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Yemayá and the Keepers of Her Mysteries, Part II

Crown for my mother who made Yemaya in January 2010. Made by Omimelli.
The way to the Igbodu (initiation room) is not an easy one for most people. Those of us who were raised in other religions must first be at peace with the fact that in order to truly surrender ourselves to Yemayá we must be willing to empty the cup, for it to be filled again with new content. Asides from the issue of surrendering, there are oftentimes family issues to square away and the one I hear most people talk about: Money.

In my case, surrendering was not an issue. I don’t remember how or when but I found myself as in love with my Yemayá as I was with my husband, minus the sexual attraction, of course. I could no longer wait to be part of her, to place all of me at her service. Yemayá was the missing link to my happiness, I could hear her call in every cell of my body.

What was a challenge for me at the time was the money. But I had faith that She would provide when the time was right. I had started to save, but I was not even near having all my resources lined up. However, further challenges and opportunities would arise soon for me, but I was non the wiser.

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Yemayá and the Keepers of Her Mysteries

Iddé of Yemayá Okute. To wear an iddé is the equivalent of a badge of office for an iniate.
This month The Mystic Cup dedicates this area to the exploration of the experiences of those who have made a lifetime promise to learn the mysteries of Yemayá, Orisha of the Oceans and embodiment of Motherhood in the Yoruba pantheon.

No two spiritual paths are alike, however some are joined by common themes, experiences and devotions. In such light, I want to share with you how I came to be a priestess of Yemayá. Mine is but one story out of tens of thousands, and I hope, it is but the first to be shared in The Mystic Cup.

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