A Bilongo for Love

Nsasi in Action

Doing ceremony for love or to pull someone your way is not as easy as a lot of books make it seem to be. And there many reasons why people will buy these books and the success rate is not that high.

The first thing that must be done before doing any type of love spell is to do a ceremony to remove dirt of your aura or spirit. When I am talking about dirt, I am referring to negativity. Now, you might be someone who is doing spiritual cleansings all the time and feel that you are totally clean spiritually. Logically you have the right to feel so, but, if you are not attacking specific targets or issues in your spiritual quadrant you will never achieve ultimate success.

When we are dealing with our ancestors we invoking the bad and good luck they left behind for us to deal with. When the bad luck is not dealt with then it turns into a family curse in the lineage.

I had a client which who I will refer to as Thomas (to conceal his identity). He was a young man in his thirties, made close to six figures salary, worked out five times a week, drove a foreign car, and had his own place. Thomas is heterosexual, had no children, and being a desirable bachelor, still no serious woman came his way. He would have someone to date and have a good time with, but no good candidates for marriage. After doing divination for him, the working suggested in palo dealt with Siete Rayos who was claiming the bilongo to do. In his lineage all the men in his family had bad luck with women; almost all of them were married twice. The shadow of this family curse was following him as well. As the divination had gotten deeper, it was discovered that his great grandmother was cheated on, and she was making the men in the lineage pay for her anger. The shadow of her anger was preventing women from seeing him as a man worth investing their time in.

Before I go any further explaining in deep detail on how the bilongo was done. To put in motion this working one must be initiated in Palo and posses an nganga. Do not attempt to do this bilongo if you are not a Palero. You might be able to revise the recipe at your own discretion according to the system you practice. This is not an experiment so please know what you are doing.

The bilongo began with me going to the cemetery and I had to collect dirt from the four corners of the cemetery at noon on a Saturday. When going to the cemetery to collect anything the cross road of that cemetery is the first to be saluted, then the entrance of the cemetery. Otherwise what you collect will not work effectively for you and you will be committing a violation. If is a Catholic cemetery, then you have to salute the cross of the cemetery before proceeding to collect the dirt. At each of the four corners where the dirt that I collected offerings are to be left, food, drinks and money is placed ceremoniously as one states the reasons to collect the soil.

Upon arriving to my home I proceeded to draw the firma (spiritual signature) of the nganga, the dirt was placed on top of the firma with the nganga standing on top of it. A bath was made in front of Siete Rayo at 6 o’clock with river water, lango nani (holy water), Nfumbe Npolo(human bone powder), malafo mamputo (rum), malafo sese (dry wine) and Chamba (a mixture of rum and many other ingredients), guinea pepper, toasted corn, menga (blood) from the guinea hen, and six nfindas (herbs). The herbs to be used in this bilongo were Quita Maldición, Epasote, Ceiba, Rompezaraguey, Cundiamor, Almásigo. Six additional herbs were collected to tie together to make a broom. The herbs to make the broom were Ceiba, Laurel, Rompezaraguey, Caizimón, Escoba Amarga, and Vence Batalla.

At twelve midnight is when I began the nsala (cleansing), a yard of black cotton cloth had a firma drawn on it. With a white plate with his grandmother’s name on the plate, he was cleanse with two red roosters, the broom of herbs, and mix grains. His clothes were ripped of and placed on the white plate. All of the items that were used to clean him with were placed on top of the white plate. He was bathed in front of the nganga with the bath that was prepared and dressed in white clothes. I collected the dirty water from the bath and placed in a white bucket sealed it. Then I did divination with the nganga to find out where everything was to go. Three days later he was given a sweet bath to take for seven days with, sweet wine, gin, honey, rum, river water, toasted corn, mpemba (cascarilla), and fruits. After seven days of taking this sweet bath he received a head rogation from an olosha, this was necessary to cool his head from all the blood that was used.

Two weeks after this ceremony he met a young lady who was working at his place of employment for eight years but never noticed him. Three months they got in engaged, they had a baby and now are getting married. This is a classic example how doing love spells is not as easy as it seems, maybe there is a negative pattern in your family you need to remove spiritually in order to have that person come into your life. If you were involved with someone and the person died he/she need to be disconnected from you as well before proceeding forward. If the relationship was abusive mentally, emotionally, sexually and/or physically the shadow of that experience need to be remove from you before establishing healthy connection. Why? Because these negative connections can cause someone who is truly sincere on being with you, turn against in the long run.

Hopefully my experience sheds some light on this subject.

