One Evil Spirit Bites the Dust with LBRP

Blue Pentragram used in LBRP
This post contains an atypical operation in the world of traditional spiritism which is my normal practice and point of view, but spirit, as it binds and moves us all, has no boundaries. Therefore, there are times when situations dictate the use of creative application of techniques.

Nightmares are not frequent for me. But I woke up truly frightened from this one. Fear is the mind killer, but I have ways to settle fears quickly and effectively when it comes to spooky moments.

In my nightmare I was waiting to be served at a fast food place, chatting up with a friend when suddenly the attendant steps out whimpering and saying, “It hurts, it hurts.” At first I thought she had burned herself, but no. She sat on the floor and then I was shocked. I could see thin likes appearing in her arms, lines that started to swell and bleed in front of my eyes, they looked like scratches…scratches made by small hands. They continued to appear right there. Suddently I pulled out a digital camera from my purse and I started to take photos and out of anger and dispair I shouted: “Show yourself you bastard!”. That is when I lost it.

The most gruesome disgusting face smiled at me in the screen of my digital camera, an evil wicked smile filled with hatred and the image startled me out of my dream. Immediately I woke my husband and told him about the dream, he suggested I would do some deep breathing techniques to clear my mind and go back to sleep- I suspected he was just eager to go back to sleep himself. I closed my eyes for a moment, and IT was there again. But this time I also saw a flash of his bony and long dirty fingers with scratchy pointy nails. I was filled with disgust and horror, I could feel nausea settling in, and a mounting sense of frustration because I had the certaintly that somewhere, somehow that thing was hurting a woman, physically, not just in dreamworld. The snoring log by my side was simply in his own dreamland quest, and I needed ideas. How could he sleep when I needed to talk? Then it hit me. LBRP or the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is my husband’s favorite way of pushing away unwanted energies, so I decided to give it a try. I could have gone to do a cleansing at the bóveda but I really did not wanted to get up from bed.

I immediately closed my eyes and musterd every shred of courage to be alone again inside of my head, the space felt violated since that horrid image was there again as soon as I closed my eyes with its evil grin. But there I was in the middle of my mental circle where I envisioned myself in my Tau robe as I had done many times before in counteless rituals.

The Cabalistic Cross
A bright irridecent light was over my head, I reached out with my right hand curled up as a Figa and drew the light inside of my forehead right on my third eye while vibrating AH-THA, then continued to bring my hand down the center of my body pointing to the floor and stopping at my groin and vibrated MAHL-KOOT, up to the right shoulder I continued and vibrated with all my might VIH-GIH-BOO-RAH, then I moved my hand horrizontally to the left shoulder and entoned VIH-GIH-DOO-LAH. I felt so much better by the time I did the last step and clasped my hands to the center of my chest as in praying and intoned LAY-OH-LAHM, AH-MEN. I sense of serenity overtook me and I pushed on to finish the mental operation.

Edification of the Pentagrams
My mind was clear, I could envision anything I wanted. I stood in my circle but I knew this thing that had erupted from somewhere in time and space was still out there lurking. There is nothing worse than having a this unexplainable certainty, and nothing better than knowing how to banish it.

I moved to the eastern side of mental space and while facing the east I drew on the air a blue-flamed banishing earth pentagram. Its color like the gas-jet blue light on my stove. I took a deep breath and felt its energy filled me then raised both hands that were pointing to the earth and moved them to the sides of my head by my ears, took a forward step with my left foot and trusted my arms forward to touch the middle of the pentagram and exhaled in one breath with all of me: YODE-HEH-VAHV-HEH.

I felt stronger as I brought my left foot back by my right, stomped on the ground and raised my left hand to touch my index finger to my lips making the sign of silence. I pointed mentally to the pentagram with my right index finger and traced a line in the air and moved clockwise 90 degrees to face the south. I repeated the operation but this time vibrated: AH-DOH-NYE, gave the Sign of Silence and traced my line 90 degrees to reach the west and after doing the same steps I vibrated: EH-HEH-YEH. I was near finishing my edification, and I turned to face the north. One last pentragram to construct and the rest were glowing bright about me. Upon finishing the same steps, I vibrated: AH-GLAH and moved to the east tracing with my finger to complete the circle. A white light from above cascaded all around me filling up the space between each of my blue flame pentragrams. I felt safe in my mental space sealed with the names of God. One last step remained before I did the Cabalist Cross again.

Evocation of the Guardian Angels
have never been big into angels as they are seen now in the New Age sort of way. But these guys can get bad and ugly, they are the hand of God itself and as such take care of business, so I was glad to evoke their protection. Thus, I spread my arms straight out to the sides, my body formed a cross. In me, the four elements in equilibrium. Before me a beautiful genderless creature in a yellow robe with purple trim, holding a caduceus wand. I said “Before me, RAH-FAY-EL.” His name vibrated through me. Behind me a waterfall started to goush, I could hear the sound of the water lapping at my heels and a wonderful sense of coolness overtook me as I envisioned this creature in a blue robe with orange trim. I said and intoned “Behind me, GAH-BRAY-EL.”

Heat and dryness touched my right shoulder, the desert at noon in its full glory. There stood a magnificent angel with a flaming sword dressed in scarlet robe with green trim. I welcomed its power, “On my right hand, MEE-CHAI-EL.”

One final angel came to my right side. My mind evoked a tall hill green with vegetation, trees and thick vines where this creature stood magnificent dressed in green and brown, I said, “And on my left hand UR-EE-EL.”

My body was the 5th pentragram as I moved my left left foot in the shape of a pentagram. So I said, “For about me flames the pentagram, and within me shines the six-rayed star.” By the time I did the Cabalistic Cross again to close my mental exercize, all traces of that evil nightmare and spirit were gone.

Was it just a nightmare? Was it real? I was to find out in less than 24 hours thanks to the visit of a spirit friend who came by for other purposes, but was kind enough to shed some light on the subject of my nightmare. I will share soon enough, I promise.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

11 Replies to “One Evil Spirit Bites the Dust with LBRP”

  1. An interesting experience. I have always found the Cabalistic rituals ineffective and use of the Crowley basic rituals (hexagram and pentagram) much more powerful and cleasing

          1. Thank you so much! I’m always searching for ways to cleanse myself and my home. Spirits get attracted to me for whatever reason and they run amuck!!
            This site has helped me tremendously with insight about my boveda. Questions I didnt even think to ask myself…

            Thank you:)

  2. Interesting Omimelli

    I came to this post tonight – think I was led to it to be honest. It has been a week of bad luck for us…

    obviously time to do some work.

    Thanks for this post.



  3. Hey Misty, you were using Hebrew so it reminded me of something.
    Le-olam – means forever but olam can also mean world.
    In Aramaic, Jesus’ language – it can be le’alma or le’alam(older version).

  4. Well the LBRP was basically cereated by the magicians of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which is the reason why it does not appear in either the classical grimoires or most of the prior magical orders.

    Regardie always claimed that the LBRP was given to the neophyte grade as something to work with but the hexagram rituals are stronger. This makes a certain amount of sense as the GD has a very strong astrological base that becomes more obvious as one ascends the grades.

    My friend Gerald Suster “Ibae bayen tonu” was a memeber of the Caliphate OTO and once did an LBRP that almost banished everyone else in the room!

    I will leave the last word to the late great Martial artist and philospher – Bruce Lee who said “Absorb what is useful”. If it works for you then great.

  5. If I performed the BRH, would it negatively affect my egun? I have my spirit cane and my boveda. Would it clear the room of all of them that may be with me?

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