Daily Spiritual Workout

Every bóveda has a different look and feel, elements included depend on what spirits request over the years.

Working with your spirits guides, wether you know them or not, does not have to be a cumbersome routine.

Once a bóveda is set up (refer to Spirits in the Material World), there are some elemental steps in keeping up the energies of that ritual space and strengthening your energetic connection to guardian spirits. It will take you a minimum of 5 minutes in the morning and another 5 minutes in the evening to do a simple blessing ritual and a closing of the day prayer. Why are these important? Do you like to be greeted by people in the morning? Do you like to have someone ask you how your day went at the end of the day? Spirits like communication and many of them observe sets of formulas where courtesy and traditions are well regarded. It is also a good way to break the ice and start developing a routine that is comfortable and second nature to a person hoping to develop as a medium.

Morning Ritual
Change the water in your main bowl; add a sprinkle of Florida water or perfume, whatever you have at hand. Light up a candle and start by cleansing yourself with the water in the bowl. You do this by dipping your fingers in the water and then placing your hands at both sides of your head, make circular motions counterclockwise and continue to lower your hands about your hands about your body until you reach your feet. Then tap 3 times on the water bowl to ground the energies. Your hands have acted as a spiritual duster. You can place a touch of Florida water at the nape of your neck if you wish, I find this helps me relax into my ritual. Here is my morning prayer:

“Guardian spirits, I come to share my morning with you. Before I go about to work and take my children to school I come to ask for your protection and blessing. Watch over my children, keep them from any negative influences and watch over my husband and other members of my family. Help me make this day a productive one at work by keeping my mental clarity and focus. Help me find ways to grow spiritually by placing before me opportunities to practice an act of charity, to share a word of hope with needy person and by helping me strengthen my faith in the power of the Great Spirit.”

I then offer the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary. I find these prayers are great energy conductors, but you may select any other that resonates with you.

I do not recommend leaving a candle unattended, so snuff it if you must.

Evening Ritual
Find a time that is best suited for you. I do mind having loud noises and people buzzing about me if I am going to pray at the bóveda, so when my kids or husband get noisy I either invite them to join in, or lower the noise level in the room. They normally just join in. There is nothing better than having the family joining in for a quick cleansing before heading to bed.

In the evening I like to offer some incense and leave my candle on for the night. I start with the same cleansing described above and then proceed to share with my spirits a few words on how my day went. If I have a business issue to solve or a situation that is challenging I ask for communication through dreams and for ideas to manifest while I am sleeping, and of course for me to remember them. I have no set prayer for the closing of the day; I simply thank them for their protection and ask for them to watch over my family as they enter the dream world. However, I do like to offer a Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary to close my evening.

In keeping with this simple act of recognition to your spirits you will be developing a connection like you would to a family member or a friend who is sharing your daily routine. It will also allow you to slip in and out of ritual mind faster for longer sessions where divination and other workings may take place at the bóveda. Remember to keep the water glasses filled and clean at all times.

On the next post I will go deeper into other possible routines and usage of prayers.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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23 Responses to “Daily Spiritual Workout”

  1. Vodouisant6 says:

    I really like this post :)

  2. Marcel says:

    Sala Malekum:
    Your Morning and Evening Routine was lovely. Thanks for sharing, I am a Novice Palero.I been scratched and I have my Lucero pot.I also greet my ancestors and muertos at my boveda, pretty much the same way you do.

    Tata Nkisi

    • Omimelli says:

      Malekum nsalam,

      It feels good to be newly cut, does it not? I still remember discovering ways to work with my Lucero and learning with my tata of treaties and mpati pembas. :-)

      How is it going with the boveda work?


      Yaya 7 Nkele/Omimelli

  3. Marcel says:

    My will to advance is great but my Padrino is in Puerto Rico and I’m in New Jersey, which leaves me doing much reading, which is confusing me at times. I am a New York Rican(smile) and I don’t read very well in Spanish, which makes things very difficult. I want to do things the right way. So I at times am scare to do things , because I don’t want to offend anyone. I mostly make sure my Lucero Vera Mundo, Shrine stays very clean and at times I asked his permission to put some offerings to my father Zarabonda. I keep my Bovenda emaculately clean, I use 9 glasses instead of 7. So I pretty much just clean myself before and after I go to work. I say my prayers at my Bovenda in the morning and at night. I talk to my Lucero and ask me to open my roads to communicate with my Eggun and muertos. I feel a great peace and harmony when I am alone at home and saying my prayers. I also find I don’t get angry at simply things anymore , I have learned how to deal with people that try or upset my during the course of the day. I am a registered nurse, and thanks to the religion, I find I can help my patients so much better. My Padrino sent me my Chamalongos in the mail , I pretty much have been trying to find direction by searching for written material in English to give me direction. I know that before using them their are certain things, I must do right, before attempting to read. But every house does things differently, and there are differencies between Santera and Palo.I have no idea of how to work with my Lucero. :(

    • Omimelli says:


      It is no bother at all. I will send you the email address for Kal. He can guide you through the readings with Chamalongos if your Tata gives licencia for that. Kal is very good with that sort of thing and good teaching.

