The Orisha, Dreams and Visions: The Case of Obba

Obba, venerated in Takua, Oyó and beyond.

Those who are Lukumí know that the Orisha manifests in different ways. If you are lucky to live near an active community of followers you have may have had a blessed experience to directly have spoken to an Orisha during a Tambor de Fundamento (drumming party with consecrated drums). But there are many who have never lived through this and who are not followers; yet, they are touched by the Orisha and awaken to their existence in other ways.

Such is the case of Kjerstin, who back in the fall sent me an email about a most vivid dream and subsequent visions. She found the blog and realized that perhaps the dream meant much more and she wanted to unravel its meaning in her life. Her description of this ‘dream visitor’ caught my attention because it was vivid and it reminded me of Obba. Now, some initiates perhaps will not agree that Orisha communicates with non-initiates. But who are we to judge the ways in which Orisha selects or not to be known to the world?

Since The Mystic Cup is about spiritual experiences, I will share some parts of our conversation via e-mail; this is how our exchange started:
Kjerstin: I am a medium, and am used to seeing spirits, usually they are of a person deceased, though it is not at all unusual for me to see other spirits as well. I am just out of my element when the spirit I encounter is clearly related to an African religion. I am just not clear yet who she is.

Every time I see this woman spirit, I am so struck by her beauty; she has fine features, intense red dress, delicate long limbs and a golden glow about her. The way my abilities work I seldom see a spirit of someone deceased who has such vibrant colors. This has led me to search for names of deities – something that would resonate with who she might be.

In each vision, as soon as she and I make eye contact, she begins to point to her left, (and my right) that there is something she wants me to see.

Omimelli: She reminds me of Obba, the legitimate wife of Shango, King of Oyó. She wore red dresses (sometimes pink or lilac as well) and she was missing an ear (she concealed this under her headdress) but she would point at her left to remind us she was missing an ear due to a betrayal from another orisha. She wears gold bracelets, five of them. This orisha is the representation of repressed love, suffering and sacrifice for those who we love; she also symbolizes domestic/marital happiness. This queen comes from the land of Takua and is given in marriage to the king of Oyó who preferred another orisha to her, many others in fact for Shangó was the embodiment virility, an attribute hardly containable or sated with one woman/orisha.

Obba covers the ear that was desfigured after a harsh betrayal.

Kjerstin: When you write of Obba that is the loving and somewhat sorrowful resonance that matches how I feel when I see her. Thank you for explaining her bracelets, I have never seen such bracelets, and why the left side of her head was covered with a veil when I could find no pictures of ancestral dress that was like this. She is very much HERE today and I will just be with her.

The interesting part is that Kjerstin decided to follow this dream and to actually seek out communication in a way in which was familiar for her, through meditation and devotion. Here is an abbreviated version of her experience:

Kjerstin: When Obba came to see me this second time, it was a bit is a pleasant surprise. It was also very intense. I lit a candle for her and made an offering and waited in the asana position (meditative pose) for her to tell me what she needed me to know.

Obba has been able to communicate with me through rich and vibrantly colored visions. The visions are so strong that I literally am immersed in the 360° experience. By showing me a certain series of pictures Obba has been able to communicate very effectively with me in a sort of silent charade. She, in the first visit, also allowed me to ‘listen in’ on conversations from past events and has filled in parts of her story to me while still honoring the fact that I am not a member of an ATR, and therefore not an initiate to whom it would be appropriate for her to communicate with me directly.

Before the visions began, however, Obba brought me a feeling of such compassion and literally wrapped me in it like voluminous soft red fabric, I physically felt myself being wrapped up on this warmth and healing Love. So far, each time Obba has visited me, she has brought healing and love first, then we talk about messages and spiritual things.
For whatever reason, this is the way it has been.

Today – following the hug from Obba, there was a series of visionary events; I will just translate from my spirit writing what I saw.

Today, as Obba stands before me, she is still in the vibrant red dress and her head covering is longer – almost like a cloak. Before she looked slender, and muscular, now she looks full, well fed is the feeling I get and her body is soft and goddess like. Her red dress is really much the same as I saw before. She stands with the radiant mystery darkness behind her.

Next Obba shows me in visions behind her an orange landscape; everything is shades of oranges as though it is during sunset. The terrain reminds me of the colors of the red cliffs of the Colorado Plateau near the Mojave Desert.

