Oddú of the Year 2013: United States by the Temple of Ministers Shango Eyeife

Letra del Año sacada en Miami
Oddú of 2013 determined in Miami, FL
The following oddú was done in Florida by the Temple of Ministers Shangó Eyeife in Miami.

Main Sign: Eyila y unle (12-8)
Arayé elesse eleddá (problems that emerge due to bad choices) Osobbo

It is recommended to always consult with godparents.

Main Orisha: Shango
Secondary Orisha: Yemayá
Accompanying Orishas: Eshu and Oshún
1. When my memory fails I will go back to the secrets
2. A king goes to war and wins.
3. Without a head there can be no crowning.
4. A spider does not let go of its web, it stretches it.
5. When a whistle rejects a voice it makes no sound.
6. If you do not speak no one will understand you.
7. If you do a favor that harms you, you act against yourself.
8. When there is no respect all is lost.

5 Replies to “Oddú of the Year 2013: United States by the Temple of Ministers Shango Eyeife”

  1. I’m a little confused…since when do Oriate cast Diloggun to get a “letter of the year”? In Nigeria, it is established that the appropriate Oluwos, as ascertained by the Ooni of Ife and the structure of head babalawos under him, are the ones who perform a divination for the entire world.

    In various Cuban Corpus of Ifa Odu, it speaks about the coming together of babalawos to divine a “Letter of the Year”, and most countries where enough babalawos meet, produce one or several letters of the year.

    But…a letter of Diloggun? Sounds to me like an attempt by Diasporic Olorishas to “mimic” the Babalawos and match them in an activity that they’re not empowered, either by Odu or by tradition, to undertake. The Eerindilogun system in Nigeria was supposed and is cast to reveal only 16 Odu, not 256….the Cuban reinvention of the Diloggun system came afterwards to replace the supposed “lack of babalawos” (at the time of its creation). What is the excuse for a “letter of the Diloggun”?

    And more comically…what happens when a letter above 12 shows up? Do we refer the entire nation/world to a Babalawo? 🙂

    With all the possible respect to Olorishas, I think this is usurping a responsibility and power that is accorded, by Orunmila in various Ese Ifa from Nigeria and Cuban Pataki, to Babalawos only.

    1. Ogbe Ate

      I would suggest you address directly the group that did the reading and challenge them. I posted the reading as a curiosity.

      However, I think challenges like that need to be issued from an elder to an elder.

      I am happy to sit on front row and watch the fur fly with a bucket of popcorn in one hand and a glass of iced tea on the other.

      Get what I mean?


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