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Is a ghost the same as a spirit ? Over the years I have come to regard them as separate phenomena. A ghost, from my point of view, is linked to a particular place and point in time. They appear in the same place, doing the same things, over and over again, like a ‘recording’.

Blissfully unaware of the current environment around them, they may walk through doors that no longer exist, or appear to float above ground in places that the ground level has changed. The recording theory is the most touted explanation, but maybe something different is happening. Could it be that at certain times, a window opens, like a live cam, allowing us to see directly back in time as these events take place ?

Spirits, however, interact with the environment, talking to people, (in some case possessing them), moving objects etc. They are clearly in the current here and now, and seem to possess intelligence and their own sense of purpose. Do spirits have form ? (And here I am including the Lwa, Orishas, Saints etc.) The Lwa and Orishas manifest through possession, and can appear in dreams, but do they appear in visions, like the Saints ? Perhaps some kind readers have something to share.


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  1. Hi Janus

    I am a medium. I did not ask to become a medium or seek it, I was born this way. Learning to understand the difference’s between spirits and ghosts was not something I did to become knowledgeable rather it was a matter of survival for me to learn to understand the very real experiences that have happened to me since early childhood.

    That said, I agree with you that there are differences between ghosts and spirits, I will share a little how I see things, though I should mention that I do not presume that how I see it is how it is these are simply things I have worked out through trial and error and over much time.

    For ghosts, those soul/spirits of people who were once living I have noticed several differences.

    Right after a person dies I will see their ghost almost as if they were still living. They will often be around loved ones, will use doors and stairs as if they were still alive… old habits I think. During the first few days after someone has died their loved ones will be most likely to have a sighting or other experience that tells them the soul of their dearly departed goes on.

    I used to work in a business related to the deceased so have been to a lot more funerals than most people and have respectfully gathered a lot of data on this. Within about a week after a persons death, I will often become aware of their soul for a brief moment when they cross over, I can feel them leaving and notice that their still living relatives feel most alone after the loved one’s soul has crossed. I seldom interfere with things at this point even though I may become aware of them because I feel this is a sacred time and part of the natural order of things.

    When a person’s ghost holds over, or stays over long, I notice that their ghostly appearance becomes more pale, they begin to do a lot more floating and going through walls and that sort of thing. If it has been several months since a person has died and they have not crossed over it is instantly easy for me to tell because their ghost will look more and more pale to me. In the reality of things I will also see the living relatives in more and more difficult and even stuck emotions at this point. When a ghost delays in crossing over there seems to be a buildup of difficult emotional issues, those living relatives may show signs of depression at this point which will include a lack of energy. I have long suspected that a ghost who stays over long without crossing over may have a presence that is very taxing on the living human body. Seeing tiredness and depression in a person who is grieving is always an indication to me to inquire further and see if something may need to be done.

    What I usually do is to simply have a short conversation with the ghost, let them know that they died and that if they truly love their relatives they will need to cross over. Usually this is adequate. Sometimes the ghost was not a respectful person while alive and sometimes that disrespect continues even after they have died. When this happens I have learned some quick and useful methods to deal with this. I will not discuss these methods here as I am not intending to teach anyone how to be a medium only to echo your diary entry that yes, there are subtle differences and stages in the ghostly experience.

    Most of the time, after a ghost crosses over, my experience is that they will be gone from Earth for a time. I am not at all surprised if this absence lasts several weeks though sometimes it is shorter and other times it is longer. After this time of being away sometimes the person’s soul will return to visit. At this time I see them as being very clear, the light around them is very clean. When this happens I often notice people sharing that they have had positive or healing dreams about their loved ones and feel that things are OK for them. My deceased father-in-law (Bob)was a very loving man in life as is his son, my husband. My experience is that he crossed over fairly quickly after he died and now when he visits I always see white light with a pinkish tinge to the edges which is resonant with that loving-ness. Because they are so beneficial, these return visits, at this point I stop thinking of this soul as being a ghost and think of them more as an ancestor.

    When you talk of the Spirits, I agree, yes, these are uniquely different. About a year ago I contacted and spoke with Omimelli here at TMC because I’d had a female Spirit appear to me who did not speak to me, which was odd because if any being of spirit wishes to communicate with me they can easily do so, I have that ability. When this Spirit appeared to me I instantly knew that she was no ghost, the colors were too vibrant, the resonant energy around her too powerful. I said a prayer (according to my own beliefs) and asked respectfully that if I was meant to know who this Woman Spirit was that I would find a way. I began an internet search because I was so unfamiliar with this Woman Spirit thinking that maybe finding a website photo of African Traditional clothing would help me identify her in some way. When it became clear that she was an African Spirit I began searching on Orishas and did not find anything, though I DID find TMC and this is where I was able find what I needed to know.

    I am really grateful to Omimelli that she did not assume one thing or another when I wrote to her and that she took time to consider what I shared and also to do her own spiritual ‘checking’ on this to be sure before she responded to me. Although it is never easy to share an experience that is personally and spiritually very intense and wait for a response, I knew it was the right thing to do. After an appropriate amount of time Omimelli was able to confirm who she already thought the Woman Spirit was and we both do believe it was indeed a visit from an Orisha. In answer to your question whether or not the Orisha can appear in visions much the same as a Saint, I have to say yes, I believe they can.

    Since I have had this experience it is my hope that I continue to learn how to be respectful of this Spirit and any others that I might ever encounter so I do stop in when I can to read the articles here on TMC.

    AS to the soul of a person having substance, I believe yes on that also. I base this on a couple of things. There is research available from the early 1900’s called the “21 Grams Theory” conducted by Dr. Duncan MacDougall. Dr. MacDougall used a special weighing table to weigh people before, during and after death and he recorded a consistent weight loss about a minute after death that could not be accounted for with bodily fluids or any other circumstance. The weight loss of each patient was about 21 grams. He concluded that the human soul must weigh about 21 grams. Of course only one study does not make a thing true, perhaps something else we learn will shed more light on this someday. Because I have personally had experience with poltergeist activities (some of which were human ghosts and others that were something else entirely) I am also of the opinion that there may be a small substance to a spiritual presence of any kind. My common sense says that in order for a spirit of ghost to affect things in the living world the laws of physics have to be involved in some way.If the soul really did have some substance to it that would go far towards an explanation wouldn’t it?

    While I was writing this I recalled the ancient Egyptian belief that the human soul is weighed on one side of a scale and a feather on another to determine their place in the afterlife… All I can hope is that they were using a peacock feather, if the soul really does weigh 21 grams, that is a bit more than most feathers weigh! Eeeek! *grins*

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