Are they Spiritual Guides or Egún?

Below is a fragment of a conversation I was having with Omimelli, whilst I was exploring the concept of Spirit Guides and Egun. I have reproduced it here because I think that it poses some interesting questions.

Omimelli says:
So tell me more about this concept you have in your head…

Janus says:
I have been thinking about ancestor reverence, it has been around for 1000’s years
practiced by some very old religions.
We shall take ancestors spirits as a fact for the following:
along comes spiritualism
only 100 years ago
Spiritualists contact some spirits
they proclaim them ‘guides’
when perhaps all they are doing is connecting to Egún
they just did not have the concept of Egún to realise…
there are more elevated spirits that guide many people
eg Jose Gregorio, etc…
but they are in the minority

Omimelli says:

Janus says:
I dunno, do you think the early spiritualists really understood who they were connecting with?

Continue reading “Are they Spiritual Guides or Egún?” »

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I Ching with 4 coins

Generating Hexagrams with 4 coins

Recently, I wanted to consult the I Ching. Traditionally 49 yarrow stalks are used to generate the hexagrams, but these days it is more common to use 3 coins. The problem with the 3 coin method though, is loss of accuracy in generating the hexagrams.
I vaguely remembered a method using 4 coins, that generated accurate hexagrams, but a quick Google revealed that this method necessitated using binary numbers to determine the result. Something I wanted to avoid. Continue reading “I Ching with 4 coins” »

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The Ever-changing Bóveda

My Bóveda 8 Months Ago

My bóveda gathers items over time. Things that take my eye, and I think, that would look good on it. Today, whilst attending to my bóveda spirits, I decided it was time for a change (yet again…)

I do this periodically, a kind of ritual simplification. These days, I have intentionally limited my bóveda space to a small cabinet, about 14″ x 12″.

I have experimented with electronic photo frames displaying photos of my dead ancestors, an oil lamp instead of a candle, wooden statues to represent spirits, and so on.

At one time I had a separate bóveda and Eggún, but felt that two separate places only served to split my attention. This left me with a ‘running in circles’ feeling.

So I removed and wash everything, including the cabinet top starting with an altar cloth and set it up anew. I feel good, happy, it flows. It feels like a fresh start and I am loving it.

Bóveda with Electronic Photo Album for Ancestors

Streamlined Bóveda


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Protection from Evil

St Michael's Mirror

In the last few weeks, I have had a nagging feeling that I was in need of protection from ‘jealous glances’. The feeling wasn’t helped by the recollection of a couple of readings I have had with babalawos, that both mentioned that people were envious of me. I did not understand it at first; I have a very plain, simple lifestyle. Hell, I don’t even own a TV! But, it was my happy attitude and simple lifestyle that was the apparent cause of envy.

My intuition told me I needed mirrors, something to reflect back any negativity that came my way. Then I found them. A set of three exquisite 3″ x 3″ mirrored photo frames. Perfect. My gut feelings, told me that I needed a picture of a Saint for the frames. But which one? I set about explaining the situation to Omimelli, and after discussions, I settled on St Michael.

Something was still missing though. The frames still didn’t seem complete. Guinea peppers! I recalled having read somewhere that small bags containing guinea peppers (Grains of Paradise) were tied to the back of pictures. I researched online, and yes, small bags of guinea peppers are tied to the back of Saints pictures, a process that is called ‘Feeding the Saint’. With the photo frames complete, all I had to do was to devise a simple ritual to charge the mirrors for their intended use.

Throughout the process, from the sudden nagging for protection, to finding the mirrored photo frames, then the Saints and guinea peppers, I had the feeling that I was being guided through each step by my spirits. Maybe, the time I have spent with my bóveda is slowly coming to fruition…


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Ghosts and Spirits …

Is a ghost the same as a spirit ? Over the years I have come to regard them as separate phenomena. A ghost, from my point of view, is linked to a particular place and point in time. They appear in the same place, doing the same things, over and over again, like a ‘recording’.

Blissfully unaware of the current environment around them, they may walk through doors that no longer exist, or appear to float above ground in places that the ground level has changed. The recording theory is the most touted explanation, but maybe something different is happening. Could it be that at certain times, a window opens, like a live cam, allowing us to see directly back in time as these events take place ?

Spirits, however, interact with the environment, talking to people, (in some case possessing them), moving objects etc. They are clearly in the current here and now, and seem to possess intelligence and their own sense of purpose. Do spirits have form ? (And here I am including the Lwa, Orishas, Saints etc.) The Lwa and Orishas manifest through possession, and can appear in dreams, but do they appear in visions, like the Saints ? Perhaps some kind readers have something to share.


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Knock, Knock. Who’s there ?

So just who am I talking to when I am addressing my boveda ?
Tradition says guides and ancestors. But in what form ?
And what part does re-incarnation play, if it exists ?

I used to be non-committal when it came to re-incarnation.
But when approached from a spiritist viewpoint, it just becomes
confusing. Should my grandmother (God bless her!) reincarnate,
then surely she is not at my boveda. And what happens if she
reincarnates as a man ? Taken to its logical conclusion my grandmother
could be son, mother, father, daughter to many other people…
Too confusing for me.

So I have decided against re-incarnation for the moment.
But just when one thinks that some progress has been made,
along comes Helena Blavatsky with the proverbial spanner.
She commented that spirits were ‘just lower personality remnants’
stranded here, when the higher self moves onto another plane.

Judging from the messages supplied from the spirits at an
English spiritualist church, she could be right! It’s most always
‘Were happy, all our pain is gone, and we send you our love’.

So maybe there are two sets of ‘spirit’ released when a person dies.
The lower astral form, and a higher self. But which one is at my boveda?


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What do I know?…


By the selection of articles published elsewhere on this blog, you might think that it is run entirely by initiated priests and priestesses. Not so. Let me introduce you to yours truly. I am the third member of the team, and till now have been working in the background, getting the bits and bytes of this blog working. Aha, I am the computer geek of the team. Our main writer, (and translator, i may add) has been pushing me for a contribution. Ha! What do I know of Orisha’s or spirits….

With that said, I have recently started attending a spiritualist church, and an open circle. (No Orisha or Voodoo partys here in sunny England :( ) So, instead of the excellent articles posted elsewhere on the blog, herein you will find only the frustration, tears and rantings of someone comming to grips with spiritism…


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