The Importance of Spiritual Resonance

Old places are filled with energies and echoes of the past.
Spiritual Resonance is important to the pursuit of mystical and esoteric practices. It is a state of mind, an experience as well as a technique that can directly be put to use developing our abilities. Spiritual Resonance is also a corresponding set of emotions that we have when we have made a connection or spiritual rapport with something. Accompanying this contact or connection is a lessening of the awareness of self, a loosening of the ego. How do you know what a resonating emotion feels like? It is sweeping emotion that can be deeply felt in your body. Spiritual Resonance carries the same description but it deepens because the emotion is understood by the body, mind and spirit. These sensations are usually experienced in the chest or solar plexus as pulses or vibrations that can be quite intense. Almost always this resonance is experienced and carries with it a deeply felt sense of meaning.

Spiritual Resonance is important because it can uncover areas in which we have hidden interests and abilities. It can sometimes orient us towards those directions and paths that we need to be on. It can be a spiritual alarm clock that wakes us up and gets our attention. Resonance imparts meaning in our lives because it points us in the direction towards what is uniquely and individually meaningful to us. In addition to these things, resonance can be a tool that connects us directly with spirit and the spiritual. In a later essay I would like to explore the various uses of resonance. I would like however, at this moment to share with readers how the experience of resonance set me upon my own spiritual path. My story is a zig-zag encounter with the subject of spirits and magic.

For many of us, the inspiration to begin walking a spiritual path begins with an inner urging or strong feeling. This is certainly the case with my own story, which began in early childhood. Some of my strongest childhood memories are of a sense of wonder that I would feel at odd times. During this part of my life I spent considerable time in the countryside, at the home of relatives. I can still remember quite distinctly strong, pulsing, mysterious feelings that seemed to emanate from certain places, especially from the nighttime woods surrounding my grandparent’s farm. The evocative sounds of insects and night birds seemed alive with presence. I must have been all of five years old at this point in time. The strong thought came to me then, that the woods themselves or more precisely the presence that seemed to be associated with this forest was indeed some sort of spirit.

I can say with certainty that this subtle experience was the definitive moment in shaping my attitudes towards spirituality. Later, as I began to grow, I would have similar experiences. In each case something would trigger a strong emotional state or frame of mind. In such instances I would feel alive with meaning along with feelings of unfathomable mystery. Sometimes these reactions would be in response to an object (usually something old or antique), a house or a location. During such experiences my thoughts would crawl to a stop and there would be an inner stillness. At the same time, my body would seem to resonate strongly to the emotion that I would be feeling, somewhat akin to the vibrations one feels in response to low notes on a pipe organ.

These feelings would oftentimes seem to be alien, something that came from outside of myself. Over time, I began to notice that similar responses would occur during particularly evocative, atmospheric scenes from films or artwork, or instances of encountering arcane and mysterious symbols. These experiences of resonance began to draw my attention towards the things that seemed to trigger these states even stronger. I began to notice that oftentimes what brought on these states were centered on paranormal and supernatural themes. Images, films and stories of such subjects as ghosts, magic, witchcraft and witchdoctors for example would invariably stimulate such responses.

From time to time I would have odd flashes of precognition or strange coincidences. In each case immediately following I would also undergo this experience of resonance. I began to pay attention to what was triggering these experiences and began to develop a fascination with these subjects. The true turning point in my life was in fourth grade, when I stumbled upon a book which was a collection of true ghost stories, accounts of apparitions that individuals had encountered in real life. It was a slim volume but it had the effect of a bomb on my psyche. Before that moment I had never encountered accounts of this nature, in fact I did not know that such accounts even existed. Holding this book in my hands and reading the stories contained therein, I begun to have the strongest resonance experience to date. I began to feel a sense of things coming together, a feeling of acceleration. I remember thinking at that moment that fate had conspired to place this volume in my hands. It was an epiphany, a watershed moment. I thought to myself that this is what I wanted to devote my life pursuing: trying to understand and experience these and similar types of mysteries, the mysteries of spirit and magic. With the deepest certainty, I knew at that moment that my life had been forever changed.

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  1. Just a note of appreciation, and to say i have made a contribution about Resonance

    The Earth is undergoing an increasing resonance causing some stress both in the weather and the population.

    Have you heard about the Schumann Resonance, you might like to look it up.

  2. I enjoyed your weighting on resonance.
    One has the ability to resonate with animals, knowing behavior with out ever meeting a particular animal but for that first time. But for the most part it’s taking the time to stop and listen which most people do not do now a days.

    What you might find of interest is musical resonance or sonic in the form of helping alshimer patients to keep memory’s that they still have access to. Music can keep one young they say but also a aloe one to relive the past.
    It stimulate the mind, body, and soul. If you will helping to repair in some cases damage that has been done to the mind and sooth the soul and body. My self and manny other people that I know have benefited a lot from musical therapy if you will. If you notice most music you like has few flats and very few if any discordant notes.
    In cases of the so called crust song or music most people don’t like they have discordant notes or notes that make one uncumfterbal Or in some cases depressed. Take a look at and various other sights for supporting reserch.

    But on a mystic sand point resinace of mind, body, heart and soul goes far deeper. You out Lind the basic perfectly and made a very easy to comprehend and delightful read. Sadly I’m more like a boring text book or give to manny analagys. But I hope I help your blog a bit and keep at it. Really great stuff.

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