How to Test a Spirit Guide

Interacting with Spirits...a Difficult Task

At one point or another most people that get a reading with a Spiritist and for that matter with a Santero, Palero, Mambo, Houngan, or any other African Traditional Religion practitioner, will be told that there is a spirit that walks with them, or that protects them, or that is creating trouble for them. Why? Face it, we are material beings driven by spirit. We are Spirits in a Material World, yes Sting is right and he can put the right tune to it.

In any case, testing the validity of spirits is a complex process that cannot be achieved overnight. There are a series of qualifying elements that are necessary to be proven in order to categorize the spirit. You want to work with a spirit that is beneficial and advanced enough in its evolution as to provide good advice and be a good partner. Here is the list of elements to be considered:

1. Identity
2. Origin and history
3. Intent
4. Nexus to the person
5. Evolutionary needs
6. Preferred means of communications
7. Validity and quality of information presented

Now, how to we go about applying this list? Research is the key element. You will need to have not one but several experienced spiritists to assist you as the spirit must be tested in various ways. Usually spirits manifest first on séances, readings and sometimes for gifted people, they simply show up or allow themselves to be heard or felt.

Take note of manifestations in whichever way they come to you. Keeping a journal is crucial as it is easy to get trapped in the excitement of discovery and to lose perspective on the process itself. Also good record keeping will help you to confront spirits that by nature are deceitful. Just like a human would, spirits can and will lie for their own selfish reasons and if you keep notes, you can always sort out facts. If you trust your memory, you are setting yourself to be tricked.

Identity. The first step is to identify the spirit. This in itself can be filled with obstacles. To know the name of a spirit is to have a direct link with this entity and it also implies to be able to call on it at will. Therefore, they are sort of skittish about providing such information right away. A spirit may provide you with a name in public and later on, reveal a private name.

Origin and history. I have worked with many spirits that have allowed me to get a glimpse of their prior lives. One of those spirits was exact enough to provide birth date and location of death making it easy enough for me to research its origin. However, those are rare. If you have one, take copious notes and pay close attention as you may have found a diamond in the rough.

Intent: This requires an advanced level of spiritist work as you already need to have sorted out a reliable divination system which may or not be linked to a particular tested spirit guide. To determine the intent of the spirit you also need to use your senses and intuition as well as observe the impact this spirit has when it is manifesting around you or those near you. How is your energy level after a manifestation of the spirit in question? How does the place where the spirit manifests feels before, during and after the manifestation? These are but a few questions you can ask to be able to draw some fundamental conclusions as to the intent of the spirit. A malignant spirit can mask its energy for a while, but eventually a pattern will emerge and you will be able to notice it, if you have kept a journal.

Nexus to the person: A spirit can belong to your bloodline, it can be part of your spiritual framework or it can simply be attracted to you and decide to tag along. In any case, depending on the strength of the spirit and the psychic ability of an individual this nexus can be stronger or weaker. In the case of teenagers, certain spirits can manifest in poltergeist phenomena because teens are filled with raw energy and it can be easily tapped by the spirit. Later in life a spirit can over impose personality traits on people who have strong physical medium skills. This can be dangerous because not all spirits have the best of intentions and like to live vicariously through strong mediums.

Evolutionary needs: Spirits need to evolve, just as much as we in the material world do. You can assist your spirit guide to evolve by providing prayers and illumination ceremonies. Other than that, avoid feeding the spirit with blood, foods, bodily fluids or anything else that is not a simple glass of water and a candle. Providing physical links/energy to a spirit is but a recipe for disaster, particularly if you are dealing with a spirit that has the skills to masks its intentions from you and other mediums. Your role as a spiritist is to provide light an elevation by means of prayer, not to provide a smorgasbord off energy to help a spirit acquire strength in the material realm. Spirits are not here for your entertainment manifesting in the material world, as cool as it sounds to be a physical medium and to be able to brag to friends that you can be a physical medium, never deviate from the concept of humility and charity.

Preferred means of communication: Just like people, some spirits are communicative and some are not. There is a variety of ways to communicate with a spirit. Please put away the Ouija board! Some of the best spirits can communicate by means of readings (pendulum, cards, coins, etc.), clairaudience, clairvoyance, touch tell readings, and sometimes by touch. In any case, when you sort out what way of communication best suits a particular spirit, it is good to set aside that channel for that spirit in particular. In my case, I have been working with the same spirit for 25 years by means of a pendulum which belongs only to her. Through the years she has never provided me with bad information and I consider her more than a guide, a part of my family because she has earned my trust through constant positive actions in my life.

Validity and quality of information. A good spirit guide will normally provide you with matter of fact and direct information to a query during a reading. I make it a point not to pester my spirits with questions I can answer by myself. In the process of testing a new spirit, pose the question in very simple fashion and use a basic divination method that you understand well. Keep track of answers and do not rush to take actions based on the responses. Remember that you are developing a relationship, and relationships need to be tested through action and evidence. In my opinion the best way to test a spirit is to quiz it about its origins and history and to ask for elements that are verifiable. If you can prove the information presented as part of their background you are off to a good start with this spirit.

