Illumination to Egun (Part 2)

Lamp for the egun

Ritual execution of Illumination to Egun.

To execute this ritual properly, it would be good to be as familiar as possible with the prayers, this way they will flow naturally and you will have the force of your emotions behind it.

Direction to orchestrate the illumination:

1) Cover the altar with a white cloth; make sure your seven or nine glasses contain fresh water. Pour some holy water, Florida water, and sprinkle some cascarilla in the nine glasses.

2) In a white bowl pour some river water, holy water, Florida water, cascarilla, some basil leaves, mint leaves, Prodigiosa, and some rum. Crush everything together, you can add anything in here as you see fit. Such as other herbs and/or fragrances to your liking.

3) Take this white bowl with the concoction and sprinkle it around the altar room, and sprinkle it around the house, especially at the entrance of your place. Thank light the incense and fumigate the house at the same place. It is important I might add when incensing your place, to especially let the incense fumigate the four corners of the room, in the closet and in the bathroom. Because negative energy love to hibernate in corners and in dark places. The bathroom is the most negative place in the house because this is where we remove all negative energy.

4) You take a white plate and pour olive oil on it, and make nine wicks from the cotton. Take nine pieces of basil leaves and place on the plate. You will put the nine cotton wicks on top of the nine basil leaves.

5) Then put the crystals outside of the plate one on the east side of the plate, another one at the west side of the plate, another one at the north side of the plate, and another one at the south side of the plate.

6) You will light each cotton wick after reciting three prayers to Saint Michael.

Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel, illustrious leader of the heavenly army, defend us in the battle against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of darkness and the spirit of wickedness in high places. Come to the rescue of mankind, whom God has made in His own image and likeness, and purchased from Satan’s tyranny at so great a price. Holy Church venerates you as her patron and guardian. The Lord has entrusted to you the task of leading the souls of the redeemed to heavenly blessedness. Entreat the Lord of peace to cast Satan down under our feet, so as to keep him from further holding man captive and doing harm to the Church. Carry our prayers up to God’s throne, that the mercy of the Lord may quickly come and lay hold of the beast, the serpent of old, Satan and his demons, casting him in chains into the abyss, so that he can no longer seduce the nations.

The Prayers
Begin the prayer with a Litany to Saints:

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
God, the Father in heaven.
Have mercy on us.
The Son of God, Redeemer of the world.
Have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Ghost.
Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God.
Have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, pray for us,*

* After each invocation say “Pray for us.”

Holy Mother of Jesus,
Holy Virgin of virgins,
St. Michael,
St. Gabriel,
St. Raphael,
All holy angels and archangels,
All holy orders of blessed spirits,

St. John the Baptist,
St. Joseph,
All holy patriarchs and prophets,
St. Peter,
St. Paul,
St. Andrew,
St. James,
St. John,
St. Thomas,
St. James,
St. Philip,
St. Bartholomew,
St. Matthew,

St. Simon,
St. Thaddeus,
St. Matthias,
St. Barnabas,
St. Luke,
St. Mark,
All holy apostles and evangelists,
All holy disciples of the Lord,
All holy Innocents,

St. Stephen,
St. Lawrence,
St. Vincent,
SS. Fabian and Sebastian,
SS. John and Paul,
SS. Cosmas and Damian,
SS. Gervase and Protase,
All holy martyrs,

St. Sylvester,
St. Gregory,
St. Ambrose,
St. Augustine,
St. Jerome,
St. Martin,
St. Nicholas,
All holy bishops and confessors,
All holy doctors,

St. Anthony,
St. Benedict,
St. Bernard,
St. Dominic,
St. Francis,

All holy priests and Levites,
All holy monks and hermits,

St. Mary Magdalene,
St. Agatha,
St. Lucy,
St. Agnes,
St. Cecilia,
St. Catherine,
St. Anastasia,

All holy virgins and widows,

All holy saints of God,
Intercede for us.

Be merciful,
Spare us, 0h Lord.
Be merciful,
Graciously hear us, 0h Lord.

