Second Thoughts on working with Spirits

Are all spirits trustworthy?
Interest in spirits, ghosts, Spiritism and spiritualism has been on the upswing the past decade or so. There has been a torrent of books, films, websites all about these subjects. But, we need to pause and ask ourselves if trafficking with spirits is always a safe and beneficial practice.

There is a tendency these days to assume that spirits (with a little work) are eager to help us and that contact with them is a necessary and beneficial process. For example, I have seen many instances where an individual visits a spiritist, santero or palero. The individual is told they have a “spirit close to them” such as a gypsy. The person is instructed to pay attention to the spirit, giving it prayers, candles, coffee, etc. But what no one may realize, is that yes, the spirit is indeed close to the person, but that it is not a good thing the person is giving attention to the spirit.

In the instance of the gypsy spirit, she in life may have had a difficult upbringing that pushed her to be conniving and rather resourceful in obtaining goods or thieving. By working with that spirit, one is strengthening it. The person is giving it energy to be able to intervene in this world, and to influence thoughts and behavior. Soon the person is experiencing problems in his or her life. The person may even start to exhibit behaviors the spirit was partial too in life. The spirit may even drag down and ruin the person’s life.

A key thing to remember is that spirits feed off of energy. Where does this energy come from? You.
As the spirit continues to feed off of your energy, your own personal reserves of energy become depleted. Health problems, emotional troubles, discord and a host of other problems may ensue as your life gets out of balance.

In the African Traditional Religions (ATR) and spiritist communities we are always seeing and hearing about examples of people being “cursed,” “worked,” “crossed,” or “attacked by sent spirits.” In all likelihood, much if not most of this activity comes from spirits the person is attending and not an outside source. This turmoil occurs for two reasons: the first is that spirits feed vampire like on your spiritual and physical energies, this creates and imbalance that is reflected in your personal life. The second reason is that spirits feed off of the energies generated by strong emotions. The more troubles, crisis and drama that exists, the better it is for the spirit. They will therefore often stir up problems to be able to feed off of the resulting emotions and turmoil.

There is also another important observation I have made through the years. Sometimes an un-elevated spirit has good information and advice and presents it to a medium. The medium conveys it to the person that has the spirit as a literally a ‘familiar’ because it walks with the person, and the person is impressed by the advice. This develops an emotional bond between said person and the spirit. Emotional bonds are like ideas, difficult to dislodge from the mind. Therefore, once the spirit secures this connection, it is literally free to cause trouble and mischief, to present false information and to create even undesirable physical manifestations. All of these usually goes unsuspected until it is caused enough damage.


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  1. Are there benevolent spirits? How can one tell if a spirit is good or bad? I ask this because sometimes spiritual advisors are not always helpful

    1. Sydney,

      Spirits, pretty much like people can have very complex and shielded layers to their personality. It is hard to get to know them. I have worked with some spirits that were very useful on good days and horrible rascals the next. It is a rare gem to find an elevated spirit. Most of the ones that manifest on Misas or masses are certainly not elevated.

      It is a painful process of trial and error, but the bottom line on what Kal is trying to convey, is not to be dazzled by spirits or by being told that one has a spirit that walks with us…but to be rather suspicious. Spirts, believe it or not, operate as well based on motives. We all do. Discover the motive and all will fall in place.


    2. Hi Omimelli *waves*

      Hi Kal, thank you for a great article!

      @ Kal, would you mind expounding a little on how you test the spirits? I think a discussion on that could be quite useful.

      @ Sydney, I hope you don’t mind my taking a stab at an answer to your question. Even though I am a gifted medium I still had to learn the hard way how to tell a good benevolent spirit from a mischievous or malevolent one. I will share a couple of things I discovered that may be useful.

      Although it helps for me to be able to see the spirits with my clairvoyant gift I have discovered that to rely on only what I see can actually lead to trouble. Because most beings of spirit are made of ‘etheric stuff’ that can be manipulated into other shapes and forms what I see can sometimes be an illusion, What I mostly rely on the clairvoyant gist for is to confirm that a spirit presence is indeed there.

      I have practiced daily meditation for many years and that has helped me to focus on the heart of the matter whenever I do see a spirit. This practice has helped me cut down on a lot of shenanigans.

      I have discovered that the beneficent spirits do not need to resort to any sort of deception so any time there is evidence of deceptive behavior I instantly change tactics in how I deal with them. I live in a drama free zone and prefer to keep it that way.

      Whenever I am dealing with any spirit, whether is is the soul/spirit of a person deceased, an angel or Helper, an Elemental Spirit or other being of power I do two things that really help me sort them out.

      First I make them wait. If am unfamiliar spirit presence is beneficent and or powerful they will also be patient and calm. If the spirit presence has agendas or malice i will quickly see behaviors manifest. (it should be notes that I never allow any unfamiliar spirit to wait in my home or near my loved ones, I have established a spirit free zone in and around my home. Only those invited by me may stay.)

      Next I listen to my own intuition, my own gut feeling, how I feel about the presence. Although I can see, hear, sense, and even smell spirit presences on all those abilities I can occasionally get a false reading so I rely on the one ability that can not be faked; my own gut feeling.

      If you don’t believe me on how important the gut feeling is to listen to, think on how it is in the living world. Have you ever been introduced to a person and thought to yourself “I don’t know what it is about that guy.. he seems nice enough but something about him does not feel right to me,” because of this gut feeling that something is off have you been more guarded with that person in the future? Or have you ever met someone so wonderful that you were just drawn to them and did not know why, just had a really good feeling that this person was something special? In each case, as the person was previously unknown to you it is appropriate to take the necessary time to get to know either them better before letting them into your sacred space.

