The Ethics of creating Discordia…Just because You can, does it Mean You should?

Overall, I try to walk a pretty straight line when it comes to doing workings. I try to use momentum to aid my workings, to research carefully the ingredients and to outline a clean and organized path of action before I put the work in motion. Within all of these preparation steps I balance out the negative and positive impacts that my actions will unravel. In general, I try to do the least negative workings possible and to use the grace I have been given for good.

However, sometimes there are folks that cross me not once or twice but repeatedly. In those cases, far and few in between, I have no issues setting the balance back to zero…just because I can.
So here is a little something from the arsenal of simple and nasty little workings that I am willing to share, for the greater good of course. I hope you have a cool head to carefully evaluate if you really need to use it…or not. It is all in your hands.

To create Discordia


Saltpeter, Peony seeds, Sea Salt, Gunpowder, Cayenne Pepper, Sulphur.

This is a rather simple working to do. All you need is to place all ingredients together in a mortar and pestle and grind them to fine powder. As you add each of the ingredients, visualize discordia emerging like a fog and filling out the space where you will lay this powder on. If it is a house, then imagine the area filled with disgust, discomfort and in general, visualize lack of peace and a strong desire to argue.

If you intend to use this say in an office environment, visualize people grumpy, short tempered and unfriendly finding reasons to argue for just any little thing.

Please do be careful NOT to drop any of this powder in your own home. If you are going to use it in your place of work, know that you will not be exempt from its impact, thus, use your logic. Do you really want to lay this trick on your own place of work? I think not.

Good luck on creating havoc. Remember, just because you can, it not always mean you should, but I leave to each of you the ethics of creating discord.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

(Feeling pretty mischivous today)

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  1. Terrific reciepe. I wrote it down in a book I keep of just such recipes cause you never know when you just might need em :}

    1. Hello Logan

      I am glad you found it useful. If you have one that you have tried and liked, do share with the visitors of the blog.


  2. Om9melli, I have struggled with this question for some time now and perhaps you could help me with the answer. My Padrino, is a wonderful man, but unfortunately he lives in Miami and now my partner and I live in Palm Springs, Ca. Throughout the years, he has given me my Collares, Warriors,Misa’s,Ceremony to find out who rules my head (Omo Obatala!)Head Cleansings, etc. Now I am here and I feel that my Warriors need to fed as its been a long time. Years. Would it be ok if I were to carefully cut myself and fed them? Or would it somehow be detrimental? I realize it sounds extreme, but I dont see any other way. Can u help?

    1. Hello Logan

      I am glad that you are asking this question before doing anything. First, the line of communicaiton with your godparents must remain open and these sort of questions need to be brought to them always as the first course of action. That said, feeding the orisha is a duty that is done by full initiates, oloshas only. The use of human blood to feed the orisha is not allowed, this is why we have animal sacrifice. Think about this carefully.

      Determining if and when an orisha requires eyebale or feeding of blood requires divination.

      Please do not engage into practices for which are not prepared. It will be simply detrimental and can heat up your orisha beyond your wildest dreams bringing about possible negative repercussions.


      1. Thank you for your wise words as always. Glad you are here to ask things like this, you are more helpful than you realize.
        Many thanks,

  3. Thanks Omilelli for this! I will admit to having some *smiles and grins* reading this! I also had fun looking up the components each has their own unique energy signature and it is interesting to understand it on a science and molecular level as well. Had you not written this article i never would have done the research.

    For example Salt Peter is believed to be the first chemical ever produced in a laboratory setting. Salt Peter (also called Niter or Nitre) is a Nitrated Salt from which can be derived nitric acid. It is from this Nitre or Niter that the first element, nitrogen, was named. Salt peter occurs naturally all over the world and can be mined. It is really important in fertilizer and is the only thing that can be used to make gunpowder work. There can be no substitutes. When salt peter, niter, is mined it is found to form a very rare crystalline growth pattern called ‘crystal twinning’ in which two crystals grow like a pair of Siamese twins sharing one of their outer walls.

    All of this have me much thought, the salt peter causes growth in soil, the twinning causes an energy work to ‘take’; without salt peter gunpowder will not work at all and that gives me much to think on also/ The fact that it is the first chemical believed to have been produced in a lab (in the 1500’s) and that the first element, nitrogen, was named after it with the entire periodic chart to follow tells me that this crystal has a history of origins and original concept. This gives me thought that salt peter could also help us understand the original intent of whatever it is paired with. When salt peter is potassium nitrate rather than sodium nitrate it is a catalyst for explosives also showing me how it works for the discordia. On a spiritual level its energy will take an unstable situation and increase that instability so the individuals involved will be too busy dealing with themselves to bother the rest of us. Spiritually the energy is very effective.

    All the other ingredients will stir things up except for peony. I do not know much about the spiritual significance of Peony and wonder if you would be willing to comment on that? I have an instinct on it, that it could go either way, bringing a fog and loosing the recipient in their own drug like state or allowing a person’s spiritual self to rise above and find a better way to be in this world… that is my instinct I have no data on peony one way or the other though and would like to hear your thoughts on it.

    All in all, much good thinking and learning from this article so thanks for that!



  4. Oy! I just realized that I have mistaken Peony for Poppy, big difference there. I still want to learn more about peony seeds as I have little info on it.

    Thanks for being a catalyst for me to learn something kewl!

    No pun intended.




  5. I would also like to hear more about Peony as well (like Kjerstin). I see it used a lot in oil recipes and want a good knowledge base as to why.

    With sincerity,


  6. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article! It’s the little changes that will make the most important changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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