Spiritism is Spiritism and Money is Money and the Twain Should Never Meet

Faith, Hope & Charity

Long time ago, in a country far away, there was a writer named Ruyard Kipling who lamented the lack of understanding between the English and the inhabitants of India. He coined the phrase “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” This phrase came to me as I pondered why is it that money and Spiritism have an unbridgeable gap between them: Because there is no coin that the living posses that can buy out the dead.

Of course, there will be the intrepid who think they can buy the dead with cigars, rum, candles and promises. But one fact remains the same; both the living and the dead are equally fond of their autonomy. Bargains may be stricken for a time, but eventually all bonds will dissolve, it is as sure as the fact that all matters tend to go from order to disorder.

However, there are those who are gifted with the spirits, so gifted in fact that they consider righteous to charge in coin for favors from the spirit world, as if they could control their manifestations, prophesies and guarantee the removal of obstacles, the evolution of spiritual paths and any other thing for which the queering party is willing to pay.

Spiritism, as practiced by Kardecians, is founded on three concepts Faith, Hope and Charity. These three sisters are equally important for the evolution of the human soul, its advancement and enlightenment. Here comes the punch though, how can one practice Spiritism when one is compromising one of those principles? If moneys are charged for example for a Spiritual Mass, would that not go against the concept of humility that Spiritists should espouse? To charge for the work of a Medium is like boasting, and the later should not be done on Spiritual circles, after all, the work done in the company of kindred spirits is supposed to uplift all, not to glorify the talents of one or a few preceding the gathering.

I do understand the fact that some people consider that their time has value and they feel entitled for charging for their knowledge and time. But, does not that endanger the work of the Spiritist? After all, when a Spiritist is paid, a performance according to the desires of the queering party is not only expected, it is demanded. And oh boy do we see fur fly when matters are not to the satisfaction of the party shelling out the cash!

I can’t but to look back at the many nights when I have opened the doors of my house to at least 30 people, when we have sat together in prayer and when mediums have come without interest, at least not monetary. Yes, the gatherings have a cost, materials are needed, but I have been glad to share with those coming what I could afford for refreshments after the gathering, and they in turn, have been generous to not come empty handed for the most part and contribute flowers, cigars, candles, rum and even the occasional snack.

It seem as though those days are further and fewer, materialism has a way of eroding and polluting the purity of spiritual development.

Will this go on? Will more mediums charge for development circles? For spiritual masses meant to tease out the spiritual framework of a particular person? For what should be workings of faith, hope and charity? I can tell you one thing, as long as I live, I will never charge for a mass. That is my promise to my spirits, they shan’t be prostituted. How do you feel about it? What will you do to preserve the integrity of Spiritism? I got five words for you: It is in your hands.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

11 Replies to “Spiritism is Spiritism and Money is Money and the Twain Should Never Meet”

  1. That is the problem with the religion today, the greenbacks is the new spirit that is being worshipped, and the individual who is paying for services that hopefully is rendered is the ultimate sacrifice. MONEY MONEY MONEY, people are taking second mortgages on his/her home to do initiations. Think about it, for a new comer in the religion to start from the bottom. From ellekes, olokun, rayado, hand of ifa, warriors we are already talking about four thousand dollars, in alot of houses in New York City.

  2. So now a day’s before the individual go to ocha, they already had spent their ocha money before doing ocha. Does this really make sense??

  3. i know ppl who both agree and disagree with you spiritism was codified by kardec so if you follow what he left behind then you will uphold charity. like kardecians do… anything else is just medium-ship. the problem lies in the spanish speaking world the term espiritista has come to mean the equivalent of medium. wich isnt the case because if person does not follow spiritist doctrine then they arent spiritist. the doctrine of spiritism in its purist un-atr-influenced form. puts above all faith, hope and charity base on christian teachings of the gospel. “give for free what you get for free.” but when things are mixed with the atr world things get blurry. as in the atr world almost nothings free.

    1. Ashé Anthony. When lines get blurred it is time to get the glasses of honesty or the hammer of justice. Either is fine by me.


  4. Sad a set of twins in my Ile htey did a misa for there grandfather charged 321 dollars he and she sat at the boveda and the so called “mediums” sat up front on each side as if they were the special ones during this misa I picked up alot of things about there grandfathers red headed brother that was in the youth ministry as a pastor and he made bad decisions and how to watch over there grandma. I was right on point about everything no the sudden I was repremanded not to speak out of turn???? and confused I was told that i must say permission to speak. Well I didnt have much time to be a 2nd grader and wait my turn I just blurted it out. long story short there was some grudges about a co-worker that attends that ile’s functions. That were false accusations that one of the mediums did not like. She verbally attacked his wife at a drumming for oshun and said “because of you my son doesnt come anymore to the ile” mind you she would never say such a thing and was only her 2nd time ever there in a period of 8 months. All false so instead of arguying back she says sorry must assume me to be someone else things get hot she walks away upset tells my co-worker.. He doesnt aproach her what he does the next day tell the Padrino he is upset says this is not the first time she has done a thing like this and is upset and wants to apologize. how ever I do not know what or if he said or did anything all I know is she assumed that me and him were talking Sh*it about her at work which we were no time to dwell on the negativity the action was up in smoke. So after a month goes by I am invited to this misa he does not recieve the invite. No back to me nailing a few things on the head the 2 mediums all of the sudden give there grandfinally one of them knows whats in my ita book and alot of personal things well they all the sudden become pocessed or mounted and are acting very strange scaring a few naive people something about it My own spirit didnt sit well with they start ganging up on one boy that supposedly hurt this womens daughters feelings in the past he looks scared but has no clue and she insist he does and say it and talk to your aunt later which is one of the mounted channelers and also the same angry lady. Then they come to me warning me and wailing and screaming that I am evil I beat my girlfriend and to release her I am talking behind her back etc.etc I state I dont even know what your talking about 45 minutes go by being mounted as we all know the mind can not handle such exhaustion it was all fake its ashame they charged 321 dollars because there the best and use the derecho”cash” to try to gang up on a few there. Only reason I had not said anything in the moment was because the guy has really bad cancer and has spread everywhere and faith is all he has left Im a kick. he said he felt better and looked better to I must add. So I didnt want to be the movie spoiler…….Im so sorry and I will never attend a misa with them again as “leaders” again. Blessings!!! Baba Effun

    1. Baba Efún,

      I feel for you, really I do. I have been in fake misas, in good misas and in some things that were similar to what you described. Money should not be on the table when we are working on behalf of the great three sisters FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY.

      I am more and more into mental mediumship than possession. Mental mediumship requires more talent than simply letting go and having a spirit or so called spirit (sometimes I think they are fragments of personality) ridding a person and dispensing advise. I have seen few talented mediums in my time but trust me, I can spot the real thing when I see it and it is awesome to behold.

      What can I say, don’t let bozos make you jaded. Keep your faith and practices even if it means staying away from shysters and money hungry mediums.


    2. depends it is the duty to do public “free” misa, once a month for organized badji or centros in which a donation or supplies must be brought. And on the other hand alot of spiritists have stopped doing public misa because people stopped bringing things to support the ritual, or misbehave.

      The fee you described is more in line with spirit investigation and the process leading up/included in to baptism and initiation into the spiritist tradition or if a private misa is requested.

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