      Yaya 7 Nkele

  4. Marcel says:

    Its me again, sorry to bother you, take for example you said you work with your Lucero I have no idea how to do that, and you mention your Tata of treaties and mpati pemba, you loose me , I feel so stupid sometimes, because I imagine these are things that are basic and I should know. I truly am green(novice).In Santera they are call Orisha, and in Palo the deities are call nkisi. Lucero and zarabonda are mpungo in palo and in santera Ellegua and Oggun are Orisha. Its so confusing. Right now I am reading a book Obi Oracle of Cuban Santeria by Ochani Lele. very interesting and beautiful stuff, but I feel Palo and Santera tho have alot in common things are not the same, and things in Santera are more open to the public , where as in Palo things are such a secret. I use to be calling my Padrino alot but that is getting a little $$$$$$ if you get what I mean. I love my Padrino , his a wonderful person but his a horse and works endlessly helping so many, I don’t wish his life on anyone. I know that things take time and I can’t do things over night. I use to see cloudy imagines as a child and use to play with them when everyone in the house was asleep, I know now that my grandma , use to have a Bovenda and our family was so blessed because of baths and things she use to do. But now I am 61 yo and after so many years of being a Roman Catholic, I have turn to my roots, with one bath I got from my Padrino I am a different person.(in a extremely wonderful and good way)

    • Omimelli says:


      Yes, the book you speak about is good. However, your hands are full at the moment with Palo. My humble suggestion is that you set aside orisha stuff and focus in one system at a time, so you can learn it well. Serving two masters at one time will lead you to not doing either a proper service. Once you dominate Palo, then you could move into other practice if it is needed. See, not everyone is meant to stride two horses. :-)

      You should not feel stupid, I feel you are earnest in your desire to move foward, and your eyes are open. There you are ahead of the curve.

      Palo and Santería may have some commonalities, but you do no one a service if you mix apples and oranges. :-)

      Yaya 7 Nkele

      PS. I keep my practices tight seal one from the other, no crossover allowed at all that way I ensure that those who will learn from me will not learn distorted stuff.

  5. maferefunyemaya says:

    I am 15 and new to santeria I set up a boveda in my room… I hope thats not wrong to do. My madrina speaks mostly spanish but her and my family are close and her daughter like a big sister to me can translate and communicate between us. but Am I supposed to have a bowl of water in addition to my 9 glasses?

    • Omimelli says:


      I like to have the bowl because it is where I cleanse myself every day. However, it is entirely up to you how you set your boveda. Like I mention on my reply to your other post, a simple glass of water and one candle is good enough to start. Using 7 or 9 glasses is arbitrary.


  6. faith,hope&charity says:

    new to the blog, but I loved this one in particular. Not new to the religion, I come from a very spiritual family, but haven’t been taught that much. I have a small alter in my house, and try to keep fresh flowers, candles for Santa Clara, Faith, hope and charity, Santa Marta and an occasional offering of pastries & candy. I try to pray daily (in english) and can really feel the difference when I don’t pray or “spiritually” clean my house. Tonight I will start both prayers daily…thank you. Any advice for someone just starting to understand?

    • Omimelli says:

      Hello Faith, Hope and Clarity,

      I would say that the best advice is to be constant. There is great value to keeping rituals. One of the main things we derive from rituals is that we set our minds into a wavelenght suited for ritual.

      When I get ready to work on the boveda, I cleanse myself, make sure my surroundings are organized and equally cleansed and then I find a comfortable chair or I stand in front of the boveda. The idea is that I can focus on the ritual and not on being uncomfortable or on other conditions that may be distracting. This way, my physical surroundings are in tune with my desire to work on the spiritual realm and I can go quickly into trance.

      In other words, when the house is in order (both spiritually and mentally) the mind relaxes and is ready to enter into spiritual workout time.

      I hope this makes sense to you.

      If you want to see another perspective about the importance of rituals read “The Little Prince” and you will see what I mean.


  7. CoolyRoyal says:

    Dear Omimelli,

    Thnx for the information you are sharing with us (unu) here on the net
    So if I understand it clearly, you can add the bowl to la mesa blanca apart from the 7 (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or whatever) to cleanse yourself?

    thank you in advance for your reply!


    Cooly Royal

    • Omimelli says:

      Hello CoolyRoyal,

      Yes, that is correct. The bowl of water does not count towards the total of the glasses you select to use for the spirits. It can be any color you select, it depends on you.


      • CoolyRoyal says:

        Dear Omimelli,

        Thank you for your reply, it was really helpfull for me. Hope I can read more articles about the boveda and practices at the boveda at the site. Love the information I find here.

        • Omimelli says:

          Hi CoolyRoyal

          I am glad you are enjoying the articles. Yup, I need to write more on the boveda and daily practices. How is yours going?


          • CoolyRoyal says:

            Dear Omimelli,

            And I am glad that you are sharing such precious information with us.
            i just started a few weeks with my mesa blanca. I have to tell you honestly that I attend the mesa daily but most of the time I fall asleep before the eveningprayer. I dont have the books (la fe, la oracion ed) yet. I pray Our father and the Ave Maria, and some own made up prayer for guidance and them. I have added the cleansing bowl to the mesa too (again thank you for the advise). And I found some great prayers on the site of Brujo Luis (love his site too!), I have have to translate them in surinamese creole. whuhahahah didnt know i had so much to say, thank you for asking. i hope i am on a good road.

            thank you


  8. CoolyRoyal says:

    I mean the bowl to clean thyself, and what colour should it have? I really like the idea (at least if i got you right)!!

  9. get retweet says:

    I have learn a few just right stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot effort you place to make this kind of wonderful informative site.

  10. r. boone says:

    This is perfect for me…..super duper novice.
    Thank you!

  11. ScorpSpirit says:


    Question..I want to build my spiritual Boveda (which I believe is separate from my ancestral/blood boveda) correct? If not please correct. Anyway I know that there is at least the large glass in the middle and 8 to 9 smaller ones circling. I have been told that I have un indio and una gitana. And that I must start to pay attention to them..However, I don’t know who this indio or gitana is and also what else do I put at my boveda?

    Best Regards

  12. casino says:

    Good post! We will be linking to this particularly great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  13. sherland says:

    Can more then one person use a boveda and can I have pictures of my ancestor and someone have the same on one boveda

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