To Every Problem, a Solution.

Hua Tuo a famous healer from the Han Dysnaty, an image of what at Chinese healer must have looked like centuries ago
3:30 a.m.
Living with spirits is no simple matter. For once, you never know when they are coming for a visit. Take for example last night. It was nearly 4 am and there I was placidly dreaming about my last visit to the U.K. I was guiding my family through a tour of the Skirrid Inn, a historic pub dating from Tudor times, when I get waken out of a sound sleep by a Chinese man. Correction. By a dead Chinese man who in life claims to have been a doctor living in Puerto Rico.

10 p.m.
Let me back track a bit, earlier in the evening I had gone to an Egún (ancestor) party, a gathering with drumming and dancing meant to call down the spirits of ancestors and guides. I had a blast at the party. Once or twice I felt spirit upon me, but right then someone else nearby me would get mounted by an Egún. What else is new? I am after all a mental medium. So, later on I came to the patio to enjoy the full moon night and chat for a bit with other guests. I told Kal how it would be fascinating for once being a physical medium. Since he is talented at that, he said he would gladly trade places and laughed because to him being away on a trance is missing all the exciting part of spirit communication, while I get to take notes and learn from them. I dropped the conversation since trading places with him was a matter easier said than done.

1:30 a.m.
We come home, children went to bed. They were tired as they danced along with us through the night. My youngest who is 5 made friends with a spirit who validated a request our child had made over summer—to be cut in Palo— and was handed a nice bottle of rum as a gift for his own spirits. He clutched the bottle with a serious expression and did not let go of it until we came home and it was placed on the family shrine.

1:40 a.m.

I rushed to bed, got comfortable and was out like a light. Two hours later, I am sitting here recounting what happened. “You must wake up, wake up, wake up!” Demanded this voice speaking English with a very heavy and clipped Chinese accent. My eyes were still trying to focus as he extended his hand to pull me up. “I come here for you”, said this Chinese guy. Kal was no longer there, instead there is a stranger standing at the edge of my bed rattling me out of deep sleep. My house is lit up like a Christmas tree, “I turned all lights in house, you must pay attention. I saw you tonight, I heard your mind. Every problem has solution. I like that. I come help you find solutions.”

3:20 a.m.
The spirits heard me complain earlier about my lack of development in the physical mediumship arena. They have decided to bestow me a gift. The peculiar Chinese spirit saw me at the party; he apparently went through the thoughts in my head and found my favorite expression: To each problem, there is a solution. He decided we are kindred and now he wants to help me find solutions for people. This is not small gift. I felt sleepy and honored a combination I have not felt before.

Normally, I solve business problems, but he wants to help me find solutions to medical problems. What do I know of medicine? Not a lick. I like herbs, I am always trying to learn more about them, but it seems as though my learning is about to take a whole new direction, the Chinese direction.

Solutions to problems come to us from many directions, but invariably it is our inner eye and sight the one that leads us to find the best solutions, even if they are not exactly what we had in mind, what we want to hear, what we want to act upon. Every problem has a solution, even those that do not merit being solved, still have their key. Even the so called unsolvable problems contain a kernel of a solution, we have just not seen it yet. There is no painful problem that does not contain a possibility of transmutation into happy or peaceful solution. Even those problems that seem to be insurmountable could have their solution in the path of non-action or in a myriad other reactions.

In any case, life with spirits is a continuous riddle, filled with late nights or early mornings, depending on your perspective. I was just hoping I did not have to get up to early to make pancakes for the kids, cooking is not something my spirits can very well do for me, even if they have plenty of opinions on how to best cook a dish, my body is still required for the execution and I have at the moment one very tired body and one solution. Sleep.
4: 15 a.m.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

11:49 a.m.
P.S. My eldest son, bless his heart, just woke me up with a nice stack of pancakes. The spirits do hear and inspire others as well!

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  1. Omimelli

    it might interest you to know that the streamlining of Chinese medicine in the Peoples Republic of China, has removed from this discipline many things. The streamlining of the written language has removed many symbols from the words, most of which represent the heart. This is not said to be critical of the PRC rather that my meditation on this fact has helped me connect to a great ‘loss of heart’ and heart related things in this country. When I meditate on sending love to the people of China I pick up on a kind of grief that I can not explain, except for a bright few individuals I get a sense that too many people have acepted this grief as a way of life and I hope someday that this will not always be so.

    I know that many bright and talented people have left the PRC while others have remained. Those who have left, that I have met here have been working deeper things of the heart and healing that are so profound I can not get the words for them.

    During the stremlining of Chinese Medicine many of the old texts were destroyed or if they were saved students were not allowed access (so I am told) One of these old chinese medicine texts was smuggled out through Vietnam some years ago and its study is reconnecting them to the Heart-Mind Which is Heart-Spirit-and Soul nature that is so intergral to the healing available in this teaching.

    I mention this because it was on my heart to share it tonight…I too was awakened by a spirit it seems… *smiles* though I was awakened for a different reason.

    Much Love


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