Ginea Jacmel

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  1. Hello Ginea i have found your article very interesting..and the passing on of negativity into our relationships is very real..and the wall is not just from us but from past so dealing with the old and making new..

  2. Ginea J.

    I really think you have hit the nail on the head with the passing of bad energies from one generation to the next. I am sure that most folks have been able to observe negative patterns repeated along families. Some of these patterns are learned behavior, but how much of our behavior could be nfluenced by spirits that could linger along family lines for generations?


    Ashé for you abure,

  3. Thank you for taking the time to read the article, there is a theory call nature vs. nuture, which discusses how much of our behaviour is genetic and how much is learned. Spiritual influence affect our behaviour a whole lot, more than anyone is aware. With the right amount of energy you can make introvert and extrovert vice a versa. I have specifically seen that happen after initiation on other individuals.

    Alot of our behaviours are influenced by spirits, that is why it is so important to keep ourselves clean spiritually. Each time we take the time to clean ourselves, we redirect the type of spirits that are going to be on spiritual quadrants.

    I knew of another case, were this child of Oshun I will call Diana. She had four sisters and two brothers, all of the sisters including herself lost their first child; and was divorced. Her grandmother was 40% cherokee indian, and 60% african-american. Her grandmother was buried at firt nation cementary(I do not call them american indian, I call them first nation people). At the time of her reading her padrino discovered that her grandmother, lost her first child by a curse. That was done by a woman who was cherokee that wanted her husband to marry her instead. The grandmother had medicine put her to have more children, but never to remove the curse. You see what I mean? So, all that was a band-aide on a wound. The grandmother died with the curse on her and it was passed on to all the women in that lineage. Fortunately for Diana, her padrino was also an old school palero. He had get dirt from the grandmother’s grave and did ebbo on it. The curse was permanently destroyed.

  4. Hello Ginea

    I have read this once and twice and will go back today and read again. There is much for me to lean here and I thank you for this.

    I am a Reiki Master and psychic medium and have encountered the ‘curse energies’ from another perspective (as I am not a member of an ATR). (Thank you so much Omimelli for sending me a link to this article!)

    I will have more to say after I read one more time. I am finding Spirit stirring my heart on this and need to get quiet today and Learn.

    You have my gratitude

    Much Love


  5. Greetings and thank you Kjerstin for taking the time to reading this article. It is alot to digest especially when you are looking at how the healing was done from, a perspective alot different than your approach.

    As a reiki master may I suggest that if you are working with a healee curse, that you start out working with the phase of the moon. Increase the amount of crystals that you use on your work. I can privately email you some suggestions. Light, love and unity

    Ginea Jacmel

  6. Thank you Ginea – I would welcome a private email.

    I have an attitude that I simply ‘Go with what I get’ When I find a person has a blockage (healing energy will not flow) sometimes ‘curse’ is what comes up. I always believe that when it is time for something to heal it will present itself.

    Most of the time what I deal with that comes up as ‘curse’ is more benign such as a mother’s harsh words to a child ‘you will never have Love!’ and the child believing those words. Other times there will be either vows, or serious prayers that have ended up crossing generational or life paths, be they akashic or inherited.

    Very rarely I have encountered the type of curse you are speaking of above. I would be delighted to ask some more specific questions.

    Much Love


  7. Not a problem kjerstin omimelli can give you my email address or you give to her to give to me and we will roll from there how is that?

  8. Dear Ginea, thank you very much for your article. It is really very interesting and profound. I am very much impressed by the fact how similar the pagan traditions all over the world are and accordantly the challenges of magicians, in order to help people. This “dirty aura” is known to the most pagan priests no matter which tradition they may follow. In Russia it’s called “porcha”, or this specific bachelor-problem is commonly called the“none-marriage-wreath”. I know that not every magician is able to remove this “Family Karma” – this is an international expression that everyone understands, I would guess. In fact, the ability to remove the “none-marriage-wreath” – is the highest discipline! Chapeau, High Priest!!! V

  9. Thank you very much Gella for taking the time to read my article. It is very interesting that you are aware of the “bachelor-problem is commonly called the none-marriage-wreath.” I would be interested to know how is this cause in your culture and what do they do to resolve it. In haiti alot of times when a woman posses a strong masculine spirit, he prevent her from ever getting married.

    I remember when many years ago my father who is an asogwe houghan, did a cleaning for a young lady so she could get married. When the ceremony was finished, and he had gone to sleep. He had a dreamed of a man wearing a tuxedo, wearing a black hat telling my father. I do not know why you wasted your time I told her many times she is to never get married, and if she does I will kill the husband and than her. Well she found a man who would stay after the cleaning, got married. Six months after the marriage the husband died so did she.

