Knock, Knock. Who’s there ?

So just who am I talking to when I am addressing my boveda ?
Tradition says guides and ancestors. But in what form ?
And what part does re-incarnation play, if it exists ?

I used to be non-committal when it came to re-incarnation.
But when approached from a spiritist viewpoint, it just becomes
confusing. Should my grandmother (God bless her!) reincarnate,
then surely she is not at my boveda. And what happens if she
reincarnates as a man ? Taken to its logical conclusion my grandmother
could be son, mother, father, daughter to many other people…
Too confusing for me.

So I have decided against re-incarnation for the moment.
But just when one thinks that some progress has been made,
along comes Helena Blavatsky with the proverbial spanner.
She commented that spirits were ‘just lower personality remnants’
stranded here, when the higher self moves onto another plane.

Judging from the messages supplied from the spirits at an
English spiritualist church, she could be right! It’s most always
‘Were happy, all our pain is gone, and we send you our love’.

So maybe there are two sets of ‘spirit’ released when a person dies.
The lower astral form, and a higher self. But which one is at my boveda?


2 Replies to “Knock, Knock. Who’s there ?”

  1. Janus, that’s very interesting, I was thinking about that recently
    whether my ancestors might have taken bodies again.
    The only way to know is to find out through the spirits and guides I guess.

  2. I know right!?!? I have been watching vids on Edgar Cayce. (Don’t know why just drawn to it) He talks about systematic reincarnation, but I haven’t heard any explanation as to how my ancestors are still able to assist me via my egun stick.

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