When one door closes?

Spiritism ain’t for everybody. On a more personal note, it definately ain’t for me. Anniversaries make people do the strangest things… Like, looking back and evaluating their progress and achievements. Hmmm… Now let me see… OK, maybe some of us just ‘Look back’ 馃檪

Still! It is the start of another year, and maybe the time to start afresh, and pursue something that I shall be able to write more about in future articles ^^


Cultivating Schizophrenia

Readers might have noticed that this section of the blog has been quiet for some time now. Simple enough reason for that… Nothing has happened. No burning bushes, no voices from above, not even an apport or two.

This is the frustrating part for those of us that are not gifted with psychic abilities.
The lack (or apparent lack) of any progress. Sometimes the feeling arises to swing a sledgehammer through the boveda 馃檪

Then the questions arise..
Why am I doing this?
Is there really any point?
Do spirits really exist? Or maybe there is yet another unknown phenomena that spirit communication is mistaken for?
Or maybe they are a bunch of lazy good for nothings, lying about smoking and drinking the cigars and rum left for them. Not all humans are diligent and hard working, why should spirits be any different?

Speaking of lazy assed humans, I must admit to being one too.
On reflection, I don’t sit down and talk to my boveda often enough.
So, a belated New Year’s resolution.
10 minutes each day I will draw up a chair in front of my boveda, and talk to myself my spirits.
They say it’s a thin line between madman and genius, maybe its a thinner line between madman and psychic!!


Are they Spiritual Guides or Eg煤n?

Below is a fragment of a conversation I was having with Omimelli, whilst I was exploring the concept of Spirit Guides and Egun. I have reproduced it here because I think that it poses some interesting questions.

Omimelli says:
So tell me more about this concept you have in your head…

Janus says:
I have been thinking about ancestor reverence, it has been around for 1000’s years
practiced by some very old religions.
We shall take ancestors spirits as a fact for the following:
along comes spiritualism
only 100 years ago
Spiritualists contact some spirits
they proclaim them ‘guides’
when perhaps all they are doing is connecting to Eg煤n
they just did not have the concept of Eg煤n to realise…
there are more elevated spirits that guide many people
eg Jose Gregorio, etc…
but they are in the minority

Omimelli says:

Janus says:
I dunno, do you think the early spiritualists really understood who they were connecting with?

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I Ching with 4 coins

Generating Hexagrams with 4 coins

Recently, I wanted to consult the I Ching. Traditionally 49 yarrow stalks are used to generate the hexagrams, but these days it is more common to use 3 coins. The problem with the 3 coin method though, is loss of accuracy in generating the hexagrams.
I vaguely remembered a method using 4 coins, that generated accurate hexagrams, but a quick Google revealed that this method necessitated using binary numbers to determine the result. Something I wanted to avoid. Continue reading “I Ching with 4 coins”

The Ever-changing B贸veda

My B贸veda 8 Months Ago

My b贸veda gathers items over time. Things that take my eye, and I think, that would look good on it. Today, whilst attending to my b贸veda spirits, I decided it was time for a change (yet again…)

I do this periodically, a kind of ritual simplification. These days, I have intentionally limited my b贸veda space to a small cabinet, about 14″ x 12″.

I have experimented with electronic photo frames displaying photos of my dead ancestors, an oil lamp instead of a candle, wooden statues to represent spirits, and so on.

At one time I had a separate b贸veda and Egg煤n, but felt that two separate places only served to split my attention. This left me with a ‘running in circles’ feeling.

So I removed and wash everything, including the cabinet top starting with an altar cloth and set it up anew. I feel good, happy, it flows. It feels like a fresh start and I am loving it.

B贸veda with Electronic Photo Album for Ancestors
Streamlined B贸veda