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The Future of the Orisha Community: Strategy, Politics and Action

One could have thought that Oba Ernesto Pichardo had had his place in the sun due to his accomplishment in the championing a landmark case in the Supreme Court of the United States. That was a great deed for the good of all orisha practitioners, and, for freedom of religion overall. However, it seems as though Oba Pichardo is coming back in 2015 with renewed purpose, re-emerging as a strong and incisive visionary ready to help the community maximize the strength of the winds of change. Continue reading

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Plagiarism and Santeria: Blatant Disrespect for Intellectual Property©

Why do people feel entitled to steal intellectual material and think they can get away with it? In the past it was easier to get away with this. Botanicas across the world are littered with books that are nothing but stolen materials from respected oloshas. Continue reading

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Not above the Law: Sacrificing and disposing of Animals in Orisha Rituals

We need to admit we have issues and be determined to resolve them as a community. If this means we need to police each other, so be it. It is best to be accountable to our own kind than to be accountable to others who care not to understand our religious points of view and simply dismiss us as ignorant cult followers which we are not. Oloshas need to be aware of local health and safety codes and adhere to them. We do not live in a vacuum and having orisha crowned does not make us impervious. Continue reading

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Appropriation from African Traditional Religions

Many of us see all the time people claiming this or that person works with so-and-so especially with Vodou and Orisa entities. Anecdotal stories exist that describe people with unusual paths being able to work with things that normally require long study, experience, and initiations. It is true that the ways of the Powers that Be are many and who can know them all? No one. Continue reading

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Santeria 101: Keeping Records of Your Readings or Registros

Do you have situations that seem to go unresolved in your life but have come up in multiple readings with different diviners? That should make you want to go…hmmm… am I missing something? Of course you are! It is called resolution. If you have been keeping good records, all you need to do is go back and review your notes Continue reading

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In Memory of Mark Moellendorf AKA Abouja Bo Houngan

His body was taken by what believe was Lwa Ti-jean Petro. The impressive thing that I remember is that during possession he approached a bonfire and pulled a piece of red hot wood and started to chew up on it as it was candy. I could not believe my eyes; I could see the pieces of ember being chewed up and no blisters, no burns, not even the sound of flesh being charred away as it should have been. This Lwa was relishing every bit of it. Then he stuck his arms on the fire and pulled them out like two torches, I had to contain myself as my instinct was to run for the hills Continue reading

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The Case of the Burning Rooster: When Politics, Money and Religion Ride in the Same Cart the Whirlwind Follows

Everything we do in our religious practices is under a magnifying glass. This is a reality that we cannot escape. Our struggle to religious freedom and the right to animal sacrifice have seen its day in court not once but two times. The first time was in the Supreme Court case of the Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah and recently, in the Merced v. City of Euless. Both cases meant blood, sweat and tears for those who championed them. It is thanks to their efforts that we can seek shelter in the law to practice animal sacrifice, but this must be done within the boundaries of the same law that protects us.

Continue reading

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Animal Sacrifice, a Right not Necessarily Guaranteed

Ilés need to have as part of the training to members a serious discussion about the fragility of our rights to Animal Sacrifice. Rights that must be preserved at all cost and the role we all have as responsible practitioners to act with decorum and respect when preparing to conduct and performing animal sacrifice. Continue reading

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First Anniversary of The Mystic Cup

It is time to celebrate the First Anniversary of The Mystic Cup! Continue reading

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African Traditional Religions Overexposed: How much is too much to show?

There are some houses that want to show off their self-perceived might by plastering on the Internet photographs of rituals that are held sacred to the Santeria, Ifá, Voodoo and Palo communities amongst other ATRs. I find myself thorn on the issue of how much is too much to show. Continue reading

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