Three Steps to Attracting Romance: Step 1 Knowledge

Ready for a different perspective on how to start a romance?
If you are looking for a binding to control and dominate someone into loving you, sorry, this is the wrong post and blog for it. However, I can certainly guide you in three steps to improve yourself inside and out as to increase your personal magnetism. But it is not all herbs, roots and potions here, you need to diligently work on aspects of yourself as well. Attraction, like magic, involves the complete being.

Attraction has greatly to do with perception. Perception can be influenced by three aspects: Knowledge, emotions and expectations. You can certainly change the way someone perceives you by impacting those three areas at different levels.

Be candid here. You know yourself better than anyone. I need you to look inside of you carefully and find that which you think is the most unatractive trait in your character and in your physique. Ask yourself what have you done lately to change that? You have the knowledge of what turns possible suitors off. Make a list of what you need to change, and lets work on at least the main turn-offs.

I remember dealing with a particularly clingy woman who was so very needy she simply made any man run away from her, no matter how attractive she looked or how generous she was with the person in question. If you know you are clingy or needy. Stop. No one likes to be sucked into a void where they have to pour themselves into. No one likes an obssessive person either. Examine what makes you needy? Are you addicted to infatuation, sex, the thrill of romance?

Here is something you can do to boost your confidence every morning:

Confidence Morning Tea:
1 cup of water
3 grains of guinea pepper or grains of paradise
1 cardamon pod
1 teaspoon of honey
A sprinkle of cinnamon

Since only you know what you need to change, it is up to you to write a simple phrase and repeat it as you are drinking the tea. For example: “I will not chase after XXXX, I will let XXXX come to me because I am worth it.”

Try this for one week, keep track of your inner feelings and try to tackle those negative traits you have outlined sistematically.

More to come!

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