Spirits in the Material World: An Everyday Affair for Practitioners of any Discipline

Basic bóveda set up
Call them what you will. There are lots of types of spirits and they are around us in our material world every single day. Their force is felt in our magical rituals, in our moments of solitude and meditation and sometimes, while we are surrounded by every day people.

Dealing with spirits is second nature to me. There is no longer a fear factor involved to conquer, and through the years the sense of awe has faded away. But I am not jaded or take their presence for granted. There are spirits that are malevolent and one must be truly careful in our dealings with them, but fear should not be part of the equation, only preparation and discipline. I am still in awe of the things they can help us accomplish, but I am not longer in awe because they exist.

Since I started the blog, I have received several emails and instant messages from people who know I am a Spiritist and want to integrate spiritist practices and technology into their own practices and rituals. I am all for that. Every person has guardian spirits. However, most are not aware of them and go about life rationalizing odd feelings and sensations. Have you ever felt hair standing on the nape or you neck when visiting a place or meeting someone and touching them for the first time? Have you felt a chill and goose bumps or even a dizzying sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach while visiting an old place or a nature spot? Well, that is more than likely because your body has reacted like an antenna to spiritual presences, but you were perhaps none the wiser.

So how do we turn on this antenna? How do we apply spiritist techniques and concepts to your own practice?

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Wicca and the Art of Listening

It is crucial to listen to our surroundings, for in them Spirit is always present.

Dedicated to my friends Boniface and Seshen.

One should not forget the steps taken when traveling on the road of spirituality. For as long as I remember I have been a creature of the Orisha. However, there are times in life when we stop listening. Times of searching for meaning in things and places, in people and faces, when all along meaning has been branded in our soul by the forces of spirit, it is a matter of discovering it. To get on the path of discovery or re-discovery, depending on your case, it is imperative to first remember to listen to those forces.

In my early-twenties I had forgotten to listen to the voice of spirits. There was no time for church (not that I ever really enjoyed my days as Catholic, nothing against those days, it is just not my cup of tea), there was no time for Spiritism or any other spiritual devotion. I was pretty much spiritually aimless and my existance was entirely devoted to studies, work, and my life as a newly wed.

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