A sunset in the Mohave Desert

Obba shows me a boat now, it looks to me like the long boats from my people’s past and yet it is somehow different – more like a dugout boats, very long and many oars and many ghostlike passengers in the boats. There are more boats than I can see at the shore of this dark lake and there are other Spirits helping with the boats.

I get that Obba is about to ferry this large group of souls across, once that is done we can begin to release the darkness that has been in our hearts. She leans over the beautiful heart, the heart of mankind, and takes it into her hand and very carefully, so as to not disturb the healthy flesh she takes the tiny, hard kernel out of the heart – she then inspects it briefly – holds it up to the light. She then pinches the kernel between her finger and thumb, closes her hand around it.

I ask other questions of Obba “If I may share the visions?’ Yes, this one and the one before. I ask if there is any more messages at this time and she shakes her head No.

I want to thank Kjersting for sharing her experience. Have you had a dream or vision about the Orisha? If so, you are welcome to share your thoughts below.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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  1. Dear Omimelli

    I got teary eyed when I saw the Mojave Desert picture you posted, it is so like the colors of the vision! Thank you for not dismissing me when I wrote you about this and also for taking the time to help me understand this profoundly emotional experience.

    I can not help but wonder how many other people might have had similar experiences, who like me, not belonging to an ATR, have no reference that would allow them to grasp the significance of the dream?

    I will write more when I can.

    Much Love


    1. Hello Kjerstin,

      🙂 TMC is about spirituality, we all have much to learn from each other. We should not dismiss the many manifestations of spirituality.


      1. I had a dream that the man I was recently dating and fell for (a Santero and soon to be initiated priest) and some other male friend of his whom I do not know, introduced me to an Orisha while we were sitting outside together in a circle. I just left this man yesterday as we moved cities apart and I needed to let him focus for his last initiation in Cuba which is only one week away. I was feeling sad because I knew our relationship as it was is over but I was happy for him and his spiritual journey more than anything.

        I felt the spirit of the Orisha presence come over me, feeling like a rush of really heavy thick wind, at first I was overwhelmed but then she (very female-like and strong) lifted me up quickly into the sky. There were tons of trees that were bright green and orange and barely any clouds in the sky, I was flying around the sky and she then took my arms and lifted them out from me so that I could spread them and fly around, every time I went to fly down she would come and lift me up again. It was such a vivid and beautiful feeling I could feel butterflies and excitement in my stomach and my body. I don’t know if I should take time to thank whomever this was but I just feel like it was such a beautiful and intense dream and I was truly blessed by this female spirit. My friend and the person he was with told me that she had a name and it was with an R but I cannot remember. I don’t know if this means anything and maybe it was because I was recently with an initiate but that only makes it more real to me because maybe I have been with the presence before.

  2. Greetings.

    I am not an initiate of any tradition of Orisa as yet, as I am currently residing in Australia. The Orisa first came to me in dreams and visions and called me to this path. I have been told by a Pae that this is a legitimate option for those who are not directly connected to a house or community…Dreams are a gift from spirit, and I have seen many Lwa and Orisa in this way and been blessed that they communicate to me while I sleep. So, please listen to your dreams, take time to discuss them with a trusted confidante or write them down and reflect on them as they have potent meanings and messages and help us connect to spirit.
    When an Orisa contacts you in this way take time to honour them and thank them.

  3. dear friend… I am a greek pagan/wiccan initiate to Hecate and one of Kjerstin’s friends. Since for days I “smell” rosepetals and yesterday, I saw an african beauty with the most wonderful smile and the most loving and juyfull smile in her eyes. Speaking with Kjersting and asking my pendel, it cam out it was Obba and the experiences yesterday of her love covering me are so awesome, I can’t express. I wonder why she has choosen to come to me, she is still around as I am typing this. I am in prety same situation as she was, betrayed by a firend, lost love of my life, I just had to share that it seams, Obba does not care much about initiate or not, she chooses people with broken hearts to help and heal, no matter what “religion”. I think she wanted me to share this. She is the most loving and vivid spirit I ever met. Hail Obba, may she bless all of us. I am searching to find more about her ad the rites that would please her. If you can help me find some, so please tell me! )O(