From all evil, deliver us, 0h Lord.*
* After each invocation: “Deliver us, 0h Lord.”

From all sin,
From your wrath,
From sudden and unprovided death,
From the snares of the devil,
From anger, hatred, and all ill will,
From all lewdness,
From lightning and tempest,
From the scourge of earthquakes,
From plague, famine, and war,
From everlasting death,
By the mystery of your holy incarnation,
By your coming,
By your birth,
By your baptism and holy fasting,
By your cross and passion,
By your death and burial,
By your holy resurrection,
By your wondrous ascension,
By the coming of the Holy Ghost, the Advocate,
On the day of judgment,

We sinners, We beg you to hear us.*

* After each invocation: “We beg you to hear us.”

That you spare us,
That you pardon us,
That you bring us to true penance,
That you govern and preserve your holy Church,
That you preserve our Holy Father and all ranks in the Church in holy religion,
That you humble the enemies of holy Church,
That you give peace and true concord to all Christian rulers.
That you give peace and unity to the whole Christian world,
That you restore to the unity of the Church all who have strayed from the truth, and lead all unbelievers to the light of the Gospel,
That you confirm and preserve us in your holy service,
That you lift up our minds to heavenly desires,
That you grant everlasting blessings to all our benefactors,
That you deliver our souls and the souls of our brethren, relatives, and benefactors from everlasting damnation,
That you give and preserve the fruits of the earth,
That you grant eternal rest to all the faithful departed,
That you graciously hear us,
Son of God.

At the end of the litany he (the priest) adds the following:
Do not keep in mind, 0h Lord, our offenses or those of our parents, nor take vengeance on our sins.

Our Father…
And lead us not into temptation.
But deliver us from evil.

*****Sprinkle holy water around the room reciting Our Father and fumigate the room with incense again.****
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen

In the third part I will continue with the Ritual of Excorcism, untill then, Peace.

Ginea Jacmel

11 Replies to “Illumination to Egun (Part 2)”

  1. This article was a blessing. What a beautiful ritual of illumination to Egun! I find the inclusion of prayers to St. Michael intriguing. Acting on the advice of a spiritual parent I said prayers to St. Michael and prayed the ritual of exorcism for a designated period of time. The results surpassed all my hopes. I experienced deliverance from many negative things: the crossroads opened for me, blessings flooded into my life and sensitivity to the voices of my ancestors increased. Thank you Ginea Jacmel for this informative and detailed article. I hope that many people who read this will feel drawn toward the ritual and the prayers. Ayibobo!

  2. Lais and Marianne,

    I am really happy to see you have both enjoyed Ginea’s articles. I am very partial to St. Michael as well.


  3. Alafia.
    I find it odd doing Christian prayers for
    something that doesn’t sound Christian.
    Maybe this is more Spiritism than ATR.
    Even in ATRs Christian prayers are used, it’s awkward for me
    but that’s how syncretism works, somehow?

  4. Hello Dominic

    I am not much for Christian prayers, even if I was raised Catholic. However, go beyond the Christian element and do consider that words are formulas that become supercharged with their usage. Also a lot of our ancestors did practice Christianity and understand the power behind the words offered. This is just a way of seeing these prayers and their usefullness.

    Do consider also that Spiritism has had an important role on the Lukumi practices filling in for the gaps left behind when the egun cult dimished due to the passing away of egun priests/esses.\


  5. The beauty about the ATR there is a place for everyone. There are a variety of traditions that will satisfy the taste of everyone spirits. The allan kardec book is a prime example of christian prayers being used in misa and in personal eggun devotion. Using the bible is another example of christianity at play during misa. What I had written may not work for everyone, I understand and respect that completely. But, there are those who it will work for. To me when it come to giving eggun light and elevation. It is done through prayers, the true art of the egungun cult as it is done in Nigeria was not passed down here in the Diaspora. The egungun cult in Nigeria have their own rites and complete ceremonies to do initiation. But, Spiritism is what we have to work with and have work for so many.

    1. Hello Alex,

      I can certainly get in touch with our contributing author and inquire. I am glad that you found it useful and interesting.


  6. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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