Protection from Evil

St Michael's Mirror
In the last few weeks, I have had a nagging feeling that I was in need of protection from ‘jealous glances’. The feeling wasn’t helped by the recollection of a couple of readings I have had with babalawos, that both mentioned that people were envious of me. I did not understand it at first; I have a very plain, simple lifestyle. Hell, I don’t even own a TV! But, it was my happy attitude and simple lifestyle that was the apparent cause of envy.

My intuition told me I needed mirrors, something to reflect back any negativity that came my way. Then I found them. A set of three exquisite 3″ x 3″ mirrored photo frames. Perfect. My gut feelings, told me that I needed a picture of a Saint for the frames. But which one? I set about explaining the situation to Omimelli, and after discussions, I settled on St Michael.

Something was still missing though. The frames still didn’t seem complete. Guinea peppers! I recalled having read somewhere that small bags containing guinea peppers (Grains of Paradise) were tied to the back of pictures. I researched online, and yes, small bags of guinea peppers are tied to the back of Saints pictures, a process that is called ‘Feeding the Saint’. With the photo frames complete, all I had to do was to devise a simple ritual to charge the mirrors for their intended use.

Throughout the process, from the sudden nagging for protection, to finding the mirrored photo frames, then the Saints and guinea peppers, I had the feeling that I was being guided through each step by my spirits. Maybe, the time I have spent with my bóveda is slowly coming to fruition…


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  1. just checking in: i dont talk much with my visiting spirit. our companionship is different. i feel it is working with my wife in her sleep. So there is some confrontation there. i like the music. i wonder if I am really the music creator and not the spirit. then wonder is subsided and it seems like it is inputed. not a problem. i am taking a recorder class and the music I hear in me is from a mellow recorder soft and lovely. sometimes it is like a transponder and transmitting the same sound over and over. and lots of times i dont even hear it.

    1. Hi Larry,
      Inspiration (ie. Musical) and intuition can both come from Spirit. The Greeks believed that inspiration came from the muses. Whatever the source, I would suggest that the ‘result’ is more important than the origin.

  2. Excelente artigo e muito inteligente foi a defesa, infelismente não estamos livres de grande mal que é a inveja ,mas o colega se armou com o que disse a intuição dele e foi otimo diga-se de passagem creio que as pessoas deviam postar mais depoimentos osbre o assunto quem sabe um dia nos libertariamos deste inconveniente que por vezes nos atrazão nossos caminhos ,obrigada

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