The Blessings of a Good Godson

Welcoming Our New Godson
We are happy. Today has been a good and rewarding day. My husband and I welcomed a new member into our ilé, a person who we both know and respect in the Palo community both as an Npangui (brother of a Palo house) and friend and now is our newest godson.

Having godchildren is a great responsibility, a duty we do not take lightly. As a matter of fact, as a practice we do not take into our house just anyone. The person has to prove truly worthy of the time we are to invest in their spiritual development. After all, there is only so much quality time we have to allot and dedicate to the upbringing of proper godchildren.

We realize this practice of being selective with the heads that come to rest the foot of our orisha is frowned upon many oloshas. The normal tendency is to want to have as many godchildren as possible. Somehow quantity for most equals prestige. For us, godchildren of quality is truly the crown we can offer to our orishas. Each person who truly comes to the house and commits to the path of Iwá Pelé becomes a jewel in the crown of our orishas.

The path for our new godson was not a quick one, for in the past many years ago he had his share of disillusion having fallen in the hands of an Olosha who cut corners and did not follow the rules as is expected, but now all of that is water under the bridge.

Nearly a year ago our Npangi surprised us asking for a reading with Diloggun. The reading set a road map for him and a healthy list of things to accomplish before taking the Elekes. He tackled his challenges and accomplished them at his own pace. When he was done and time was right, Yemayá and Obatalá blessed him with two perfect readings of acceptance into Ilé Eye Ife, our ilé.

Yes, we do ask the Orisha before accepting anyone into the house. Anyone short of a perfect reading is simply not accepted. A perfect reading does not guarantee that all will flow well, but it is indeed a sign that the person has come to the right place and is blessed. The path to unfold can be easy or complicated according to mutual communication, dedication and respect.

A great confirmation of how valuable is to do things right is that this new godson had perfect readings all through the steps of his ceremony. How much louder can the Orisha and the Eggun state that they are pleased with the newcomer?

Welcome to our new godson. May your life be always blessed by Obatalá and Yemayá.

Ashé O, Iré O!

Omimelli & Kal
Oní Yemayá Achagbá & Olo Obatalá Oshalufón

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  1. To Orishas that have been in my life and the new Godsons since we were both kids
    As i send you also my blessing for taking a step forward May Chango guide you forward and help you defeat obstacles that make us a better temple for our orishas. because we can have the prettiest soperas and this and that but if the temple is not right . you and your Orishas are not either. So continue moving forward not only in flesh but most importantly in spirit. For the open arms always await for the return of the prodigal child….

  2. I’m am so happy that people are using common sense in this religion. It makes no sense to have a lot of God children just to have Godchildren. This seems like a very third world mentality syndrome that plagues our religion.
    Quality is the most important thing. The most important thing!!!!! It is better to be a member of a small house of quality than to be a little fish in a big house that has no respect and doesn’t know where it truly stands. There are many houses like that nowadays. This making the godchildren go through a time of proving themselves and being oked by the Orishas saves a lot of time in the future. It get rid of a lot of problems.
    Congratulations to both you and your Godson.

    1. María,

      Thank you! There is one more thing we like in our house, for godchildren to develop a practical skill to contribute to the ilé. We shall see what comes out of the hands of this one in particular.


      Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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