  4. I have started not to long ago in the religion of Santeria. I always felt a calling of intreast. Due to a phase in my life of a divourse I finally was able to connect. Once I got my sons and my guerreros I have vivid color visions awake and the same red dress lady appeared. Saw cheetahs and white tigers..I have been searching for ppl with the same visions to confirm. I have had 3 vivid color premonitions for future and have been told to watch keep watching. Then they point to my partner and say no to the mouth gesture. I can say to them but can to family and close friends. As I have read other blogs they say Orishas don’t speak in this way. I just know it is and hard to deny. My spirits form many generations line up and present themselves but see the saint and god figure guides. Not sure if it’s just cuz they look accient but just get the feeling it’s two saints aswell as god. I feel blessed and understand I’m special. I just know that when your heart is clean and you have compassion with the world. Then higher beings do unfold I’m majestic ways. I am like all but make sure to help all and try to live my life pure. I wish all the same blessing and benditiones to all.


  5. Hi Isabel

    I have been thinking a lot about Obba lately and came back to see this article and here you have commented recently!

    This is an experience that has brought deep and profound change in my life. That this can happen to other people too does not surprise me.



  6. Thank you Kjerstin and again I to was brought back to this message. Reason that I had another vision in vivid color with the lady in red last night. Its amazing how we can be connected by messages in this way. My understanding is a great change is coming and to not lose hope.

    Many blessings,

  7. Wow! This is amazing and new to me. I too had a vivid dream. But….it was a male figure. The dream is so vivid and filled with emotion and details. I only know that I must find a way to contact this Being again and let Him know that I love Him and appreciate His gift of bestowing His presence upon me.
    But..ha…I still don’t know who It is!
    How is this stuff even possible!?!?!?!?
    What the bleep is happening!?!?
    Though…in the dream I did get the impression that He would always be with me.
    But I don’t feel Him anymore like in the dream.
    Why this and why now?
    Alien abduction would be easier to deal with than this!

  8. It turns out, after research, that my dream wasn’t even about an actual Orisha. Which was a bit more than disappointing. But…that’s ok. Either way the intensity and vividness of the dream has led me to this blog and has encouraged me to pay more attention to my spiritual life. I now have a small, simple alter at which I pay respect to God, my ancestors, and guardian spirits. The dream and the wonderful information in this blog has encouraged me to develop a relationship with them.
    Learning, learning, learning.
    I am pleased to be on this journey.

    1. Hello R. Boone

      It is very good to read that you are inspired to enrich your spiritual life. Well done. Remember to keep your expectations in check and take things one day at a time. This is search for spiritual fulfillment is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Stretch your muscles often through meditation and cleansings, excercise your spirit with positive thinking and affirmations and be open to be amazed with the manifestation of Olofi in your life.


  9. Hi Omimelli,

    I also have had a vision of an orisha. I have no idea of what it means or how to work with it. I am just a white dude who grew up in a protestant household. Any advice for me?


  10. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I found this in my hunt for something regarding this.

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  12. Omg i know this is old posts but ibe been having visions with Ochun yesterday in my dream she gave me a few things elekes was one of them shes come to me in dreams before but a man spoke on herbehalf and i was told of an event that was to happen and it did…any advice where can I go?im white sobits ajward wen i speak with others practicing the religion and though they get chills when I speak no further advice is givenbto me

  13. Jackie

    I do not know if you will see this response – our wonderful Omimelli is not always online – she chooses to live a life of respect for the spirits and for herself that does not have her at the computer all the time. It is good.

    What I can tell you is this.

    Listen to your heart. Ask yourself when you have a spirit experience “How do I feel?” and listen to that. Many visions with colors and lights can come our way and bring us many pictures but there is one thing that cannot be confused and that is in How we feel.. So, I tell you this, not as a placation but as a real response.. HOW YOU FEEL will tell you much about your spiritual experience.. and what happened after will tell you also..

    For me, my experience was deeply and personally healing. My personal experience with Obba literally saved my life and for that reason I leave a small altar for her on which I place things I think she might like and also things that remind me of how truly grateful I am for my life, the life she saved.

    I am conscious that I may not be a person who is called to be part of an ATR, so I only do a little altar.. just a small remembrance for Obba. I never let the gift of precious water for her go dry – not ever.. even if I never see her again she has me LOVE Always.

    Show respect and if more is meant to come it will, if no more experience or information comes, show respect anyway and at least leave a whispered “Thanks” for what you have experienced.

    Much Love to you!


