Spirits in the Material World: An Everyday Affair for Practitioners of any Discipline

Basic bóveda set up

Call them what you will. There are lots of types of spirits and they are around us in our material world every single day. Their force is felt in our magical rituals, in our moments of solitude and meditation and sometimes, while we are surrounded by every day people.

Dealing with spirits is second nature to me. There is no longer a fear factor involved to conquer, and through the years the sense of awe has faded away. But I am not jaded or take their presence for granted. There are spirits that are malevolent and one must be truly careful in our dealings with them, but fear should not be part of the equation, only preparation and discipline. I am still in awe of the things they can help us accomplish, but I am not longer in awe because they exist.

Since I started the blog, I have received several emails and instant messages from people who know I am a Spiritist and want to integrate spiritist practices and technology into their own practices and rituals. I am all for that. Every person has guardian spirits. However, most are not aware of them and go about life rationalizing odd feelings and sensations. Have you ever felt hair standing on the nape or you neck when visiting a place or meeting someone and touching them for the first time? Have you felt a chill and goose bumps or even a dizzying sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach while visiting an old place or a nature spot? Well, that is more than likely because your body has reacted like an antenna to spiritual presences, but you were perhaps none the wiser.

So how do we turn on this antenna? How do we apply spiritist techniques and concepts to your own practice?

Let me share with you what I do, take what you can and are willing to apply. If you are already doing some of the things I convey to you, excellent. If you are not, consider giving it a try. It is not like I am recommending you to do the Abramelin the Mage Operation for one whole year. This is a simple 10 minutes per day regime which you can expand as you grow more comfortable and start getting some success.

Here is what a daily simplified spiritist routine for development encompasses:
• Meditation time at the bóveda (spiritist altar) This is the 10 minute part
• Spiritual hygiene (the act of cleansing one’s spiritual field every day)
• Divination work (recommended tools: tarot, Spanish playing cards or barajas, pendulum, dowsing rods, runes, dice, scrying, or any other method you are already know and practice)
• Record keeping

As with many other practices, setting aside implements and clothes specific to your practice is important because it helps you fall in a mental state of receptivity. Spiritists require very little. White clothes, a white candle and a glass of water would suffice. However, most spiritists may tend to increase the amount of items they use instead of paring it down to elementals. I will start with the basics and perhaps time and communication with your own spirits would lead you to develop a more elaborate setting.

This is a more elaborate bóveda including even digital photos of family members who have passed away.

On the origins of the word Bóveda:
The word bóveda or vault has an obscure origin with regards to its utilization in Spiritism. Some say that it is because it refers to a tomb or vault-like place, but many scholars say that it comes from the word of Congolese origin ‘mboba’ which means to speak. In any case, you can call it what you will, the nomenclature you select will not change the purpose of this space: to establish contact with spirits and communicate with them.

Getting Started
Although the very basic bóveda only requires minimal items as you can see in the first photo, I have included more details as some people may favor a beyond the basics approach.

1. Small table or surface
2. White cloth or light surface
3. White candle
4. A glass or goblet with water
5. The Kardec Book of Spiritist prayers or your prayers of preference
6. Perfume or cologne of your preference
7. Florida water
8. Photos of deceased family members
9. Charcoal, incense and a burner
10. Matches or a lighter
11. White flowers
12. A medium sized glass bowl filled with water and a few drops of perfume or Florida water

Setting up a Bóveda:
First, make sure the place where you are about to set your bóveda is clean. Then set up the cloth on the table or surface. If the surface is light colored, then you can do without the cloth. Place your cross in the center as well as the bowl with water and perfume, and then, arrange the cup with water and the candle at either side or as it feels comfortable to you. The cross on the bóveda reminds some of the four elements, the four quarters, etc. and thus, feels natural to have it there, but that is up to you.
When doing a more elaborate setting you can include photos of deceased family members, have Florida water at hand and place flowers on a vase. The consecration part is rather simple.

Prepare your incense burner and perfume the area while stating at loud your name and your purpose. Normally the purpose is to seek communication with the world of spirits and to learn about one’s main spirits. The white candle symbolizes light being given to the spirits and the water a fluid mean of energy conduit. Offer then your prayers, be it from the book or any other prayers you want to use.

The most important thing is to pray with fervor and to let it if you will, make your soul catch fire as you pray. For the first few weeks, I recommend that people trying to contact their spirit guides keep it neat and simple. Have some time for quiet meditation after each prayer session and take notes of your observations. Later on you can include some scrying or divination. To close your session, simply thank the spirits for having come to your side and let them know you will come back to them soon to continue your work.

On the next post, I will cover more on spiritual hygiene and will also answers to frequently asked questions sent either on the comments below this post or e-mail to omimelli@gmail.com.


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7 Responses to “Spirits in the Material World: An Everyday Affair for Practitioners of any Discipline”

  1. rose costas says:

    Bendiciones me gusta su articulo es algo diferente a lo que he podido leer.le deseo mucho progreso en todos sus caminos materiale e ispirituales.

  2. Omimelli says:

    Hola Rose, muchas gracias por visitarnos y por compartir con nosotros. Seguiremos escribiendo y claro, si gusta compartir experiencias, esta invitada.

  3. Veronica Vargas says:

    People like you is the one we need in our field. Teaching “no fear” through your trustworthy writing. There are many people which lives are going through “non-sense” situations and they do not know what is really going on because they are Spirituals and they resist it because of that fear that is the enemy No. 1 of the FAITH that we should have when we are born “different”. If we are born “different” we must accept it to actually live the legacy that our soul brought into the human world.

    I really like the way you explain how to set the Boveda Espiritual, it does not take too much to set one. I consider it important to centralize all the energy that we carry. Thank You!

    • Omimelli says:

      Veronica, thanks for your kind words. I like being able to share what I have learned along the way. We should boldly embrace our spiritual gifts and use them to better our lives and the lives of those who come in contact with us. Only through knowledge we can truly free ourselves from the ties that keep us from growing.


  4. Cassandra says:

    So that’s the case? Quite a reaotvlien that is.

  5. More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, please

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