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On the Passing of Mrs. Beverly Jackson, Spiritual Advisor

Mrs. Beverly was kind and generous with her spiritual gift. It did not take her but a minute to figure out that there was a good amount of spirits walking by myside protecting and me and sharing information with hers. Continue reading

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Start the Year Refreshed: Baths for Cleansing, Love and Peace

Cleopatra, the last Egyptian pharaoh, used to bathe in Donkey’s milk to keep her skin soft and beautiful. However, donkey’s milk is not a runoff the mill item at most Walmart’s. Seriously, it is pretty hard to get, so in my book, this bath received a makeover. Continue reading

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Legal Employment for the Dead: Gathering Cemetery Dirt for Magical Purposes from the Hoodoo and Santeria Perspectives

There are procedures on how to gather cemetery dirt and they vary greatly according to what your practices are. If you are Hoodooist, there are ways to gather dirt and pay for it. If you are an Olosha, there are ways to respect, and if you are—to cite a third practice—a Palero, then you should know I won’t get into any details because as a Palera I respect my pacts and I don’t go about discussing what I learned from my Tatas with non-initiates.
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Hoodoo at Work: Mojo for a Rising Star

So, I delivered the goods to a very appreciative friend who had it around his neck faster than lighting. He received on a Saturday; he said to me that he could feel the energy coming out of it and it agreed with him. By Monday I got a text message saying “I got the lead role.” I nearly fainted from happiness. Continue reading

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The Ethics of creating Discordia…Just because You can, does it Mean You should?

Overall, I try to walk a pretty straight line when it comes to doing workings. I try to use momentum to aid my workings, to research carefully the ingredients and to outline a clean and organized path of action before … Continue reading

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The Case of the Burning Rooster: When Politics, Money and Religion Ride in the Same Cart the Whirlwind Follows

Everything we do in our religious practices is under a magnifying glass. This is a reality that we cannot escape. Our struggle to religious freedom and the right to animal sacrifice have seen its day in court not once but two times. The first time was in the Supreme Court case of the Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah and recently, in the Merced v. City of Euless. Both cases meant blood, sweat and tears for those who championed them. It is thanks to their efforts that we can seek shelter in the law to practice animal sacrifice, but this must be done within the boundaries of the same law that protects us.

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Hoodoo Nights: Magical Products, Craftsmanship and Pride

I started to compare in my mind the ¨oils¨ and ´fragrances´ found at local shops, they paled by comparison to the treasures I had just received via US post. So, I went to my well organized magical supply closet and started to pull open drawer after drawer filled with tiny square bottles of oils and fragrances…suddenly my eyes were opened. Continue reading

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Hoodoo Nights: What exactly is Hoodoo?

Where does Hoodoo fit within the daily practices of a Santera / Palera? Magic and spirits are always all around us, be it that you are a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or, someone like me… The fact is that we either select to embrace it or ignore it. Continue reading

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Hoodoo Nights

I visited the Big Easy for the first time at the age of 13. It was then I fell in love with its yawning bayous, its hot humid summer nights by the Mississippi and the gentile ways of white, black and creole folks. Continue reading

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