Oddú of the Year 2013: A Glance at Lukumi Communities around the World

Ó fe jèkí té Olúwo sè èla awo, èrí ikin la wa sé, ó fe jèki tè Olúwo sè èla awo, èrí ikin la wa sé èla awo.
Ó fe jèkí té Olúwo sè èla awo, èrí ikin la wa sé, ó fe jèki tè Olúwo sè èla awo, èrí ikin la wa sé èla awo.

The Oddu of the Year is an interesting subject that gives us Santeros plenty to talk about for the month of January and the rest of the year. I remember when it was only one Oddu, the one done by the Comision de la Letra del Año in Cuba and we all waited eagerly to hear which Orishas came ruling for the year, that was before the Internet. Now, there are many different versions of the Oddu, in Cuba there are a couple and there are groups that prefer one over the other. There are also versions done by region which is quite reasonable because each country has particularities and their own sets of social and political issues that are addressed on those oddú. I guess you can look at it almost like a barometer for collective karma for the year…even if karma is a concept foreign to the Lukumi, or not part of our culture.

In any case, I like to do a comparison between the different oddús because it is interesting to see the trends and what common subjects emerge for santeros and the community at large. I will start by posting the full readings this year, whenever available and then run the comparisons as I have done before.

Enjoy the reading and do keep an open mind, readings are not absolutes, they must be interpreted within a larger frame of reference that bears into account social, economic, geographic and political climate, as well as spiritual development and the overall status of the religious community in the country in question.

Regardless, I hope 2013 brings you prosperity, health and it helps you further the development of your personal character and the stability of your ilé.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá


Flag for 2013Flag for 2013

Oddú: Obara Iká

Prophesy: Iré arikú yale tesi timbelaya elese orisha (Health blessings come with stability to the earth and it is brought by all the orishas)

Orisha ruling: Orisha Oko

Secundary ruling orisha: Oshún

Flag: Horizontal pink and blue

Ebbó:  1 small goat, 1 rooster, 2 pigeons, bread, dirt from the door of the house, a flag, flour, dirt from the road, plowed dirt, dirt from your shoes, 1 arrow, 1 mouse trap, dirt from your work place, 2 coconuts, 2 candles, cocoa butter, corojo oil, everclear, honey, smoked fish, jutía, toasted corn, efún, 1 pin and blue flag and lots of money (it can be coins).

Refrains from the Oddú:  

1- Appereances can be deceiving
2- There is no divine justice in the land
3- Everything is not like it seems, and what it does not seem to be is what it is.

Suggested Workings for the Oddú:  Feed the roof of your residence.
Plants associated with Oddú: Yagrumo (Cecropia peltata) and Water Lily (Nymphaea alba –one of many different Nympahaeas)

Advice from Ifá: 
1.  Eggun is very important in predictions for 2013 and accompanies Orisha Oko and Oshún to conquer over difficulties this year, thus it is key to pay attention to anything related to egun throughout the year.

2. Take care of Eleguá.

3. Cultivate good character to avoid stress  and take care of health.

4. Avoid problems between couples.

5. Ifa priests must be humble, respectful and become a good example for godchildren and socity (AMEN TO THAT!)

6. Ifa says that women must be respected and cared for.

7. We must sow in order to reap, this applies to our social life, family and at work.

8. There will be difficulties and lack of food, as well as issues with everything related to agriculture, thus measures must be taken to avoid agricultural issues.

9. All rituals pending must be addressed.

10.  Behave on a precise and clear manner to avoid shame, lack of respect and missunderstandings.

11.  This oddú is plagued by envy, betrayal and thus we must avoid such flaws and become more aware of them.

12.  We must take care of hygene, do not eat foods out of date and medications not precribed to one self.

13.  The oddu speaks of infections of the liver, rectum, complications during childbirth, skin illnesses, issues with blood pressure, therefore, it is important to go to the physician.

14.  Avoid rancor amongst family members and members of the religious community.

15.  Make sure you read carefully all documents given to you and do not sign anything you do not fully understand.

16.  Pay attention to climatological, social, economic and family matters because they can change your life substantially.

17.  Climatological changes that have been going on as of late will become more pronounced.

18.  Orunmila was imprissioned in this oddú because he had been disobedient, thus we must be careful of activities that may lead us to prison, such as drugs, problems with the law, excesive drinking, cheating, weapons, etc.

19.  We will improve according to how obedient we are to the advice shared by the orisha.

NOTE:  This is my own translation of the oddú into English and at the moment the only available one, so if you use the materials have the cortesy to reference the translation to the blog as it includes additional comments as reference to readers. Thanks.

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