Spirits—Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife

Afterlife or a To Be Continued story...?

I was getting ready for bed, winding down and finishing responding to a few e-mails when Dom, a buddy from all the way on the other side of the world sends me a message on Facebook.

Dom: Misty?

Misty: Yes?

Dom: I am still thinking about the whole afterlife thing, on whether it’s just Heaven or purgatory

Misty: Honestly, I don’t believe in Hell. I think the afterlife is a composite of your beliefs while on earth. So in other words, the same way you have the power to shape your reality with your mind (thoughts) while you are alive, you shape it thusly while still in this form for the so called ‘afterlife.’ And why can we not see it simply as a continuation of life? We are just in non-corporeal form, changed from one dimension to another, but that does not mean they can’t coexist.

Dom: It reminds me of a Cuba Gooding Jr. I saw once, “What Dreams May Come.” So maybe the journey goes on in the afterlife as a continuation of life’s trials fitting in with the elevation stuff.

Misty: I see no divisions between the living and the dead; it is just a matter of perceptions and perspective.

Dom: So when you speak of elevation, it means what to you?

Misty: To give spirits energy so they can continue to move on wherever they need to evolve. (My mind here starts to wonder…Hopefully it is positive evolution and nor de-evolution).

Dom: So eventually they could become almost Ocha?

Misty: No sure about that. What if they become Budha?

Dom: or reincarnate?

Misty: In a cow?

Dom: I see you are being playful. You seem very practical, not sticking to a strict cosmology or anything.

Misty: Kardec is great, but there is no need to be dogmatic. Spirit is fluid, spirit evolves and we have to evolve our knowledge of the spirit world as well. We should not be constrained by dogma when it comes to spirit.

Dom: I once said that spirituality was something existing beyond religion. Religion is an interpretation or framework. Is the bóveda the best way to get in touch with spirit guides?

Misty: The bóveda has worked for me, but so does sitting under a tree and meditating. It is all tools to focus the mind and ritual spaces. Ritual tools and spaces get separated from the daily routine and become our place of communion and communication.

Dom gives me his permission to reproduce our conversation, taking a silly joke or two out, it can’t all be serious debate and laughter also makes one’s soul happy.

Ok I think now it is really time to go now and get my second shift started. Yes, I do like to close my eyes and open my mind for those spirits of mine who like to do dream work. I have been particularly missing my grandmother, maybe she will drop by in my dreams tonight.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

9 Replies to “Spirits—Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife”

  1. Good article. Personally,I believe the afterlife is as personal and indivisual journey as life itself. I actualy believe in reincarnation,but I don’t believe that how you reincarnate depends on wether you were necessarily “good” or “evil” (These terms are pretty subjective,afterall) I also believe in the exisatance of many realms. I think how you see things on Earth while alive can possibly shape how you view the afterlife,at least at first,then again it may not and go way beyond that. Indivisual walks and all that. Just some thoughts, However,great article with a good sense of humour.

    1. Hello Marianne,

      The after life, I hope there are good things to entice you to stay there for at least for a short vacation when we cross over. 🙂

      I like your points. Keep them coming.


  2. Have I told you how much I LOVE YOU,lately!!!! It’s good to know I’m not alone. Never stop written and teaching, much respect.

  3. That was so funny of you, Omimelli! “Become a cow” or Buddha!
    I guess it’s up to us to test and redefine Kardec’s work everyday, maybe that’s what Spiritism really is.

  4. I meant Spiritism Cruzado or whatever the correct term for the hybrid version is, the Spiritists (Kardecian) always get annoyed whenever people talk about Spiritism without it being the codified doctrine by Kardec.

  5. kardecs works may not be able to be fully redefined, however they can be tested but. people dont think of this because they spend them time debating and questioning human beings instead of dead people. misty mainline spiritists would not call their beliefs dogmatic, nor do they consider it dogma or religion. they dont believe in set patterns or rituals and im sure your already aware that the boveda as pretty as it is did not come from europe with spiritism nor do kardecian spiritists use water and the same way that latin americans(haiti included) do.

  6. “It is not enough simply to investigate phenomena, to adhere verbally to some particular creed, to improve statistics, to indoctrinate the consciousnesses of others, to proselytize or to win the public’s opinion, no matter how respectable this all may be in the physical realm. What is essential is that we acquire an understanding of our infinite potential and that we use it in the service of good.
    Earth’s human beings have not been disinherited.They are God’s children engaged in constructive labor and clothed in flesh, and they are students attending a worthwhile school, where they must learn to evolve. The human struggle is their …opportunity, their tool, and their textbook.
    Communication with the invisible is a sacred movement, which is acting to restore pure Christianity. However, let none neglect their own needs in the place they occupy by the Lord’s will.
    The greatest surprise of physical death is that it places us face-to-face with our own conscience, wherein we build our own heaven, remain in purgatory, or plunge ourselves into the infernal abyss. The earth is a sacred workshop and that nobody will despise it without paying the price for the terrible error to which he or she has submitted his or her own heart.
    It is not enough for individuals to cling to their human existence; that is necessary to know how to profit from such an existence with dignity; that the steps of a Christian – whatever his or her religious school may be – should move surely towards Christ, and that in our doctrinal area, we need both SPIRITISM and SPIRITUALISM, but most of all SPIRITUALITY.”

    Spirit Emmanuel, book NOSSO LAR
    Pedro Leopoldo,Brazil, October 3, 1943

    1. For the film adaptation, see Nosso Lar (film).
      Nosso Lar (Our Home in Portuguese) is the best-selling novel by the Brazilian spiritist medium Francisco Cândido Xavier[1]. The book tells the story of the spirit of André Luiz, a prominent doctor who lived in the city of Rio de Janeiro. After dying, André Luiz encounters neither the Heaven nor the Hell depicted in the teachings he had received during his Catholic upbringing. Rather, he initially has to endure a period in the so-called umbral, a region where less-than-perfect souls face the consequences of their infelicitous actions while alive. After a while, André Luiz is able to perceive the presence of Clarêncio a friendly spirit who had been trying to help him all along during his stay in the umbral. Clarêncio then takes André Luiz to Nosso Lar, a spirit colony, or astral city, where André becomes acquainted with the intricacies of afterlife and reincarnation.
      ^ http://www.feblivraria.com.br/Livros-em-outros-idiomas/Ingles/Our-home-nosso-lar-ingles.html?acao=DT&prod_id=79691&dep=1191&secao=4372&pedido=81472219&codbar=8598161217
      The book can be read for free in its entirety here or download the PDF here.


      as it states @ the top it is now a major motion picture distributed internationally by 20th century fox. now available on blu-ray. 😀

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