      This is the same gut feeling I go on with an unfamiliar spirit presence. If I meet a person who can not even tune into their own gut feeling, that inborn instinct, then i strongly discourage them from playing with things spiritual. That gut instinct, how I feel when I encounter an unfamiliar spirit is something that can not be faked. My own instinct has never failed me. (I must add though that I have sometimes failed my own instinct by not listening to it at times -think we all learn that lesson in one way or another)

      Much Love


  2. Tata Curtis

    Thanks for your comments on Kal’s article. I completely agree with you, when folks approach forces they do not understand…without the elements you mention and a good deal of fascination, lust of results and irreverence…it is like handing matches and a powder keg to a child.

    I mean, I am all for fula and matches…it is in my blood, but the cost of it can be quite high. 🙂 (meant really tongue in cheeck!)


    1. Sadly in my encounters with other people in Pagan beliefs I am shocked and amazed at how many invoke beings of power without even taking a thought to confirm the identity of the beings they call upon. There ARE trickster spirits out there that would like nothing more than to wreak havoc with the living. I have seen so called ‘Pagan Experts’ teaching classes to others how to call up the Celtic or Nordic Deities without putting in place any safeguards, and without showing them how to find out if the spiritual being is who they say they are or not. Although it is more boring to bring in proper precautions it is also necessary, the alternatives are unthinkable!

      A friend of mine has a small sticker on his motorcycle that says it all “Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups”…



  3. I appreciate the great advice you give here about being cautious with spirits (and mediums!) It saddens me, however, to see Spiritists buying into the stereotype of Gitanos as thieving and conniving. You can always recognize racist propaganda by how spiteful it sounds. Are Jews greedy? Are Latinos lazy? No. These are just stories people invent to justify their fear of immigrants. I think the spirits of Gitanos past would appreciate our understanding in this regard. Many of them probably died at the hands of people who accused them of such vices. They still do.

  4. Thank you for this article! How can we protect ourselves from spirit’s that try to get in contact with us? My daughter and I are experiencing this at night, it is like if a shadow wake’s us up. It is not frightening, but it bother’s our sleep, it comes to our face… I find it difficult to describe it. We put a glass of water under her bed, we were told this could calm them… it has not worked. What else can be done? Much Thanks,

    1. Isa

      I think it is crucial not only to appease a spirit but to do a thorough spiritual cleansing of your place and to adhere to a spiritual cleansing routine for yourself and your daughter. I will work on an article on how to do a cleansing. However, do read the article on the LBRP posted on the blog or the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. It is excellent to deal with unwanted spiritual forces.


      1. Thank you very much Omimelli, I will read the article. I greatly appreciate your blog, it is my source of information and also, of inspiration! Thank you for your great work!


  5. I have a question regarding this part of the post:

    “For example, I have seen many instances where an individual visits a spiritist, santero or palero. The individual is told they have a “spirit close to them” such as a gypsy. The person is instructed to pay attention to the spirit, giving it prayers, candles, coffee, etc. But what no one may realize, is that yes, the spirit is indeed close to the person, but that it is not a good thing the person is giving attention to the spirit.”

    When I first consulted with my padrino, I was told to “atender los egun/muertos”, by putting a glass of water, light candles and to pray. Sometimes I also put flowers or food and dedicate it to my ancestors and spirits that want my highest good. Would you say this is a bad idea? How can I know if I’m feeding and strengthening spirits that will wreak havoc in my life?

    1. Lily

      Do you think that elevated spirits require material offerings? I leave you to ponder on that for a bit.

      Hint. The higher the frequency where the spirit or even a thought form operates the smaller the wave lenght. What exists at higher levels of density? Matter or spirit?

      Pure and elevated spirits touch us in the realm of thought and are less likely to manifest as do less elevated spirits whose only concern is to exist vicariously through you.

      I would suggest that before you go about offering material energy to any spirit, you think about it carefully. Any old spirit can wonder in your area/house and partake of offerings and mask as ‘good spirits’ to profit from the free ride.

      Be cautious and treat spirits with inherent suspicion. Why would you open your house to any Joe from the street? You do just that when you open your spiritual temple without having the means to control who enters or not.


      PS. It is ok to question, ask and to doubt. Blind faith leads us to the mouth of chaos.

      1. Hi Omimelli! Thanks for your reply.

        In all honesty, I am not very knowledgeable concerning spiritism. But what you say makes sense. It’s interesting because when I started to atender los muertos in the way I describe, something inside me told me that all that stuff I would put was not really necessary…that if a spirit was really good, it didn’t need me to give it food or tobacco etc.. What would you say is a safer way to honor the spirits that protect and guide you (I am assuming that we all have spirits that protect and guide us)?

        1. Lily

          The safest way before staring a spiritual practice is to start from an informed point of view. Read, read, read. Then start to work on basic spiritual hygene, yours and that of the place where you live.

          Here are some good reads:
          Book of Spirits (Kardec)
          The Nature of Personal Reality (Seth)
          Book of Mediums (Kardec)
          Ancestor’s Path (Oba Ilari Aladokun)
          Beginner’s Guide to Mediumship (Larry Dreller)

          You have there several approaches to Spirit work and that is important because you need to figure out what resonates with you.


    1. Victor

      I am a firm believer in using the LBRP, I use it on a daily basis. Spiritual practices can be adapted to what works for you. Yes, you can do an LBRP in front of your boveda, explain to your spirits what you are doing, in case you have some in your Cuadro Espiritual which are not familiar with the process. Remember that the growth of most spirits and their level of knowledge is limited to what they knew in life.

      Let me know how it works for you.


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