The Serial Reading Syndrome

Dilogún: The Voice of the Orisha

Over the years I have observed that there are those who come to get a reading with the Dilogún for different reasons. There are those who understand the mysterious forces at play when the shells are activated on the mat through the right prayers (oriki) and come with a respectful attitude and even filled with awe and fascination. The query for them is about an important issue, a step on their spiritual journey. They too understand that the information given will come out at a cost, sometimes just the fee for the reading, but sometimes the orisha may need or want more.

And then, there are those who come for kicks. This group normally wants to ‘find out’ this or that detail about someone; they are seekers of a different sort. Their desires are not spiritual, they are material, involving often times a want to obtain something or bind someone.

Either group has one thing in common: They are looking for answers. But to find the right answers first one must have the right attitude and know how to formulate the right questions. Otherwise the person is bound to become simply one of those who go from olosha to olosha looking to hear what they want to hear and, no one knows what the Dilogún has to offer. Those I call Serial Readers.

I am calling this tendency, the Serial Reader Syndrome (SRS). What are some common traits of Serial Readers?

1. Fixation on a person or issue
2. Desire to confirm spiritual elevation
3. People convinced that their self-inflicted problems are really the result of hidden enemies
4. Desire for vendetta
5. Addiction to divination

I will quickly go over each and point out some general traits I have observed. Those fixated on a person will invariably find it unpalatable to have the Dilogún point out the person is no good for them, they will either insist in asking lots of questions at the end of the reading trying to twist the reading into what they want to hear, or to find specific details to feed their obsession.

Those who deal with a particular issue, such as monetary loss, will generally ask over and over again for timelines of resolution to their problems. It is simply best to explain that humans live in a time and space continuum, where as the forces of the Orisha consulted through Dilogún live outside of time and space. The Dilogún speaks thus of past, present and future.

Some SRSs want to have their ego fed. They come to hear about their spiritual greatness, their spiritual accomplishments and their superiority. Some will become belligerent if the reading points out to character flaws or areas of work. Some others will want to rush and commit to taking initiations in search of more spiritual accomplishments and trophies.

The fourth group will not recognize what the Dilogún points as character flaws which cause strife in their lives. This group will have a list of guilty parties and will want you to ask who did what to them. They are normally unswayable for they will not come to the diviner in search of self-examination, but to find where to reflect their flaws of character.

Vendetta can be a powerful motivator for many. When vendettas are sought, there are usually high prices to be paid if they are unfair quests. I have seen the Orisha ask for nothing when there is just cause. In any case it is good to advise this sort of person to work as well with their emotions as to rid themselves of the negative lingering feelings vendettas instill in people. Once justice is served, it is best to move on.

Finally there are those who will go from olosha to olosha seeking no particular answers. They are there for the thrill of a reading, because they want to find out how much the olosha knows the variances in style from olosha to olosha, or simply, because like gamblers, they can’t help themselves.

In any case, learn to spot these and other traits of SRS. Personally, I would rather not waste my time and spiritual energy indulging these cases. I know some will differ and will try and help them break the pattern, hats off to you, we need all sort of diviners. I would rather deal with people that come with an open mind, with an appreciative attitude and who honestly want to follow the Orisha’s advice and to work on improving their good character (Iwá Pelé).

A word to those SRSs out there, you will find dishonest oloshas who will milk you out of every penny they can. Learn to deal with your own obsessions and use your time wisely when the forces of the Dilogún are called to the mat. The Orisha maybe many, but their voices are heard at unisom through the shells.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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