An Encounter with the Queen of the Seas

Illustration by Thalia Took, from the Goddess Oracle Deck

The following post is a contribution to The Mystic Cup, submitted by Sabrina, from Germany.

On a July morning of 2010, I could not sleep as I was overwhelmed by my thoughts. I was sad with no one to unburden myself, so at midnight I began to meditate as I do sometimes, as part of a routine.

I thought that meditation would calm my anxieties that morning so I started to breathe and concentrate on my own breath, until my body felt heavy and walking down some fine stairs, then after the last step I went through a door that led me to some gardens and green spaces.

In those wide green spaces there were some people dressed in white, one of them approached me and said, “ Go over there where she is”, I did not replied, I was only listening to his words … When I continued along the road, out to meet came a simple and elegant old lady dressed in a white robe and white hair set and looks at me with big dark brown eyes.

We started talking and talking, I began to advice on the problems I had, until I interrupted to ask as it was, she replied, “ Yemaya”, it was the first time I heard such an original name and we continued to talk.

Then she brought me to a mountain, where she poured water on me, as if she was baptizing me, I felt refreshed and relaxed. Then we continued on to take a walk through a forest where we chatted some more.

When you got back, I asked: “Are you my mother? “, She replied with a smile, no, you and I are sisters, created by one God, but if you want from now I can become your mother, I can be your spiritual mother. From there I felt a great complicity between us, she also said that she could appear in different forms as a human being, whether the person was man, woman, old, child etc…

Then, to my surprise she gave me a thick pearl necklace with multiple strings joining into one with a round clasp and she puts it on me while telling me that it would help for me to feel sad any longer and to protect me. She also said she would be there when I needed her and all I needed to do was to call her or think of her. She said I would always have this necklace, even though my physical eyes would not see it, “this necklace will be there,” she repeated with her gentle and sweet voice.

I thanked her and say goodbye, but before leaving the garden she left I knelt before her and she gave me a blessing. Once I left that place, I could feel my body was starting to move and I opened my eyes, not knowing if it had only been a dream or reality, so I decided to search the Internet for that name she gave me.

When I typed it, lots of information showed on the screen, until then her name was unknown to me…
I felt a thrill of joy and excitement to see that this vision I had, was not a dream, was a revelation in my life from my mother , Yemayá. Since then, I keep thanking her for having appeared in my life and helping me spiritually as she has started do to.

All I want to share is that it is important to believe in the beauty of life. Know that you will ever be alone. There are orishas and angels that watch over us, no matter what happens. I am currently seeking to learn more about my spiritual guides and teachers and above all working on being happy.

I continue to look with fervor for more knowledge to thank my spiritual guides and our Creator, but above I continue to work on having a happy life.

Blessings for all!


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  1. Hi, interesting meditation experience. the unconscious mind, our portal to another world that is here now. Did you learn any new information other than Yemaya? Thanks for sharing.

  2. hello,
    with the meditation i discovered a new way to comunicate with Yemaya and with an spiritual world. It is not so easy but with practice you can to learn. Until now i had not so many meetings with Yemaya, so 3 ..
    The Meditation helps you learn new many things and gives you many good chances and much peace with yourself
    I hope i asked you question.
    best wishes

  3. Wow! That was amazing! I thought my dream was vivid and detailed, but that was Awesome!
    Thank you for sharing your vision.

    Man, really, I didn’t even know that stuff like this happened!
    I’ve been desiring this my whole life!
    Needing to touch the divine.
    I’m not totally sure how I found this blog, but I am glad that I did! It gives me hope. So much hope. I had lost that.

    1. The path of spiritual discovery is truly sensational. Keep notes of your discoveries and prepare a list of desires so you can in due time check each of them out once they come true and then you can move them to a list of accomplishments.


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