An Ebbó to Start 2011

Ready for the New Year?

Today I was asked while updating the Facebook page if I had a particular ebbó to start the New Year. Here was my brief answer. Can it help you as well? Only you can decide.

Friend: Do you have an ebbó you could recommend for the New Year?

Misty Seas: Well, ebbós are particular creatures, they need to have a purpose and work best when supported by oddú, meaning they should come from a reading. However, it is always advisable to start the New Year with a clean home, no clutter under the bed or closets. It is also good to do a series of cooling baths, have your Egún service in place, your Bóveda nice and clean and your orisha well attended. Neatness is the best on-going ebbó.

Of course, I have been guilty of not being neat before, haven’t we all? But what is important is to correct any little slip up as fast as possible and do what people tell you when you are learning to ride a bicycle, if you fall, get right back on it and keep regain your balance and keep on pedaling.

Cooling baths:
Do any of those for 3 nights before the New Year.

3 kinds of waters
Holy water

Flowers and Pleasant Aroma
Fragrant flowers
Your favorite cologne or perfume
Spring water
Holy water

Prosperity Bath
Water made with boiled cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom
And a bit of orange zest grated

May your year start and end with love.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

5 Replies to “An Ebbó to Start 2011”

  1. Very interesting! I am planning to teach a class on Santeria and Curanderismo this spring (I worked at the University of New Mexico, Taos) and find your blog really, really interesting. Muchas gracias!

    1. Teresita,

      Thank for visiting the blog. I am sure you will find a lot of people interested in attending your class as Santería and Curanderismo have become much more mainstream and no longer a thing to be kept behind closed doors.

      Thanks for including the address to your blog, I have linked it to your name.

      Let me know when how the class goes! 🙂

      Ashé o


    1. It is no problem, you can refer them. The blog is for anyone seeking information or to share spiritual experiences.


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