I am well aware that this article will not answer some of your questions, and that in fact, will lead you to formulate even more questions, and that is fine. Post them below and I will try to provide as much guidance as I can from my limited perspective and experience.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

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15 Responses to “How to Test a Spirit Guide”

  1. Kjerstin says:

    Well Written article Omimelli!

    I really think that this information is needed.

    I seldom even discuss working with spirit guides any more because people will often get wishful or sadly even jealous. I have seen people go out after I spoke with them about a little of my personal experience and within a few days or weeks they came back and say “I have spirit guides now too!” Fast connections with guides is very rarely done in a sacred manner and can start all sorts of troubles. Just as in real life I expect each new person I meet to earn my trust with spirits this is even more important.

    I want to mention that there are people I have met whose sacred path in life does not require guidance or the presence of spirit guides. These people will have Spirit Helpers from time to time, good spirits who come and go when needed but that do not hang around otherwise. With each of these people there is a kind of faith, a knowing that when they do need extra help they can ask for it. I can see auras and I want to mention that with each of these individuals there is a certain clarity of aura that is amazing. The way I perceive it no matter the color present in the persons aura the clarity of light can be likened to the way light shines unhindered through a quality gemstone.

    I wandered if you have also met people who are Helped though not specifically Guided?



    • Omimelli says:


      I thank you for your post. I think it is just a matter of perspective, particularly of cultural perspective. From the Lukumi point of view we tend to see the spirits as a permanent help that stays with us. However, there are guides that come and go (just like friends do) depending on our needs.

      I have seen people helped in circumstances in their live and then all returns back to normality…but is the particular spirit gone? Perhaps it is there, watching over the person from the distance…like an angel of sorts.


      • Kjerstin says:

        Thanks Omimelli for your response on this question. It is food for thought and I like that.




        • Kjerstin says:

          And Omimelli

          Two of the person’s I know of who have this clarity and say they are unguided I simply looked further away from them than a helper or protector spirit would likely be and saw that the distance is simply greater though the spirit help is still present.. There is still so much to think about. So many people and each with a unique situation.



  2. Crystal says:

    I find this a rather touchy subject. Do you know how many people say that Vlad the Impaler is either reincarnated within them, or is their guide?

    I usually don’t even talk about this until I have a close personal relationship with the person I’m talking with, OR none at all and generally never will. I had a Hougan read for me and as I talked with him more, his ‘read’ changed as I gave him ‘true’ information.

    I don’t believe everyone has a working guide, nor ‘should’ have one. I think this spirituality has gathered more wannabes’ and people with intense wishfull thinking than many other ‘religions’.

    Just my thought process.



    • Omimelli says:


      You do have some really good points. Some ‘readers’ change the story as you explain or add details. Thus, I never do, I do not interrupt readers, I simply thank them for the information and at a later time, if they provided good material I will contact them again and validate their intuitive counseling, but not during the reading.

      The ego is a powerful thing to obliterate, and face it, it feels good to have validation and this is a self-feeding mechanism.

      I differ from you, I do know I have a guide that works with me. I have had so many confirmations about her since I can remember being alive, since childhood. But then again, I can only speak from the certainty of my own experience.

      It is indeed sad to have folks so needy for attention that they would claim Vlad to be a guide…I would run the other direction if someone was to tell me I had such a guide!! Most good spirit guides are in the realm of common people, not of historic figures. It is the megalomaniacs who need to have Napoleon, Ceasar and Vlad to mention a few as spirit guides.


  3. Sylvie says:

    I believe there star seed beings, that are spirit guide among us.

  4. Iyawo Shango says:

    Great read Iya,
    I appreciate the clarity you gave to the process of validation. Such a poignant and succinct explanation!THANKS!

  5. Iya Oyapidan says:

    Great Read Iya .. OmiMeji –

    Definitely good information .. I certainly have a spirit Guide have not gone through all of that to find out where, when, history — really want to now. Actually, mine just sorta gives me information if I need it through readings .. we have not gotten down on whom is doing it .. but, it is being done .. I can take it to the bank. But then I am a child of Oya .. humbly .. child of Oya .

    Definitely .. very good information …

    -Iya Oyapidan

    • Omimelli says:

      Iya Oyapidan,

      So very please to have you visit the blog and spend some time reading our musings.

      I really love working with spirits, I am just a touch careful because I don’t like having them mascarade and toy with me or with pupils. It can happen to any of us. :-)

      Children of Oya, oh I love those. My adoptive godfather is a child of Oya.


  6. Setanaya says:

    Hello Omimelli,
    This is excellent information! Rarely have I come across such precise information. I think that many of the points you make, are interesting. I think that people forget compassion when they think of spirits. I put a lot of faith in my spirit guide and she has earned my complete trust.

    What I see as a problem is so many people who are frauds at this. If you want to learn about spiritism/mediumship find someone to help you, and then take your time. People are often trying to rush relationships with spirit guides, but patience and time teach us many lesson, including how to form a clearer connection and a relationship built on trust with our guides.

    Please keep posting!


  7. Sandy says:

    What a great reading. I never thought to use a pendulum to communicate with my spirit guide.

  8. Dwight says:

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