New Year’s Goals: Developing Mediumship

The bóveda is a place for communication with spirits.
Here are a few general helpful tidbits on group mediumship development for those of you that like to have a list of things to start accomplishing in the New Year.

Notice that I say ‘start accomplishing’ this is because mediumship is not a fast process. It may take you a year of intense work, it may take you much longer than that depending on your skills and on how often you work with your group.

1. Mediumship is best developed in groups. If you follow the precepts of Faith, Hope and Charity, then you surely would realize than anything you do solely to develop yourself individually should be accomplished in the company of likeminded people because in a group you have the opportunity to put those three precepts in motion and to see their immediate impact.

2. A Leader. It is crucial to have someone who is well studied in matters of mediumship and the prayers and order of the Spiritual Mass. This person should understand the types of mediums, the main types of spirits that work with mediums and how to manage the circle.

3. Preparation. Each member should have tasks assigned. Setting up a Spiritual Mass takes some planning , thus each member should have the opportunity to learn to set up the table, contribute by bringing materials (cigars, Florida water, flowers, prayer books, notebooks, pencils, rum, candles, incense, snacks and refreshments for after the sitting, etc.)

4. Time is of the essence. Decide the frequency of your meetings, the time and the place. It is very important to be on time to the meetings, to do them on a regular basis—preferably once per week—and to have an average length for the sitting (it can be anywhere from 1 hour to 90 minutes), arrive 15 minutes earlier and do not engage on idle chat, just relax and start get into a spiritual work frame of mind be it by sitting in circle or by helping with preparations.

5. Spiritual Hygiene. It is most important that each of the participants adheres to a routine of prayers to their Bóveda spirits, spiritual baths and any other action that supports spiritual development.

6. The Bóveda. Do not pretend to accomplish in Spiritual Masses what you do not support in your daily practice. How can you expect to be a medium if you do not spend the time to develop a relationship with your spirit guides? Who has your back if you go in a trance? No, it is not the group; it is your main spirit guide. Spend time sharing your thoughts at your spiritual bóveda. Talk to your spirits every day, keep their candle on at all times if possible, and keep your bóveda neat.

7. Check in the ego at the door. The Spiritual Mass is not a place to show off. In that circle all are learners, even the most accomplished. Do not boast and certainly if you are ahead of the curve do not make fun of others as they develop. Each medium should be allowed space to grow and a supportive environment to explore their individual gifts.

8. Track progress. Have someone in charge of taking notes through the session, but rotate the job on a weekly basis. Likewise, keep a journal and share progress with your friends after the sitting is done.

9. Have fun. Spiritual work should be done in joyous environment, laughter, singing and praying should all be part of the Spiritual Mass.

10. Be patient and kind. There is no need to become a particular kind of medium in a set time. Be flexible with your goals and expectations. The journey is just as important as the end.

Next, I will be sharing some pointers on how to organize the sitting itself. Until then, work with your bóveda spirits.

Oní Yemayá Achagbá

6 Replies to “New Year’s Goals: Developing Mediumship”

  1. Luz, Prosperidad, Y Progresso. Que Papa Dios y la Reina del Cielo te bendiga. Que tus seres, antepasados y misterios te brinden con much luz. SEA EL SANTISIMO. SEA!

  2. Hermano Brujo Luis

    Muchas gracias por esos buenos deseos y por las bendiciones. Que de igual manera tenga siempre sus buenos seres a diestra y siniestra cuidando sus caminos y compartiendo bendiciones y luz.


  3. sadly it seems extremely difficult to accomplish the above in the u.s. these days with in local community unless you also align with atr/dtr’s and the chubby white envelopes that everyone expects.

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