Are they Spiritual Guides or Egún?

Below is a fragment of a conversation I was having with Omimelli, whilst I was exploring the concept of Spirit Guides and Egun. I have reproduced it here because I think that it poses some interesting questions.

Omimelli says:
So tell me more about this concept you have in your head…

Janus says:
I have been thinking about ancestor reverence, it has been around for 1000’s years
practiced by some very old religions.
We shall take ancestors spirits as a fact for the following:
along comes spiritualism
only 100 years ago
Spiritualists contact some spirits
they proclaim them ‘guides’
when perhaps all they are doing is connecting to Egún
they just did not have the concept of Egún to realise…
there are more elevated spirits that guide many people
eg Jose Gregorio, etc…
but they are in the minority

Omimelli says:

Janus says:
I dunno, do you think the early spiritualists really understood who they were connecting with?

Omimelli says:
Well, from my point of view, spiritualists were looking to fill a cultural/religious void.
They wanted to prove that there was life after this physical life, thus
through the help of talented mediums they created a system based on those spiritual concepts revealed
to them. However, I have to say that it would be silly to peg everything under a cultural background,
such as the one from Spiritualists from the 19th Century.

I think it is actually healthy to have divisions,
some folks will not relate with the Egún concept
because it is African and they are not…

What do you think?

Janus says:
Ok, ancestors may be a more common term
everybody has ancestors (or I hope so ^^)

Omimelli says:
Yes, we certainly are not born from coconut trees… 
But what if these spirits are not linked to us. Are they still considered ancestors?
Kal has spirits that do not claim to be linked by ancestry
they are just there as part of his spiritual framework.
I have some that are not related to me either.

Janus says:
I am not saying they HAVE to be ancestors
but that maybe most ‘guides’
may be ancestors
without us realising that.

Omimelli says:
So is this really a matter of semantics?

Janus says:
I am not sure.

Your spirits & Kal’s that aren’t connected to you guys , they must be someone else’s ancestors.

Omimelli says:
Well maybe, what if they did not had children?
Like the spirit of Kal’s who was a Catholic priest and functions as a gatekeeper for most of his spirits.

Janus says:
Indeed what happens to people with no children ?
How can they be elevated?
What happens to the 1000’s of ancestors we have forgotten?
As we will be eventually be forgotten…

Omimelli says:
Well I like to think I will be remembered in the moyugba of my children and godchildren!

I think that what happens is that they get assigned to folks like Kal or anyone else.
Look, there will be tons of spirits who will not get elevated in the Kardecian concept in the lifetime of
the person they are assigned to.

Think of it Janus…
not everyone has spiritual awareness in the way we do.

So perhaps part of the elevation process is for that spirit to work within those parameters and limitations.
For example, if you are a spirit and assigned to a Muslim, do you think he will be setting up a boveda for you?


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  1. That is very interesting – thank you! Especially this:

    “Indeed what happens to people with no children ? How can they be elevated? What happens to the 1000′s of ancestors we have forgotten? As we will be eventually be forgotten…

    I think that what happens is that they get assigned to folks like Kal or anyone else. Look, there will be tons of spirits who will not get elevated in the Kardecian concept in the lifetime of the person they are assigned to…”

    Very pertinent points, I think, for anyone who a) works with spirits/guides b) works with ‘the ancestors’ (and perhaps sees these as totally seperate from the former c) has no one to pass their blood line onto or d) has no understanding of their ancestral background (surely we can only know a drop in the ocean anyway!)

    1. Sarah

      Glad you enjoyed our banter! I feel quite at ease in your country, I often times wonder if I have lived there in another life, or if there are spirits from those lands in my spiritual group who lure me over there…. 🙂 You are right, we can only know a bit of all that has come before this life.


  2. Very interesting. I often thought of this concept and have prayed about it. I have a person that is not related that usually pops up in thought. I would have start sharing with her even though she is my ex’s grandma, she certainly was influential and is a part of me in spirit. Thank you for posting this short article.

    1. It is cool to have spirits who have taken a like to oneself due to any number of reasons.

      Certainly this is often the case with spirits who belong to the Spiritual Team assigned to a godmother/father of an Orisha ilé, where those spirits extende thier protection to the godchildren of the house.

      I have seen one of father’s main spirits come and tell other orisha brothers and sisters that she watches over them and is there to help them as well and even to visit them and spend time around them.

      Oní Yemayá Achagbá

  3. Here is a slightly different perspective (but as i dont have any expertise on Egun, it may be the same).
    We are born with spirits of the dead who are we are not related to. In certain Congo viewpoints, these are either Strong Ancestors or Helpful Ancestors. They return from the village of the dead to assist the living. These spirits have certain skills that manifest through the living that help to guide the person to their place within the community. Helpful Ancestors, in particular, can often be a sign that a person was born to be a diviner or priest of some kind.

    From the epiritismo/spiritism standpoint, it is relatively congruent. There are many stories about people having such spirits that they are in no way possible of having as blood ancestors (i.e. Cubans of mostly spanish decent with Chinese guides).

    I believe that ultimately, these spirits make the choice to return to our world to assist us – and us them, in our spiritual journeys, regardless of the label that is put onto them.

    1. Tata Nkisi,

      Right on the money from a different angle. 🙂 I do have a Japanese spirit within my group of protectors…perhaps he was the one responsible for bringing me a Japanese/Mexican goddaughter, quite a fascinating godchild indeed.


  4. Another point of view is that a spirit doesn’t necessarily have to be a blood relative in this lifetime to be a blood relative. If we live many lives then we, in some lifetimes have had children and in ohters we do not. In Spirtualism there is a belief that we are part of house of Spirits, some of whom are incarnated, some who are not at any given time. Depending on who chooses to enter the game that we call life.

    1. OmiAiye,

      Thats a very good point, which prompted me to think of another angle…
      Each spirit (including ourselves) will be known by thousands of names, and be connected directly, or indirectly to untold numbers of others, incarnated or not..

  5. we are more then just children. we are also nieces,nephews,cousins,grandkids. however if there is no affinity it does not matter. affinity brings us ppl and spirits who may not be related to us by genetics which would disqualify them as “ancestors”. “guides” can obviously be both, but i honestly feel that majority of the time they perhaps arent. we must keep in mind that death does not bring about an eternal vacation but quite possibly the exact opposite. so with that in mind how audacious is it to assume they ppl are any less busy because they are now discarnated and will have nothing better to do than aid us as we engage in self-battle on this planet of trials. no it is quite the opposite it is us who should be pre-occupied with guiding the newly deceased(and long lost)and encouraging them to trek forward on their everlasting progressive mission of evolution.

    “To be born, to die, to be reborn yet again and constantly progress; that is the law”
    Spiritism Philosophy

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