Oddú of the Year, Puerto Rico

Oddú of the Year, Puerto Rico

Some of the most important items from the advice shared on this video for those who do not speak Spanish.

1. Avoid drinking and getting into arguments
2. Talk to Orunmila and speak of the things that bother you
3. Take extreme caution when swiming in the ocean
4. Lots of deaths and murders will happen due to hot tempers
5. Learn to be thrifty and save, learn from the ants.
6. It will be a hard year, but it important to do ebbó and be patient
7. We must learn to watch after the wellbeing of the religion as a whole
8. Teach our children, keep family unity and protect the home
9. Pay attention to the mental wellbeing of children
10. Be patient and perseverant
11. The heads of Lukumí families must do ebbó to avoid death
12. Strengthen the ant hill (ilés) by doing ebbó

Thanks to Mase Lobe for posting the video on Youtube.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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