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Lady Pomba Gira, The Great Witch – Who is She?

Pomba Gira likes things such as cigars, gin, cachaçha, champagne, anisette, cigarettes, well-opened red roses with thorns removed, perfumes, apples, and the colors red and black in general. She is associated with dangerous places, liminal spots that are the margins of different areas such as graveyards, forests, riverbanks, crossroads, and the ocean. She is often approached at T-shaped crossroads as far as works with Her go.
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Exu de Quimbanda, Master of Reality

It is believed in Quimbanda that every person has an Exu that walks with them from birth, and this is the one to be cultivated. In essence, one person’s Exu is not another person’s Exu necessarily although they are related and serve the same Master. Continue reading

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