Days of Wine and Roses: Spiritism and Alcohol, Self-Control or the Lack Thereof

Alcohol and Spiritual Development?

I was thinking tonight about the ways in which people hurt themselves. “The Days of Wine and Roses” is one of my favorite movies, not because it is upbeat, but because it has a solid message of downfall and redemption. This is a movie about a couple that struggles with the evils of denial and alcoholism.

That same pattern on denial and alcoholism I have seen over and over again in people who have an obvious talent for physical mediumship, but who succumb to the evils of alcoholism in the process of developing mediumship. Granted, seeing someone destroy their life in the process of seeking to develop mediumship is extreme, but sadly it is not really rare.

I think I am becoming a skeptic when it comes to spiritual development. I do not question the need to develop spiritual talents, what I am openly questioning and challenging are the methods that some folks use to bring about physical mediumship and the potentially detrimental results these often times have in those so-called mediums.

One of those methods to help potential physical mediums achieve possession is to bring down conscious barriers and let the brain be free on inhibitions and the body available to manifest energies from other plains of existence. Some people advocate for having alcohol—mainly rum or high proof spirits—available at a Spiritual Masses. The other substance that is helps to bring about possession is tobacco, due to its hallucinogenic effect. Tobacco contains the harmala alkaloids harman and norharman, and the closely related harmine and harmaline are known hallucinogens. But it is not my intention to get technical here. It is enough to say that both alcohol and tobacco are external influencers that provide shortcuts to bring down barriers.

Is there really a need to rush a process with the introduction of psychoactive substances? Is there really a need to hurry or even to force a person to quickly bring about physical mediumship? Is there at all a need to relinquish control of the body to allow an external influence to control it and manifest through it? Are those really external influences taking control of the body or simply a certain part of the self manifesting under a carefully created persona?

While some Tobacco Shamans would argue that spirits hunger for tobacco just like the human body hungers for food, I say that there is no need to endanger the body of a medium with the use of external substances in order to bring about trance possession.

Likewise, I do not advocate for the use of alcohol in Spiritual Masses as it creates lazy mediums that do not spend enough time doing the hard work of meditation and learning to place their brain on Alpha waves for the average medium, Theta waves as optimum state of relaxation, and Delta waves, for those who are truly virtuosos.

When mediums learn to shortcut relaxation techniques by simply bending the elbow and boozing themselves up, they tend to feed their ego. They get ‘mounted,’ do a spectacular show and sometimes receive praises for their advice while allowing their bodies to become puppets of external forces.

Some other times, these trance possessions degenerate to ridiculous behavior where the medium does and says things that are ridiculous and even dangerous, such as dispensing ill advice.
In any case, the need of alcohol could eventually erode self-control. Its consumption or the need to drink could creep into the day-to-day life of the medium and this can result in allowing the ‘visit’ of spiritual entities outside of the realms of a Spiritual Mass, and disrupt the life of the medium.

What is the proper use of alcohol in the setting of mediumship development? What is the proper use of tobacco under the same circumstances? I see no need for either. However, this as well as the need to force people into developing physical mediumship, is a subject for debate. Be my guest; take your best shot at elaborating your points of view below.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

P.S. From one of my favorite philosophers Diogenes of Sinope
“Of what use is a philosopher who doesn’t hurt anybody’s feelings?”

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18 Responses to “Days of Wine and Roses: Spiritism and Alcohol, Self-Control or the Lack Thereof”

  1. Noemi says:

    I agree 1000%. Being a medium should not include having to have alcohol to pass that spirit. The dangers of becoming addicted or worsening an addiction are too great to allow. I know someone that didn’t believe that she was any good as a medium unless she had a drink or two. Time has shown her otherwise.

    • Omimelli says:


      Thank you for your insights. I have seen my fair share of folks messing up their life due to alcoholism. It is a shame that some spiritists advocate for the use of liquor instead of furthering training via more difficult techniques. Getting drunk is easy.

      To place the body and mind ‘in the bottle’ to get the spirit to come out and play is the equivalent of taking a date rape pill and letting someone have their way with one’s body.

