A Dream about St. Cyprian Patron Saint of Sorcerers

St. Cyprian of Carthage

It was a long and tiring day yesterday, and I retired to bed early. In the small hours of the morning I had a vivid, semi-lucid dream. In it, a figure appeared and informed me he was St Cyprian of Antioch (known as San Cipriano in Spanish). He then struck up a conversation, in which among other things; the figure promised spiritual gifts and continued communications in the future. Then the Saint vanished and the dream ended. I woke up immediately afterwards and was left with a very pronounced feeling of just having had a spiritual visitation. I noted the time, which was 3 a.m.

I decided to pull out my notebook and jot down some observations about the dream. I then turned to the internet to get further information about this little known (at least to me) Saint. According to the information I found, he was born in Carthage between the years 249 to 251 A.D. Allegedly, he was taught magic, astrology and necromancy as a child, but later converted to Christianity. Legend asserts that he never completely renounced the old ways, but continued to practice and teach in private. There are a number of Grimoires that are attributed to him, and which bear his name. These are quite popular in Latin America and Brazil. Evidently he is the unofficial patron Saint of those who work magic and traffic with spirits, visions and prophecy.

At the close of my research I noted his feast day- September 16. I have been traveling the past few days and had lost track of the date. I got up from bed and walked over to the calendar. I was shocked. Today is Sunday, September the 16th. Today is his feast day! The visitation was indeed on the very start of the day. This I decided is indeed a sign. Me thinks I will be hearing again from this St Cyprian of Antioch.


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  1. Always Searching says:


    I was quite interested in this particular reading and so I looked into this St. What I found kept circling back to the fact that this “Saint” had “dealings with demons”. And he was working for lucifer. Ending with his death beig beheaded. With that said, would it be positive/beneficial to communicate with this “Saint”? Also, would love to hear your perspective as to why you think he even came to you in the first place?

    I appreciate your opinion.

    Sala Malecum.

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