Three Steps to Attracting Romance: Step 2 Emotions

Wearing your emotions on your sleeve?
How you are perceived has a great deal to do with how people react to you emotionally. Continuing with this person I was talking about in the previoius post, she was perceived as overly emotional, and she was. Mood swings, passive agressive behaviour and such is completely unnatractive to a person who is well balanced and emotionally healthy, and hopefully that is what you are wanting to attract in your life.

Once again, take time to analyze your inner mechanisms. What are your emotions telling other people? Are you wearing your heart on your sleeve? What sort of signals are you sending? The following bath should help in your path to obtaining a cool mind.

Choco-Mint Cooling Bath

2 cup of chocolate mint fresh leaves (Mentha piperita cv.)
1 of Dill seed water (place 4 tablespoons of dill in one cup of water and let stand covered for 3 days, strain the seeds and keep the water)
1/4 cup of bitter cocoa powder (sugar free)

To prepare the bath, get a large bowl and place your mint leaves, add 2 cups of water and separate leaves from stems. Set stems to boil while you crush the leaves to pulp in the water. Strain water and boil remaining pulp with the stems as not to waste a bit of the mint. Strain stems and pulp discard remains saving the hot water. Add the cocoa to the cold liquid from the macerated mint leaves, then add the hot strained liquid, and finally, pour the Dill water to the bowl.

Before you proceed to shower as usual, place your hands over the bowl and pray from your heart “Great Spirit help me to achieve mental serenity, coolness of mind and thoughts so I can control my emotions and not be controlled by then. Allow the light of mental clarity to shine through me, stop me from running my mouth when my emotions are about to take over. Grant me the strength to control my emotions as to be more attractive and balanced.” Take your shower and then wash your face, the back of your neck and the rest of your body with this water pouring it from the shoulders down. Take care to rinse private parts with plain water as mint can be slightly irritating. Allow the rest of the bath to dry over your body as much as possible. You can repeat this bath for 3 days on a row. It is good if you try to stay free of sexual intercourse over the days in which you are doing this cooling bath.

Do feel free to enjoy a nice cup of cocoa after you are done with each bath!

Compare how you feel from the time you took Step 1 to the time when you finish these baths. Are you noticing any differences on how people react to you? Are you noticing any changes on how you feel about yourself?

More to come!

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