      My additional two cents…


  2. Jesus Suarez says:

    Very good post and excellent advice. I’m afraid that what I have to say about this subject would be a LONG discourse and I’m not as proficient at typing as I am in speaking. What a Pity. None the less I think that First you would have to understand where the true connection is with the Tobacco and with the alcohol and then you can better grasp what the situation is.You have made excellent points….but it seems to me that you are doing what moderns hastily do best…throw the baby out with the bath water. There are really good reasons why these things can be used successfully and there are other reasons why some Mediums get sick or ruin their lives in the process. It has to do with the society in which the Medium lives. The lack of development and falling into fits of fancy and inventing false and erroneous beliefs is what happens to those Mediums who don’t partake of alcohol and tobacco….throughout my life this is what I have witnessed.You have made really good points and I salute you for speaking up on this matter. I wish we can speak about it further because at the very least you are on to something and I like what you have to say on the subject.But I can attest as to why these products are used and I understand their meanings. It’s just WAY too much for me to type about. I’ve been asking for a spirit that used to know how to type when alive but I haven’t been given one to help me to learn….yet. I’m still waiting LOL!! Again you are very close … forgive the pun…But no Cigar…LOL. Hugs, Jesus Suarez

    • Omimelli says:


      It is not about completely ignoring the use of cigars and alcohol, it is about first going the difficult route, the route of meditation, concentration and devotion. It is also about moderation…but if you have seen the folks I have seen mess up and make a$$e@ out of themselves, perhaps the perspective would be different.

      I am not for quick changes, or for magical solutions, spiritual development is a long and hard process and it can be done without getting plastered with rum and cigars. Besides, it is enough that spirits get to use our bodies/energy as mediums, must they also abuse them? Some folks say that when a medium is in trance the alcohol and cigar will not impact their bodies, I say that is a pile of dung. What enters your system will impact your system, and, once a person becomes dependent on substances it is stuck dealing with those situations. In the AA they say, you can’t turn a pickle back into a cucumber…once the damage is done to the body, you can’t reverse it.

      That said…you are also close, but no cigar.

  3. Ezel says:

    Hi, really enjoyed this post. Glad you re-initiated your posts, was worried you have discontinued it. Blessings from a avid reader and supporter. Ache

    • Omimelli says:


      Thanks for reading. I am here, I just have to balance family, religious duties, work and blog….one person, many facets. :-) I am not abandoning the blog, nope.


  4. Balthazar says:

    We have discontinued to the use of rum in especially the larger misas at our centre. We have a lot of people who are coming to support their recovery from addiction. It seems to be the most compassionate way to go about it.

    • Omimelli says:


      Kuddos on your decision it is important to be supportive for those who are seeking to improve their lives.


  5. So Lost in this religion says:

    I have a godbrother in this religion he is not a medium but however, He smokes a lot of weed and drinks often…… which his madrina says is okay just nt with his beads on……. My concerns are he often gets mounted and doesn’t even no it.. I feel in this religion you should not smoke weed or drink as I wrong?

    • Omimelli says:

      So lost…

      If you belong to an Ile where smoking weed is ok, you are on the wrong place. Smoking marihuana opens the body to all sort of unwanted energies that make the medium lose control. The Orisha does not approve this kind of behavior.

      If I was you I would be seriously evaluating the quality of godparents you have and their committment to develop Iwa Pele, good character.


  6. go to says:

    I happen to be writing to make you know what a incredible encounter my wife’s child developed browsing yuor web blog. She learned so many issues, not to mention what it is like to have a very effective giving spirit to get men and women clearly know just exactly certain tortuous issues. You actually exceeded her desires. Many thanks for imparting these warm and helpful, healthy, revealing and in addition easy tips on this topic to Evelyn.

    • Omimelli says:

      Hello Go To

      I am very glad that you found the blog and that the information has been useful to you and your family.



  7. Psychic Reader says:

    Hello from Oz
    I don’t go to any spiritualist place where they serve alcohol during the session
    The best thing I ever did when I first started getting involved in this world was reduce my drinking habits, now I only drink if its a special occasion maybe 4 times a year

    It doesn’t help you if you drink and drive and it’s no different for a psychic medium if you drink and read… Your better off using your energy sober and not let your ego take over when you feel relaxed and carefree after a few drinks
    Just my thoughts

  8. Psychic Reader says:

    Actually… Sorry, Catholic Church, on the rare occasion that I go there they offer it but I don’t drink from it (who knows what you could catch :/

  9. Meinda says:

    Hi, I’m a natural spirit medium (simply inherited, and usually manifests itself through speaking with the dead, rather than the trances it seems you are referencing). For me, personally, the use of alcohol or tobacco seems to make me less clear, inhibits my abilities and also brings entities that tend to be less benevolent forward. I understand this is just my experience but I was having a talk recently with a friend of mine about this and thought I’d chime in. I’m sure there are mediums who benefit from rum and tobacco, but personally I do not and find it to be detrimental. Take care.

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