Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride…

To be lost somewhere and everywhere. To be suspended in time and space, away from thoughts and form. That is what some spiritists describe the process of trance possession is like. For me it is more like having the lights dimmed all around and feeling as though I am falling into a deep dark well. Falling without hitting the bottom. But that is as far as I go. You see, not every spiritist has the hability to simply let go and allow the process of trance possession to simply happen.

As a medium I consider myself like lighting rod, condensing energy around me and dissipating it or directing it to another medium who can simply let go, for I cannot. I have to remain in control at all times, I guess it is the nature of my being. My job is that of caring for a medium in trance, guiding him or her in the search for ingredients, items and keeping record of the every move and message of the manifested spirit. Becoming a record keeper can be at times frustrating. Spirits can be demanding and dictate fast and often times using dialect that is not known to the auxiliary medium. Anyone who has seen a talented medium at work has observed that normally the spirit could request a cigar, water, a beverage (alcoholic or not) and even food. Some spirits still yearn for material things, for what was familiar to them. In any case, when working with a medium in full trance one has to be ready for anything.

I have worked with spirits who have been very precise, sharing information about the place where they were born, where the lived and even how they died. One time, this particular spirit who said he died after the great conflagration of Boston gave me enough data to keep me entertained researching his life on line. As soon as the medium, who in this case was my husband, was back from his trance, I decided to run to the computer, type all my notes and do my research. Then suddenly I hear this voice saying “tic tic tic, tic tac away in that machine, so busy keeping notes, so busy trying to validate my words.” Yes, the spirit had come to pay me a llittle mischivious visit.

Spirits can develop a relationship with the living, some of the ones I have met have a sense of humor, some simply mean business. They come in, deliver their message and then leave since they are very much aware of the toll their coming through a medium’s body take on the vessel.

As much as I would like to be a trance medium, I am also leary of doing the walk down the isle and sealing the bond with the other world, hessitant about being outside of my body and unware of what is being done with it for however lenght of time a spirit decides to borrow it. I guess for now, I will stick to tending to the spirits, accelerating their arrival or departure and being always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Oní Yemayá Ashagbá

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