The Dream World: A Common Ground for the Orisha and Spirit Guides

Dreams, a door to the Orisha?
Over the years I have come to appreciate the value of dreams as a common place for the energies of the Orisha and Spirit Guides to manifest and convey messages to initiates and non-initiates alike. However, in my experience, it seems that the aleyos and aborishas seem to derive special benefit out of the oneiric realm.

I remember that when I was still an aleyo, I had the most vivid dream and upon waking up, I took notes and called my godfather José B. excitedly to tell him all about it. To my surprise, he completely dismissed my dream saying that I read too much about the Orisha and I needed to cut back on my learning.

My dream was pretty detailed, it described the Olokun ceremony nearly step by step, even parts that I had no way of knowing about. It would be some years later when John Mason would write “Olookun: Owner of Rivers and Seas,” a wonderful book on the subject that has plenty of information on Olokún.

In my dream, there was an old woman, a daughter of Yemayá who told me that two people would receive Olokun before me, but not to despair, as money would come for me to pay for the initiation. She has been a regular visitor in my dreams over the years, particularly in many dreams I had while preparing for Kariosha.

Only time can test the veracity of the messages that are contained in dreams. In the six months period following my dream, two Olokun initiations indeed took place before mine. One of those was that of my friend Tom Savage who received Olokun right before I did. On the night that my godfather and I made the 5 hour drive to reach the Texas coast and start my Olokun initiation, I reminded him of my dream and the synchronicities that had come to pass. Sometimes dreams do not require other validation than to see them manifest as life gently unfolds before our eyes.

But my experience is not the only one where what seems to be the spirit of an olosha has manifested in a dream and shared information. Recently, an old friend called me to tell me about a very vivid dream where a special ritual was performed. I listened in awe as he described a head feeding that is done to uplift people and involves the sacrifice of a bird. Out of respect for the privacy of this individual I am withholding details, but I do believe that he had no way of knowing the particulars he described to me.

Do spirit guides and the Orisha interact in the realm of the oneiric? Can they influence our destinies and help us solve problems even if we have not pledged allegiance to them? Do they touch minds and hearts thusly to sway people into their path?

Another case of orisha related dreams is that of Kjerstin. She has given me permission to post some details from a series of dreams that depict what could be either a spirit guide related to Obba, wife of Shangó, or perhaps even a manifestation of that orisha herself. In the next post I will recount her narration so you can make your own mind and perhaps there are some of you who have had similar experiences and want to weave them into this conversation.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

8 Replies to “The Dream World: A Common Ground for the Orisha and Spirit Guides”

  1. Omimelli

    I so enjoyed reading your article.

    I am thinking of the saying “What Orisha want Orisha get” (that was written in another article here).

    I am looking forward to what I will learn from this experience.

    Much Love

    and Thanks


  2. I had a vivid dream and I went on an emotional high that lasted for days! I am glad that I found some peaceful grounding here. As well as encouragement to trust my instincts.

    Thank you, Omimelli!

  3. Sou iniciada do Candomblé e no Brazil é comum darmos valor aos nossos sonhos acreditando que eles são meios pelos quais os orishas entram em contato com todos nós, os iniciados. Assim, acredito que você tenha mesmo recebido uma mensagem do orixá Olokum. Aqui no Brazil, a orisha Olokum (é considerada uma orisha feminina) não é incorporada nem muito conhecida, mas é muito respeitada. Eu sou de Yemonjá Yá Ogumté e existe uma qualidade chamada de Yemonjá Olokum que veio a ser uma das formas culturais de Olokum ser cultuada aqui. Mande sua resposta em inglês e use o Google tradutor para compreender meu português. Ashe e que você seja feliz com sua iniciação, Isaura.

    1. Isaura, é sempre um prazer ter uma irmã de outro país visite o blog e deixe-nos uma nota. De fato, Yemaya é grande e mágico. Eu adoraria ter um dia a experiência de ir para seu festival no Rio de Janeiro. Eu estou contente que você encontrar o blog útil. Eu acredito que os orixás podem se comunicar idéias e inspirar-nos através de sonhos. É certamente mais forte quando a pessoa é um iniciado.

      Obrigada por participar,


  4. I had a weird dream few nights ago when i was up late doing a lot of reading about olokun ,,, not sure if it had any link to him but dreamt of a man meeting his whole body from head to toe was silver and he had light color eyes, it was in a house with wind blowing thru the windows the curtians were dark blue and walls painted seem a pale red.

  5. Blessing i had a dream that i was in a lady house and saw Shango and elegua and thier where kids in the house telling me they want you to come in the house was a room where thier was people singing and dancing and before i can step over the threshold thier was shells on the floor and they asked me to step in with my right foot when i stepped in thier was a man thier saying a prayer and a lady throwing shells …

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