  14. Hello, I was baptized as a young child into Santeria or at least they had a ceremony de Ifa sorry if I misspelled it, but I never thought much of it until I noticed my dreams take place in the templo I was baptized in and recently the dreams have become more detailed. In the dream i was bowing down to what looked like a picture of a saint who was black and a women and I touched these shells by accident near an alter that was laid out and I began apologizing for it when another dark female approached me and laughed saying I’m just like a child always making a mess of things. It was very strange and given i was only baptized because of my great grandmother who is gone now I have no one to ask questions too. My mother remembers me being named hija de someone she believes ochun but isn’t sure.

  15. I have a baby with a cuban. the father of my child an I both have saints… his is eluga an mine is yemaya an oshun… well we were having a consultation last night with some friends… we all went to bed at the same time late at 3am an every one went to sleep quick as soon as I layed down I heard 3 knocks an then had 2 separate visions one of a little boy which I think might be my son an another of a woman… an the woman looked like obba well I looked up visions an meanings of saintaria an this popped up an it looks just like the woman I saw an she was beautiful… I’m just trying to understand what’s she’s trying to say… or tell me… I have been told I’m medium… but I fear the spirits sometimes… so I think sometimes I can’t fully get connected… an cant hear or see everything they want me to know or tell me

  16. Hello,

    I am seeking advice about one of my dreams. I was raised Roman Catholic but had been following Santeria for the past few years now which I really enjoy. Unfortunately, I am self-taught but have dedicated myself in learning and establishing a relationship with the Orishas. Lately, I had been getting vivid ones. But today when I was napping I dreamt of an old friend. This person showed himself as a younger version when we were kids but he was much taller than me. I can remember feeling or seeing the word “mercury” in my dream and this old friend was smiling and tapped the top of my head 3 times. Any insights?

  17. hello my name is Atiba as stated before i live in the island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean west Indies. i am not an orisha worshiper or observer but i am being visited by which i beleave to be an orisha deity i am a spiritual baptist by faith and when i ask my elders to explain my visits and instructions the all say go moan. i will like some answers or help understanding what this deity wants of me,why am i being visited how do i acknowledge what is being told to do is of benefit to me or my God.
    in research i stumbled upon an image of the orisha that has been visiting me and she is called YEMAYA please please please help me with something to understand what i am going through.I am not sure if her visits has anything to to with my strong YORUBA background and lineage please please please help me.

  18. Blessing i had a dream that i was in a lady house and saw Shango and elegua and thier where kids in the house telling me they want you to come in the house was a room where thier was people singing and dancing and before i can step over the threshold thier was shells on the floor and they asked me to step in with my right foot when i stepped in thier was a man thier saying a prayer and a lady throwing shells

  19. I have had dreams with various Orishas since my first pregnancy.

    In the dream we were at first at an old country house for a wedding we went walking around in the garden when I spotted a fairy as we stopped were the fairy was which was under a tree a scorpion fell on my shoulder. You told me stay still it’s a scorpion I could feel it trying to pry my lips open with it’s, claws you or someone managed to swipe it off me before it stung me. We continued walking and I told you don’t look up in the tree before us there was an albino python eating another of it’s kind the science then changes to a square much like San Juan. And we are walking and talking and laughing we stop at a square where you see four different altars each at a point in the square I tell you this is known as four points for there are four different guides worshipped here. We then see a botanica where there old ladies work we go in and start browsing and you pick up a wooden bracelet with some symbols on it it looked like a handcuff and offer to buy me one as well the symbols were etched in gold. As you went to pay you mentioned there names of which I don’t remember but the women said they knew them. All of a sudden one of the women comes towards me with a dream catcher in her hands it was black white and red in color and says clearly this will get rid of that love and proceeds to break it in front of me. And no I don’t but I do remember that the part were the lock on the cuff was supposed to be was larger and intriquet. Then in the dream I wake up to find you outside sitting on a table talking with the women and one of them says to me you feel better now you were vomiting but better now yes when I look at the floor I vomited what looked like blood.

    The other person in my dream is a close friend of mine. This was the conversation we had after I woke from the dream.

  20. Had a dream of a lady with blue eyes, blue head clothe and blue dress ornamented with gold , I was on a river bank and she was floating above it, then she called me and asked me daughter why did you run away? Why did you leave me ? I am from Kenya, I have never understood this dream till now

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