Lave Tete: 41 Days of White

Each Lave Tete unfolds different blessings
When I had my Lave Tete done, it was done on the day of the New Moon. I was taught by my elders at that time, that Lave Tete and initiations should never been done on the dark phase of the moon, or three days before the new or full moon, because this is when negative energy is more prevalent.

Although the traditional dictates to keep dressed in white for 7 days after the Lave Tete, I decided to stay in white for the next forty-one days. I wanted time to consolidate the new energies in my life, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. However, my alpha personality sometimes drives to doing things to the extreme. I had a simple altar at the time with the saint’s pictures that symbolize the Rada spirits. I had a white porcelain bowl with one cotton wick with olive oil only in it. It would be lit when I would pray at sunrise, mid afternoon and at sunset.

Praying three times a day for the next forty-one days was a spiritual awakening in itself. I could feel the energies of the Loá consolidating with me and at the same time, a lot of the people that I used to hang out with at that time were slowly disappearing from my life for good. This was the first change that gave me a slight emotional conflict. This was the beginning of my test of faith within me and the perilous journey for the next forty-one days.

The first ten days I felt as if I was fighting against my animalistic desires. The thirst for sexual gratification kept increasing, when that would happen. I would light a white candle and direct my energy to doing extra prayers. This is when it will settle down until day fourteen that urge became controllable. I was determined to sacrifice my physical desires to have a pure connection with myself, my Loás, and my Met Tete (master of my head literally or the force that helps guide my life).

Each day I kept hearing the Loá reciting the Priye Ginea or Priye Djo which is the key litany of prayers done in French and in Creole to invoke the Loás. No important ceremony can be done without doing this. In my head, it turned to an echo I could not ignore. It was not until I started reciting it during my morning prayers, then dreaming about, that it went away.

When my forty-one day’s were done, I did Pelerinaj (Creole for pilgrimage). Let me take the time to explain Pelerinaj, if you are doing it correctly you are not suppose to use public transportation until the procession is done. When I did mine, I visited seven different churches and walked to each one, that took the whole day and there was nothing sweet about it. I went to each church asking the saints for grace (forgiveness), prayer at each one asking for illumination in my life, asking the saints to banish impure magnetism from my destiny. At the end of the day when I was done, I felt a complete surge of power pouring in the center of my head; I felt complete control within my spiritual quadrants.

The forty-one days seemed like it was forever, but it taught me a lot that when you are trying to accomplish anything the faith of your goal is worth the sacrifice. Ayibobo!
Ginea Jacmel

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