Eleguá in a Flash

Eleguá the King of the Roads

Dealing with Eleguá is dealing with succinctness. Yes, he can certainly like to make you go round and round in long elaborate ceremonies, but in my personal experience this orisha goes to the point, cuts through the chase and gets stuff moving pronto. So in honor of that speed I am writing brief today, June 13th, a day in which many salute the Orisha of the Roads.

Eleguá is my personal hero, the protector of my home, the one that walks with me and travels wherever I touch foreign soil. Eleguá listens carefully, acts swiftly and forgives my flaws, kicks me in the rear every now and then some, teaches me lessons in unexpected ways, blesses me just as well.

Our relationship is one of comfort but not of routine. It has the familiarity of decades yet remains fresh and flexible like new friends who seek each other to enjoy life and discover things with fresh eyes.

I don’t bother Eleguá with requests I can’t take care of by myself yet he is always aware of my needs. He has given me great proof of his impact in my life. Modupué babá mi Eleguá you placed your hands on the fire to defend my honor when slandered, you protect my home when required, and your love is the foundation of my home.

Babá mi you are the babá orisha of my iyá may you always protect her and keep her roads open. You are the strength of my husband may you always give him the wisdom to deal with life and the many challenges his beloved wife throws his way :-). You are the inspiration and joy of my children, keep them always in your heart like they keep you in theirs.

Babá mi Elegua fun mi iré, fun mi iré omá, fun mi iré arikú babagwa. Modupué!

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

4 Replies to “Eleguá in a Flash”

  1. modupue y bendiciones a todos mis hermanos
    I love your quests to protect our religion I am an initiate for 21 years omo Yemaya, and often find myself staying away from groups who have no respect for themselves or our religion by their actions and ways of practice that would scare anyone. Elegua is my father and has always come thru for me and my family even when things looked bleek.
    I love my echu, elegua and have him with me all the time. one of my sons is hijo de elegua , and two grandsons i feel we are truly blessed. I pray that he continues to help us all today, tomorrow,and always.

    1. Hello Edmee,

      Thank you for sharing some of your story with Eleguá, he is truly a wonderful Orisha. I find myself having to study the apatakís related to him often as my youngest son is in love with Elegua and he is constantly requesting bed time stories that have Elegua as a central figure.

      About protecting our legacy, so long as there is breath in this body of mine, that is the task the Orisha have pointed out to me to honor and protect our legacy with their help. Toll order nowadays when we have so many wanting to tear appart what we have with greed and quick fixes.


  2. I want to thank you for sharing on How to care for the warrior’s I am brand new and have my warrior’s. I needed to have this list of thing written down beacuse I want to care for them porperly. I hope to make Chango soon for I am his child .

    1. Hello,

      I am glad you got your warriors, big step, big responsibility and a great time to establish your first and meaningful relationship with the Orisha. I wish you luck in gathering resources and getting ready for kariosha. This is the time to work on your character and refine as much as you can within you so when you turn your life over to Shango he gives you many blessings.


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