Illumination to Egun (Part 1)

Egun Devotion a Cornerstone of many ATRs
This is the first of a multi part series on dealing with Egun or reverence to ancestors. I decided to name this article illumination to Egun, because what I would like to discuss how to activate your spiritual quadrants with prayers.

In the Catholic Church there is a group of people known as charismatic. According to Wikkipedia Charismatic catholic is define as this: The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a movement within the church characterized by vibrant masses, it features ‘speaking in tongues,’ as well prophesy and healing. This movement is based on the belief that certain charismata (a Greek word for gifts), bestowed by the Holy Spirit such as other language communication and healing.

In this first part of the series, I will post the list of articles you need to do the ritual and in the other parts we will go through the steps of it. I hope you find it as useful as I have for my own practice with the Egun.

a) Frankincense
b) White plate
c) Olive Oil
d) Cotton
e) Holy Water – From the church not botanica brought.
f) White Cloth
g) Two Bouquet of mix color flowers **the reason for two one to represent the eggun from your mother side, the other to represent egguns from your father side.
h) Four Quartz crystal
i) Cascarilla also known as efun.
j) Rum
k) Cigar
l) Florida Water
m) If you can get a bottle of river water.
n) Basil Leaves also known as Albahaca (Ocimum basilicum)
o) Prodigiosa also known as Siempre Viva (Bryophyllum pinnatum)
p) Mint Leaves or Spearmint (Menta spicata)

Eggún communication and reverence is cornerstone to my spiritual practices. Peace.

Ginea Jacmel

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  1. I would like to add this may or may not work for everyone. Not everyone come from an ile that does alot and/or do any misa. Not everybodies eggun would want it done exactly as it is prescribe. But, if you know what your eggun like, it can be revise according to your eggun want in order to stimulate your spiritual quadrant.

  2. In Ifa, we prepare a special set of tools for reverencing Egun for our godchildren. It consists of 3 pieces. a spiritual cauldron, a baston (stick) specially prepared to call Egun and a special teja (tile) with certain signs of Ifa. Babalawos have their own traditions for Egun, called ORUN. What we prepare for our godchildren is primarily for giving blood sacrifices to Egun. Do not wish to detract in any way from your spiritual working with the Egun. We believe that you have to work both spiritually and materially with Egun and our tools are just to facilitate the material working with the Egun.

  3. Aboru Aboye Abosise

    Thank you very much baba for taking the time to read my article. What you are stating is absolutely correct, I have seen these paraphenilias. Tools are necessary to accenturate an individual reverence to his/her eggun. I did not recieve these tools, instead I was rayado and recieved ngnaga. I firmly believe despite the positive implement an individual posses, praying to your eggun prevent an individual from constantly offerring sacrifice to his/her eggun. In all respect baba no matter what tools we posses to venerate our ancestors, the primary tool is the person who is need on venerating his/her eggun. With prayers in my opinion we maintain a healthy balance with our eggun.

    So in turn we end up using the precious tools as you had mention, only when necessary. I state that because too often I have seen people become excessively dependent on the tools he/she posses. Not understanding the tools are the engine to the car and not the steering wheel.

  4. I agree about the tools. Tools are good for focusing and for dirrection,but you need to remeber that you are a very imporant part of what you are doing,in all practices, reguardless of your path. Looking forward to part 2.


  5. Thank you very much Marianne for taking the time to read my article. I agree that external tools become too much of a focus. That is why we go through initiation, because we become the primary tool to be condition. In order to be a clear vessel to handle the energies, we are ordain to invoke.

  6. Ginea,
    The most valuable insight I distill from your article is the ability we must develop to work with ourselves and within ourselves to reach out to Egun. Like you, I am in Palo, therefore spiritual cauldrons are not an option because either you have a nganga or you don’t. People need to learn to pray from the heart and to use the gift of sound and words to call upon the Egun, by the way, if you dont have an Egungun stick, use your feet to tap on the ground. What better than the force of your own body calling on those who shared your blood link?

    We are our own tools. However, having said that there are those who find benefit in external items as a source and point of focus, whatever works. Spiritual contact has no absolute rules.

    Oni Yemaya Achagba

  7. Bendicion Omimelli:

    That is so true especially when you had sais there are no absolute rules to spiritual contact. Spiritual contact was already establish from the time we were born. From the moment we were in our mothers womb. Through prayers, proper guidance from the gentle hand of an elder, and proper initiation. We reclaim the power that have been dormant, either due to social or inidividual miseducation.

    I remember reading a book by a babalawao call Wande Ambibola, he stated that when you finish doing Itefa(initiation into Ifa). The elder recited the proverb of Eji Ogbe, which state, ” you have been initiated, now you have to reinitiate yourself.”

    In other words you have to reactivate the energies that were consecrated on you, through proper training, and reciting different oriki(sacred prayers) in ifa.

    Even the odu Eji Ogbe throw a hint that the power is within you.

    This is what is call Iwa Pele, through proper steps you will always be in balance within yourself.


  8. Ginea,

    A very tasty mental morsel indeed. I am slowly chewing on it as to savor it better.



    PS Olorun n’abge abure.

  9. *Nods* Yes,the power is within you. I believe we all have inner strength and indivisuals just tap into that energy differntly. You need to believe in your own power and connection to whatever it is you are working with. Certian initiations may award you with aditional knowledge and insight but ultimately the best knowledge is personal experience. Just an opinion,of course.

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