    1. That is a sad ending. I am sure ton pere was not happy with that dream. at

      That sounds to me like it was an obssessing spirit walking with her. Then again it could have been a spirit guide that needed much more work and energy than what she had to give or could give.

      Oní Yemayá Achagbá

  10. Dear Ginea, unfortunately, the European pagan traditions are very much destroyed by the church as superstition. So, I can only say what I believe and what I have learned from my granny. I believe that a human being has max. 12 lives, and it’s up to him/her to break the horror of re-birth by attending a higher stage and finally became a higher spirit. This process is mystical; however, every human being on this mystical way has a right to become a higher spirit or to die forever by attending the everlasting energy. As a spirit he remains an individual; as he dies forever, he is going to be a part of universe with no personality at all.
    In some cases, one of those 12 lives he/she has to be unmarried and may not have children, so he/she must spend the life for God and spiritual life to attend the higher spiritual level. That’s why it’s so difficult to break this type of Karma – it’s simply God’s will. It’s destiny. In some cases the Goddess of destiny (Makosh) may make an exemption.
    In other cases, the person stays under “porcha” – it’s something like evil eye. “Porcha” is a kind of dirt on the aura, as you told. This person mustn’t be unmarried yet has difficulties to find a partner. The priest consults the oracle. Oracle may be tarot-cards, stones or, I have met priests reading in the Bible, Torah or even in Koran. As I asked a Gipsy priestess reading a Koran whether she can read Arabic letters, she told me that she is illiterate and only her spirits help her to read. I understand there is another unspoken language.
    Every priest has his one secret and methods. I would do what I have learned from my granny. On the persons head I would place a floral wreath. With me the person will usually attend a procedure of prayers in a lot of smoke after sauna-washing; the prayers usually have a very biblical character. I think that not the prayers itself but the rhythmus is important. I believe that the most spirits do not understand the human language anyway. Afterwards the wreath is supposed to have taken the porcha in it and it will be ceremonially burned at night. The fire close to a grave of ancestors may help.
    Yours, V

  11. Hello Gella, what you had written is very interesting. I have found that people are so busy looking for spiritual paraphenelia’s to give him/her what already exist in their spiritual quadrants. If alot of people were to take the time to remove the yoke of the curse from his/her family lineage. Than they will have the power he/she is looking for, because the energy would posses the spiritual license. To move around more freely without the constriction of the curse. Not all spirits are for matrimony, this is why people need to be careful the type of spirits they are willing to serve. There are some spirits that are for completely for monogamous relationships.

    What we do as priest/priestess in our chosen system affect the next generation. From ceremonies we do to initiation we take, when it is our time to die, the energies do not die with us. Those energies get passed down to the next generation. When the next generation does not posses any conscious knowledge on how to harness what we activated spiritually, than the lineage turn to chaos.

    1. Yes, Ginea, it is all so complicated… There is definitely a connection between generations… Also in my family we have something like this; all men in the family of my mother die before 40. My mom had 4 brothers – they all died early. Not of sickness but of – suicide, alcoholism and accidents. This is sad! My grategrategrandfathers came to Russia from Africa (or better to say he was brought) – it was in 18th century. He was the first as much we know; he was killed with 33.

  12. This is an interesting post and one that describes my situation perfectly. We found out that all my sisters were ‘bound’ by a curse never to get married. We are all in our 30’s (with the exception of one, who is in her 20’s) and we are not interested or working towards marriage. It is good to hear it is something that can be resolved.

    I have a question; I am hearing of practitioners coming to the ATR way of spirituality and saying they will not use blood in their rituals. They think it is inhumane and unnecessary. One of the most vocal people is actually a Tata. What are your thoughts on this?

    Many thanks,

    1. Caroline

      I am glad to hear that you found the article useful.

      With regards to animal sacrifice I can only say that blood carries lifeforce. Without it the orisha will not be born. This is part of what we accept when we become part of it. It is never a thing to be taken lightly and animal sacrifice should only be done with absolutely needed. About the Tata, well what can I say, he is entitled to his own opinion, but when it comes to dealing with the Nkisi he will eventually have to honor the pacts he promised to uphold, if he indeed is a bonafide Tata. This is the first time I hear of a Tata who is willing to be squirmish about sacrifice. ATRs are no place for those who oppose animal sacrifice.

      Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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