Adimú for Oggún the Spirit of Iron

Roasted Yams with Molasses a Treat for Oggún

To my son who is fine young priest of Oggún. True to his babá Oggún he never shies away from hard work, finds clever and creative ways to achive his goals, is very loyal to his friends and family and loves to enjoy a wholesome meal at the end of a day filled with activity.

Oggún is the one that clears the way and is the architect of civilization. He works tirelessly making tools to propel commerce, farming, the military and transportation. It stands to reason that the adimú adún provided to Ogún as well as savory adimús are robust and flavorful.

My son is a Balogún and I have observed him discover slowly those things his Oggún likes, some are of his own domain thus I will keep away from them but will share some general adimú that seem to be sure pleasers for the Spirit of Iron.

Fried Yam- This is relatively easy. Boil yams for about 15 minutes, then pull out; they should not be mushy, slice and fry in lard. Top with a mixture of molasses and a drizzle of red palm oil.

Roasted Yam- Wrap a red yam in foil, bake yam it until tender. Split in half and top with brown sugar, honey and cinnamon. In the photo the yams are topped with molasses, yet another variation of this dish. You can make it even fancier by adding dried cranberries or roasted nuts.

Fried Black-Eyed Peas- Soak peas, then cook until tender. Cut onions, garlic and chilies and cook in lard, toss in the black eyed peas and cook for a few more minutes and then serve.

Baked Fish topped with Curry Sauce- Bake a red snapper and top with a sauce made with onions, peppers, garlic, bay leaves, guinea peppers, ginger and curry powder.

Oggún also favors black beans and rice, guinea fowl, male goat dishes and roasted black rooster and likes to have plenty of rum (100% proof is best) to accompany his adimú.

Personally I like to .serve Ogún’s treats in a rustic manner, no finery such as china or ceramic plates unless I am really wanting to petiton something very special. However, my favorite kind of adimús to offer are those that come from the heart without any desires to obtain something in return because those adimús are a way of conversation from me to the orisha and those I like to dish them out in gourds or igüereas simple and casual.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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4 Responses to “Adimú for Oggún the Spirit of Iron”

  1. Tata Nkisi Lucero Vira Mundo says:

    Daaaaang! The Orisha get some amazing food in your house!

  2. Caroline says:

    Thanks for this. Any sweets or savoury snacks that he really likes?

    • Omimelli says:


      Sweet potatoes or yams are his favorite. Savory, try the fish or a hearthy stew made with male goat.


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